Take Me Away

My imaginary friend

Was going to take me away.

She told me I belonged

In another world -

One filled with magic

And danger

And adventure.

But first I had to be trained.

She took me into the forest,

And day by day, we'd train.

She taught me of magic,

How to fight monsters,

The way to bow to royalty.

She told me of the dragons,

And how to avoid their flames.

I was warned of the witches,

For they ate little girls.

I was taught many rules,

Who and what to trust.

I awaited the day

She'd take me away.

But she always said to wait,

It wasn't time yet.

And so I kept training.

Time passed. I grew up.

And one day,

My imaginary friend

Failed to appear.

The training ceased,

The world I longed for

Became inaccessible

And slowly faded.

But yet I still wait

To be taken away.