Universal Life

Comparisons, aren't they dandy?
Aren't they the best
Because they make everything much
More simple than it was before.
Well how about comparing a book
To the Universe and a Universe to Life.
First of all let me say
A book has an ending and The Universe doesn't.
But like a book the universe contains
Many points like a conflict
Main characters, plot-twists
A beginning (though people have no
clue as of to what that start was).
A universe's conflict can be many.
The conflicts result from planets
Crashing and meteors destroying,
Stars eventually blowing up
And galaxies that will crash into one another.
And like in books, a Universe's conflict
Could result in something great, and beautiful.
After all, doesn't the conflict lead into learning?
The Plot-Twist in a universe is also
A wide range of ideas.
A twist could end up being a meteor taking
The unexpected course or maybe
A galaxy will turn itself around.
Obviously the Universe will also
Have many characters, need I say more?
You see, like a book the universe is.
But the only thing is
A universe will continue to go on
Forever while a book comes to an abrupt…
So now the question that lies—
How is life like the universe?
I'm sure you've all heard the expression
"life is like a book" and you're probably thinking
"well doesn't life come to an abrupt stop?"
Well, here's my little question for you,
Is death really the stop of life?
You see, life will have many conflicts
Each one of them resulting in a lesson learned.
Life also contains characters
Which obviously are all the people
That have ever been associated
With you and your life.
Life also has a plot-twist
and usually it's much unexpected.
So yes in many ways
Life is like a book and I'm not saying
That whoever wrote that is wrong.
But a book has an ending,
And I don't think life does.
You see, while you're living life may end,
It doesn't mean that your legacy dies.
So doesn't your life really go on?
I can't even imagine how many
People are dead that are still thought about today.
Think of William Shakespeare and other
People who have passed.
Some of them are STILL making money
Today even if that money isn't
Going directly to that person.
But it also doesn't have to mean
Famous people who have passed.
What about your great grandmother?
Surely you think about her and
Her past and your knowing of her
Still lives in your memory.
So like the ever-going Universe
You may meet Death but that doesn't mean
That your life will forever…