AN: this is something I've been struggling with for a while. I'd love to hear your opinions and reviews thank you.

Love of a different kind

Innocent, pure, fresh and new, the kind of love I dreamed would be mine.

To my dismay, and so sad to say, it was only something for which I would pine.

How long must I wait, how long must I toil, how long must I suffer and grind.

I reach, I grasp, Oh but alas, I slowly fall behind.

I watch it slip, I watch it fade, as if I am going blind.

Unable to attain, or call it's name for I am no longer young or kind.

So sweet so pure such a rare and beautiful find.

I must settle you see, for a lustful love for me, a love of a different kind.

It burns, it consumes, it scrambles and weights on my mind.

Though is it real? this love i feel, and is it only mine?

This lusty display this carnal heart play, is this all there is to mend this broken heart of mine...