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2 to 1 Chapter 1 (rewrite)

It wasn't the first time Shiro and Renji had paid to have sex with Me but I was beginning to think it should be the last... It just keeps getting harder not to pay attention to them in school, not to want more from them, not to want to know more about them and even harder not to fall even more in love with BOTH of them!

Renji was a beautiful specimen of a man tall at least 6' 2" with an athletic build he could gain muscle so quickly it was astounding. His skin was a beautiful golden brown from all the outdoor sports he participated in. Renji had this wild brown hair that wasn't really brown but an reddish or auburn color. It glistened in the sun like fire. His eyes also had a curios color, and they familiar...

Shiro was long and lean. His muscles were well defined and sleek. He was about 6' 2" also and he had the gorgeous shiny black waves for hair and piercing blue eyes that spoke volumes with no words being said. Even though he was a swimmer his skin was pale and so smooth. He was so stoic like a Greek god. His tenderness always made me feel safe, like I was home. Such an old feeling I only remember having long ago.

Now you understand why it's so hard to forget them. It's bad enough to be falling in love in the first place, but why does it have to be TWO of the most popular guys in school! Girls like them, guys like them, EVERYBODY likes them!

With me it's not the same, I mean sure people like first, and my looks attract attention, but that attention has always been unwanted, ever since I was little my looks have pulled people in and not always good people... My own Mother sold me off for drugs, and I have never seen her again from that day to this, and I am glad...

Beside I'm constantly reminded of her every time I look in the mirror. I have the same pale soft skin the same big hazel eyes with a bit of green at the center. The same golden brown hair. I look just like her. Sometimes I wonder if I ever even had a father I look so much like her. I'm even her approximate height.
5'5 which is medium for a woman but rather short for a man. I think it's one of the many reasons why she hated me...

Don't feel sorry for me, I survived, sure it was by selling my body, but at least I do it for myself and no one else. Yeah I hate it and I hate myself for not being smart enough to do something else, but I do what I must to survive. Plus it's not like my life before this was great. I only have one good memory from my childhood, and it was the only time I felt truly loved...but that time has passed and as far as I have experienced it will never come again.

So why would they the two "Princes" of my school PAY to have sex with me, of all people at least 5 times a week, and not allow me to take on any other clients, and always together? I have no Idea...

"Hey...hey! Yuuji...Yuuji!

"Wwwhat?" Yuuji answered still deep lost in thought.

"Hey Yuuji if you don't wanna do this today we don't have to..."

Shiro's hard cock pressed up against Yuuji's told him a different story, but Yuuji knew that Shiro meant every word he said sincerely, regardless of his physical reaction to Yuuji sitting in his lap, and Yuuji's hands tied behind Shiro's head.

"Yeah you've been kinda spacing out Yuuji. You ok? You ain't sick or nothing are ya?"

Renji's cock was hard on Yuuji's ass right between his cheeks pulsing through the fabric of both of their pants, he was even absent mindedly grinding his swollen member into Yuuji's ass. While Shiro's lithe adept fingers massaged the top of Yuuji's soft round ass cheeks. It was like sensation overload! Especially with these two.

They had played this game before, in this very same classroom. It was one of the classrooms that the school used to store extra desks and chairs no one ever really came to it. Some didn't even know it was there. They were all rather adventurous so it was a perfect place for them.

Renji liked to try new things, so did Shiro. Though it was Renji's idea to tie Yuuji up. Yuuji liked playing these kinda games with them. The inability to truly move freely made everything that much more intense. So his hands were tied to the chair Shiro was sitting on with Yuuji on his lap and Renji on another chair scooted behind them like a make shift bench.

Shiro was in the circle of Yuuji's arms and Renji was on the edge of his seat kissing Yuuji's back through his shirt sending chills up his spine and causing Yuuji to moan softly. As Shiro nipped, licked and kissed his neck and lips. The simulation was indescribable. To be consumed by two people that were so skilled and passionate was sheer bliss.

Sure Yuuji had been with plenty of people, men, women, girls from school, guys from school, and everyone in between. Some were good at fucking others not so much, but Shiro and Renji could make Yuuji really FEEL. Shiro was always kind, gentle, full of passion and tenderness, hope and happiness. Shiro made Yuuji feel special, wanted, needed. Shiro could make you love him with just one of his passionate thrusts.

Renji was fierce, exciting, dangerous and wild, like a predator ready to pounce on you at any moment, and when he fucked, you were fucked GOOD!

"No no. I'm fine guys I can do this. Sorry for spacing out, it won't happen again. Besides you already paid for me this week and I always do my job no matter what."

Suddenly Shiro stopped massaging Yuuji's ass and Renji stopped grinding. Yuuji looked up to see Shiro looking over his Shoulder at Renji with a look on his face that he had seen both of them wear when, Yuuji talked about "doing his job". Yuuji never liked this look from them it always made him feel as though they felt more for him than lust and physical satisfaction. Yuuji didn't need fuel to let his fantasies of love run wild with these two. He had plenty of that all on his own. He hated the false hope it gave him. So these looks were bad news for his realist way of thinking.

With Shiro the look was an all consuming sadness deep inside him. With Renji it was a fiery anger burning him from the inside out. Yuuji was usually great at reading people. Knowing what they wanted, how they liked to fuck, and if they were liars, or if they would try and cheat him out of his money. But these two were a mystery, Yuuji never could tell what they were really thinking. Thats when Yuuji realized he was falling for them, because unlike all his other clients before he wanted to know how they really felt about him. He wanted to please them, and not because they were paying him, but because it was Shiro and Renji.

"D-did I say something wrong?"

Shiro's eyes flitted to Renji's back to Yuuji's then down.

" you didn't..." Shiro sighed.

Yuuji's heart rate picked up for fear that he might have offend them. Behind him unbridled anger washed over him in waves from Renji and Yuuji turned to ask Renji the same question. When Yuuji turned he saw that Renji's eyes were down cast so he couldn't see them.

"Renji i i is something wrong? Did I say something wrong?"

"Nooo! Tch We're not mad at you!"

Renji said this without lifting his eyes, but the words still made Yuuji relax knowing that they still wanted to be with him for the time being. Which made Yuuji crave their touch even more. Yuuji tried to lighten there mood by changing the subject.

"Ok then let's have fun then, cuz if we stay here too long the school will close and we'll be locked in all night like that one time last year."

Yuuji giggled which made Shiro smile and Renji laugh, that's when Yuuji noticed that both of them were still pretty hard.

"Though that wasn't such a bad night huh?Was there anywhere we didn't have sex?"

This time Renji laughed hard and he must have thrown his head back because his hard rod pushed into Yuuji's ass in such a delicious way, which in response forced Yuuji to thrust forward in Shiro's lap pressing into his waiting bulge.

"AHHHHHH...mmmmhhnn..." Yuuji moaned pulling on the restraints holding his wrists to the back of Shiro's chair.

That tiny moan instantly brought Shiro and Renji back to the here and now. Renji began to thrusting his ample cock forcefully between Yuuji's sweet little ass cheeks in turn causing Yuuji to thrust his hardness into Shiro's repeatedly. The sensation was euphoric and Shiro's thick tool lengthen and hardened with each luscious grind of Yuuji's cock against Shiro's. "
Ah ah ah hah hah hunnnnmm... " Yuuji moaned again.

"Mmmmm you like that Yuuji, my cock on your sweet little ass and your cock grinding on Shiro's? Renji rasped in Yuuji's ear.

"Mmmmm hmmmm..." Yuuji replied.

"Ohhhhhhh god mmmmnnn Yuujiiiii... Shiro sighed as Yuuji kept pace with Renji's thrusting.

Yuuji opened his eyes to see Shiro gazing at him with hooded, longing eyes. This made Yuuji even more desperate for their touch. Yuuji licked his lips slowly waiting for Shiro to place his full lips to his just as he always did. His soft warm lips were welcome on his own little cherub pout.

The heat of Yuuji's slowly rising passion intensified with every slow deliberate move of Shiro's supple lips. Suddenly the moist probing of Shiro's tongue at the entrance of Yuuji's mouth bade him passage and Yuuji glady opened his lips to allow Shiro free reign.

With Renji still thrusting from behind and getting harder by the minute, Shiro slid both of his hands down Yuuji's sides leaving fire in their wake. With them ending upon Yuuji's firm round ass lifting Yuuji up allowing Renji better access to Yuuji's sensitive parts.

"Ahhhhhh ohhhh god yesss Renjiiiii..." Yuuji moaned!

"ARRGGHHH OH FUCK YUUJI! Renji exclaimed!

"Mmmmmm yessssss..." Yuuji mumbled against Shiro's mouth, then began again to devour the distinct flavor that was Shiro.

As Shiro intensely claimed Yuuji's mouth sliding his tongue in and out skillfully, alternating between sucking his tongue and plunging his tongue in so deep Yuuji had to spread his jaw wide to accommodate Shiro's slow torturous campaign on his mouth.

When it dawned on Yuuji that Shiro's tongue in his throat mirrored the way he slowly and deliciously claimed his ass with his cock. The thought of Shiro's cock deep inside Yuuji's tight little hole sent shivers all through out his body and made him moan involuntarily.


To Yuuji's dismay Shiro released his ass and reached behind his own head to untie Yuujis wrists.

Before doing so he placed Yuuji on Renji's waiting bulge.

"Ahrgahhhhh! Fuuuuuuuck! Shiro you gotta warn me before you do something like that I almost came in my fucking pants man!

Shiro laughed "Sorry man." As Shiro untied Yuujis wrists Renji took full advantage of Yuuji siting now mostly in his lap carefully and slowly
unbuttoning and unzipping his pants while slipping his strong thick fingers into Yuuji's precum moistened underwear grabbing and squeezing his erection till it was a pleasurable pain that Yuuji had become accustom to with Renji.

"AHHHH! RENJI! I I I c-can't Yuuji cried as Renji slowly began to pump his throbbing erection.

Yuuji knew what would come next and he relished the thought of it, suddenly Renji's front was pressed on Yuuji's back and his warm breathe was on his right ear with his right hand on Yuuji's cock slowly but firmly pumping him, Renji's left hand slid up his shirt, up Yuuji's abdomen over his flat abs and stopped and firmly tweaked his left nipple between his thick callused fingers.

"AH AH AHHH ppplease Renji!"

"Mmmmmm You feel that Yuuji my hand on your cock my fingers tweaking your nipple! I'm gonna jack you off while I fuck you HARD Yuuji, and right when ya are bout to cum I'm gonna slow down pull my cock out of ya sweet little throbbing hole and let Shiro slide inside you ALL. THE. WAY. TO. THE. HILT! And then I'm gonna suck you off while Shiro Fucks you SLOW. .HARD"

"Ahhhhuuummmm..." Yuuji sighed and shivered all over at the thought of it all.

Yuuji loved it when Renji described what he was doing or going to do, it always set Yuuji's already heated blood a blaze and this time was no different. Yuuji didn't know if he was gonna be able to hold out for long with the way Renji was playing with his nipples right to left, left to right, and the slow torturous pump of his swollen cock dripping with precum.

Then without warning a unbidden thought crossed his mind...this would have to be the last time with them. Yuuji's heart couldn't take being with them and loving them more and more, then they'd throw him away like yesterdays trash...better to go now while they still wanted least sexually...

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