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2 to 1: Together Chapter 4 (Sequel)

Yuuji turned around to see an older female version of himself. Even in this state you could still see his mother was a very beautiful woman.

Her chestnut hair streamed down her back in lustrous waves. She still had a beautiful figure. Her navy blue wrap dress fit perfectly. Ving open at her full bosom. Then hitting just below her knee. She had on a gold bracelet that slid up and down her arm every time she took a puff from her cigarette. She had on beige high heels that were the perfect height.

Her cigarette was pressed between her full pouty lips. Yuuji rubbed his arms remembering the times she'd used those cigarettes on his skin. Some of the scars were still visible.

It was strange but for some reason Yuuji was happy to see she was still alive, even if she wasn't happy to see him.

"What do you need Mako-San?"

"Pppffft! Mako-San?! What you can't call me mother?" She sneered stepping closer.

Yuuji held his ground not wanting to give her any idea how badly it hurt him to see his mother and to know she still hated him.

"You only look as good as you do because of me you ungrateful little thief!" She hissed throwing her cigarette to the ground and stamping it out.

She lit another just as quickly taking a long drag. She tilted her head to the side with her right arm folded just below her breasts, her left elbow resting atop her right hand. She placed her cigarette between her lips inhaling from it. Then pulled the little white stick from her between her lips, smiling as thick clouds of smoke rolled from her lips. They curled and floated around her face like hazy tentacles.

"I heard you became a whore. Made a ton of money, and everything." She sneered.

"I wish I had thought of pimping you out. I could'a made a ton of money too."

Yuuji gripped his arm tighter trying to hold the emotional wound she'd ripped open. Her words still cut deep to this day. No one could hurt him like this woman could. He hated the feeling. The idea that after all she'd done, all the abuse and pain she put him through. She could still hurt him, that he still loved her. It made him hate himself all the more. Just when He'd begun to learn how to love and be loved. He was being pulled back into the despair he'd worked so hard to leave behind.

He tried to think of Shiro and Renji and how much they loved him and he them. But the fear that Mako would say all these ugly things about him in front of them constricted his chest. He couldn't bear them hearing and seeing how much she hated him.

He had to get this over with and get off the street. Someone from school might see and Renji and Shiro might get pulled into this. Yuuji didn't want that.

Yuuji dug his nails into his arm fighting off the tears that wanted to stream down his cheeks but he swore to himself long ago that he'd never shed another tear for this woman. He hardened his gaze and stared at Mako blankly.

"Obviously you are not here for a happy family reunion Mako-San. So I repeat, what is it that you need? Mind you I won't give you money for drugs or gambling."

"Tch! I knew you were still the little cold hearted bastard I birthed. Look at you with that cold gaze!"

Yuuji tuned and began to walk toward his home. Ignoring Mako's taunts.

"WAIT! I hate to ask YOU of all people for help but I need you to pay off my debt. I own a lot of money and the only payment they want is cash or me working it off. The debt is so high I could never work it off in my lifetime. I'd be a whore till I died! Come on you don't want your poor mother being a whore, do ya?"

Yuuji turned facing his mother once again. Her hateful glare had softened into a pleading look of worry. He wish he could turn her away. Let here face the consequences of her bad decisions. It was no where near as bad as what she'd done to him.

She'd let him become a whore, a child whore in fact. Countless men and women using his body for their own pleasure. Having his own body turn against him after Seij raped him repeatedly. Having his soul almost give up, almost taking Seiji's sick twisted version of love.

Yes Yuuji's mother had done this to her own flesh and blood her only child. Yuuji couldn't do what she'd done. He wouldn't force her into that kind of life even if she deserved it and so much worse. He had the means to help his mother, and he would. Besides no matter what he still loved her.

"Who do you owe Mako-San?"

"Genji Takano." She replied exhaling more smoke.

Genji was a deadly yakuza boss, but he had a soft spot for Yuuji. He'd been one of Yuuji's highest paying clients. Yuuji always had to take a day or two off after being with Genji. He loved rough sex and he could go for days. His dick was always hard. He'd only stop long enough to smoke a cigarette.

Yuuji remembered cumming multiple time on several sessions with Genji. Genji was so aggressive and primal Yuuji didn't have to fake his moans and cries of ecstasy. Genji was one of the few that could make him feel so good he could forget the pain of real life and just enjoy a good hard fucking. It only lasted for so long though. It was like a drug. That's why he needed so much time to recoup after sessions with him.

He was very good in bed. There was only one thing Genji loved more than sex and that was money. So Yuuji knew he could pay him off without a problem. Though he was sure Genji would try and convince him to become his full time lover. Genji had always said Yuuji was the best fuck he'd ever had. He said that Yuuji had a talent to make the same thing amazing very time. So he never got bored.

"Just give me the money and I'll pay him off." His mother suggested.

Yuuji knew better than to give a drug addicted gambler a huge sum of money.

"No I'll take the money to Genji myself."

"Tch! I knew you'd never just give me the money anyway! Fine lets go."

Yuuji followed his mother to a blue sedan she was driving, getting into the passenger side. Mako drove them to the bank. Yuuji withdrew the money she needed, then they made their way to Genji's place. He kept the his book bag with the money in it wrapped around his body just in case his mother tried to snatch it.

Genji owned the top floor penthouse of the Plaza hotel. In fact he owned the hotel. Yuuji had been there a several times. Servicing Genji at his home. It had a great view Yuuji remembered. Genji had done him many a times against those huge windows.

They walked into the hotel making there way to the elevators. Right before they stepped into the elevator Mako's phone went off.

"Hello? Yes we're on our way up now. Yes. Ok bye."

Only one elevator went up to the penthouse floor and it only had 4 stops. The Lobby, the kitchen, the security floor, and the penthouse. There was always a guard on the main floor in front of the elevator.

Yuuji recognized the guard as soon as they walked up. It was Bruno the guard Genji had for years. Yuuji didn't think Bruno recognized him until he turned and looked into the elevator just before the doors closed. Yuuji smiled at him. Bruno had always been nice to him. In fact so had Genji.

The elevator slowly began to rise to the penthouse floor. Yuuji could see his mother shifting around in the reflections of the gold elevator doors. She looked nervous or antsy. He turned to question her. His back to the gold doors.

"What's wrong Mako? Don't worry Genij won't hurt us. He'll take the money and we'll leave. It's gonna be fine."

As soon as he finished reassuring her the door dinged for the security floor. The doors opened and Yuuji gasped. He spun around backing into the the wall of the elevator.

"Hello my Yuuji. I've missed you."

Yuuji's eyes stretched wide and his breath came out erratically. He moved to the corner of the elevator trying to get away but there was no where to go.


Seiji smiled and reached out to caress Yuuji's cheek. Yuuji pushed his hand away.

How had this happened. He'd thought for sure Seiji was dead. He looked to his mother who had lit a cigarette and was blowing smoke through her lips.

"Grab him Seiji we've got to get out of here before Genji figures out what's happened."

She had tricked him. She was handing him over to Seiji all over again. The memories of him screaming for his mother begging for her to save him. Came flooding back. Her cold eyes as she watched Seiji take him away.

How could Yuuji have been so foolish how could he have let this happen. He'd fooled so many people escaped pimps and mob bosses. He looked up into his mother's big hazel eyes that look just like his own. That's right he was fooled because he loved her. All he ever wanted was for her to love him, and it seemed deep down he still pined for her love and affection.

He smiled at her weakly and looked into the eyes that had betrayed him so many times his own eyes.

"I love you mama, and I forgive you." He said gripping her hand.

Mako looked at Yuuji in shock. She snatched her hand away and scowled at him.

"Shut up! Just shut up! You ruined my life!"

Yuuji's heart clenched as he continued to smile at his mother. He felt sorry for her. She'd never had love and in her mind his love wasn't good enough for her.

Yuuji faced Seiji and grit his teeth. He wasn't going to just let Seiji take him this time. Yuuji ran for the door trying his best to slam into Seiji and push I'm over, but Seiji was prepared. He caught Yuuji in his arms pushing him back into the elevator wall. Yuuji struggled and fought as best he could but Seiji was still very strong.

That's when Yuuji saw Seiji reach into his pocket and pull out a bottle and a cloth. Yuuji began to struggle more. He knew Seiji was going to knock him out.

"Here Mako pour the chloroform on the rag then hand it back to me!"

"This wasn't part of the deal Seiji! I never-!"

"JUST DO IT!" Seiji yelled.

Yuuji fought as he watched his mother pour the chloroform on the rag and hand it back to Seiji. Yuuji turned his head but it was no good Seiji pressed the cloth over his nose and mouth. Yuuji held his breath as long as he could then took a unbidden deep breath.

His mind and body went numb. His limbs were heavy and weak. His eye lids felt as if they had weights on them. Yuuji fought the shut down of his senses with all he had but it was a battle he was bound to lose.

He closed his eyes and suddenly thoughts of Renji and Shiro filled his foggy mind. He could see them ahead of him waving him to them, but no matter how hard he ran he could never catch up. It was like he was moving in slow motion. Yuuji screamed for them but it was soundless. He was going to lose his loves again.

Seiji picked Yuuji up and held him close to himself cradled in his arms. He pulled Yuuji's bag from his body and tossed it at Mako's feet.

"Here. That's what you wanted right?" Seiji sneered at her.

Mako looked at the bag on the floor stepping out of the elevator with Yuuji and Seiji. She looked at the bag then her son in Seiji's arms. She picked up the bag and, her hands began to shake and she felt dizzy. For the first time since her child was born she felt regret for what she'd done. There were no drugs or alcohol in her system to cover the guilt that rose up to devour her.

He'd said he loved her. The last words she'd her her boy say was that he loved her. She had to have the anger the hate the envy and spite back. It's what fueled her.

"Why him Seiji? Why Yuuji and not me?"

Seiji turned to her walking out of the side door of the building with Yuuji in his arms. He held Yuuji close to his chest and kissed his lips softly. Then looked into Mako's eyes.

"Because he's pure, and beautiful. Because there's a light in him that shines out and warms everyone he meets. He has a lust for life. After everything that's happened to him. After everything you've done to him. He still fights for life, he doesn't give up and blame others for his problems and his bad luck. He fights! His soul is radiant, and I will do anything to have him with me."

Mako gripped the money she had stolen from her own child. She couldn't fight what Seiji had said it was all true every word.

"Goodbye Mako you will never see us again. I suggest you get out of here fast. Genji will not be forgiving if he finds out what you've done to Yuuji. He pines for my lover too, everyone does."

Seiji placed Yuuji in the back seat of the car he had parked in the alley then made his way to the diver's side door. He got in and took off. Disappearing into the night.

Mako stood in the alley her boy's bag in her arms clutching it to her chest.

What had she done?

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