Skateboarding in my Dreams

Start in the entrance to the subway, after the first stairset. The door to the subway is covered by an at least 8 foot tall quarterpipe, which may very well go vertical at the very top. I am skating with my friends in this spot when we discover some sort of device, which we are worried about taking out of it's small backpack-like container (which makes it fortunate for us that it works within proximity.) which allows me to skateboard VERY well. I use our little area with the rail and the quarterpipe and it works wonders. At this point we decide to skate around town. The cops don't like this and we refuse to leave, as they are public places without any no-skating signs posted. We begin drawing a crowd with my awesome moves, and it is clear what the public's opinion of us is. They love us, and begin to cheer, so my friends, being the opportunistic ruffians that we are, picked up a hat and started taking donation money from my newly made fans. The cops are losing public favor, and they know it, so immediatley they pull out their guns and point them at us threatening to fire on us if we don't disperse. Because my friends are still working the crowd they don't hear the police yelling, and so as I skate towards them the cops begin to open fire on my friends. I panic and start to flee. I realize the cops are making some sort of human barrier between myself and all of the exits to the square, so I speed up and just barely fit between them as the last few police fall into place. I forget my friends quickly and head back to our subway entrance hangout (comparable to "The Usual Spot" from Kingdom Hearts II), in case anyone made it out. After awhile the chief of police comes with one of my friends and I agree to give him the bag, but that I need some time with my friend. We just kind of dork around in silence for awhile, not saying anything. I think we can get away, so I just give him a look, and we both take off up the subway stairs. The cops chase us, and the chief is yelling about how I cheated him, and his underlings are shooting at my friend and I. As we run there are a few near misses, and my board gets shot, but eventually my friend and I make it to the edge of town, with the help of a new improvised skateboard and to my surprise the edge of town is just endless sand. My friend has stopped somewhere along the way, as he's no longer with me, and I hope he's safe. As the cops run around the corner, still chasing me, a man leaning against a building wearing a beige trench coat and hat combo grins and snaps a finger, and a hole appears in the sand. Having no other options other than death I leap into the hole with my improvised skateboard. I use my saliva to figure out which way is down, and then begin to dig in the opposite direction, towards the surface. The digging is easy going and every once in awhile I see pictures in the sand as I dig, so I stop for a moment to look at each one. As I break through the surface I deduce that I am on the moon, so I start digging bowls and ramps into it, which are perfect for skating, and no one ever bugs me again, and I spend all my time creating ramps and bowls and skating them in zero gravity.

When I wake up, I realize many people probably died in that dream, and I was worried about skating on the moon. It was a good dream, but it made me think about who I am as a person.