A brief Overview

Humans began nearly a million years ago. They were little more than animals then. But soon showed themselves to be the top of the food chain. But the gods and goddesses couldn't let the humans grow to powerful. All life forms must have a predator, including the humans. So they created the vampires.

Vampires were faster, stronger, and more beautiful than the humans. They drank human blood to survive. But in many ways humans and vampires were alike. Vampires, while more beautiful, looked very much like humans. Enough so that one could pass as human for a short period of time. Vampires and humans could have children. Vampires loved, loss, and hated like humans.

But all the similarities couldn't change the fact the vampires weren't human. If a vampire stayed around humans too long, the humans would start to notice that he/she wasn't one of them. Vampires didn't just look and move differently than humans. They also thought differently. No emotion they had was stronger than their bloodlust and because of that vampires were cunning, ruthless, and, at times, heartless. They were constantly hungry and never satisfied with what they had.

That hunger for more only increased when the humans began to use magic. Since human bodies weren't forged with magic they were able to act as conduit for the magic around them. Allowing them to use the magic to heal the wounded, protect the tribe, and to help keep the land fertile for farming.

The vampires were jealous that the weak and inferior humans could gain such power and tried to attain it for themselves. But they couldn't because their bodies already had so much magic in them that they couldn't allow any more into them. In a rage against the humans for their newfound power the vampires slaughtered many tribes. For a time it seemed as if they would continue to murder the humans until none were left. But then the magic users banded together and struck back. With their combined might they drove the vampires back from the tribes and into hiding. For a thousand years vampires and humans fought, neither gaining ground on the other. Many said the war would never end until one of them was dead, but those people hadn't counted on the arrival of another race.

A shunned human spell caster created the shapeshifters when he messed up a spell. He intended to kill the wolf, but instead merged with it. When he realized what he did he went to the village where he grew up to punish his mother for banishing him. As he made his way to his mother's tent he killed and bit as many people as he could. But he hadn't counted on his mother being prepared for him. Once he finally approached her, she killed him. While doing it left a black mark on her soul, she knew it was the correct thing to do.

She went about to heal the injured, but found that they couldn't be heal with magic. So, she bandaged them up as best she could and hoped that they would survive. The next morning they were all healed. While some took that to mean the gods were pleased with them, she wasn't so sure. She knew the only way those wounds could have healed so quickly was with magic. But no one listened to her and after a month of celebrating the miraculous feet the full moon rose in the sky. The men, women, and children that had been bit all screamed in agony as their bones snapped and reformed. The painful transformation finally ended after a few minutes and where humans once stood, wolves stood in their place.

The mother went to the vampires to get help, but they laughed at her and told her to get lost. So she walked and walked and walked until her feet would no longer hold her. Then she layed down and waited for death.

Minutes after she left the shapeshifters attacked the vampire camp. They slaughtered every last one they could find and then as the sun rose they underwent the horrendous transformation back into humans.

When the rest of the vampire population heard of the massacre they banded together and prepared to strike back. But the humans stopped them. The witches explained what happened and this time the vampires listened. After hearing the story they agreed to help the humans drive the wolves away. Thus, ending the war between the witches and vampires.

They succeeded in driving the shifters away and with peace among them once again, the humans and vampires lived happily for the next ten thousand years. Then the shifters came back.