Slipping gently through water;

A swan, a regal mother;

Her chicks now following;

Through ripples paddling;

Did you ever see them?

Late at night, see them?

Their cries are haunting;

Their melodies wanting;

Not a splash nor a splish;

Not even a wish;

There they did paddle;

There they did waddle;

Still is the moonlit surface;

Not yet marred by the wind's service;

Beautiful and still, cool and wet;

That is where the two had met;

Two lovers by the lake;

To lovers, not to wake;

Laying side by side;

Life had been a ride;

Two lovers that lay;

Two lovers that may;

May wake together come morn;

To be woken by nature's horn;

The moonlight was soft;

Highlighting the woman's hair so soft;

The man was still, his fingers laced with hers;

Things would've been nice, had there been no burs;

The bodies that lay there were surrounded;

With burnt out candles and canoe now grounded;

The wineglasses empty, laced with a poison;

A jealous friend, who sat watching hidden;

A tale of three hearts, a tale of woe;

One is the rose and one rather low;

A third filled with love, and happiness;

But now shall I digress?

Nay, nothing left to linger on;

Nothing left to talk on;

They succumbed to man's hatred

They succumbed to man's greed;