I give away your secrets

in the light of things

I once had a vision

of this room falling apart

diminishing finally untill suddenly

there was nothing left but me and my broken self image

sitting were I am

waiting patiently for anyone and everyone to see

so then this chair must play a part

staying intact with my ass

as the walls crumble and fall apart

the ceiling caving in around me

knowing now, how you finally found me

all the lies and the truth

known by none other than me and you

in the corner

among destruction

lays the only other construction

a long line of rope

I move from my blackened puzzle piece

and reach for a pretzel knot

it's all that keeps this world together

that tiny piece of hope

falling snow turns to feathers

and rain into spiders

mourning in the drastic change of weather

corpses hide here in the dark

like a shell in the ocean

b`reath that smells of empty flesh and ugly blood

my face is red and tainted with fear

nothing but I lives here

so as the Earth catches on fire

my eyes are closed as i retire

no scream exits my mournful lips

I am not afraid of this

Because i know

when the ground begins to shake

I can stop the end

before it draws to near

with but a single tear

part of you part of mine

so as my heart shatters slowly

god is such a mysteries

slow suffering is knowledge to know

to open my mind is to open my eyes

and to see is only to hear what your perception will let in