Do you dare to tell a lie?

Do you dare to go awry?

What shall you do when they come?

What shall you do? The dawn has come!

Run and hide, you darklings conspire!

Your home shall be a funeral pyre!

Your chants and dances are for not;

Shall you run and hide in the house of rot?

Carry on dear children of night!

See if I shall send my light!

No aid for you in that day;

No aid for you is on the way!

I have turned my face away from you;

The Goddess of love, of light, and you!

You took my teachings, you cast them aside;

Trod them under right, and spread them wide!

You think I shall lend an ear?

To your prayers and to your pleas?

Cast aside all doubt and quaver!

For on that day you shalt waver;

I your lady now bathed in wrath;

Come to smite you, should you not change your path!

Quicken your steps to my temple's doors;

Harken my voice if you wish to be more;