Darren was a normal guy. He liked video games, playing his guitar, and looking at beautiful women. Sometimes, he'd go to the mall just to see if there were any that he could ask out on a date. On this particular day, though, Darren saw a girl entering Pacsun who looked especially good, and he couldn't help but check her out.

He entered the store, keeping a far enough distance from her to be able to see her, but not seem creepy. The girl looked over as if she felt his stare, and Darren ducked behind the sunglasses kiosk. He swore at himself as she shook her head and went back to shopping. While watching her as he browsed the store, Darren dubbed the girl "Alyssa." He didn't know where the name came from, but she looked like an Alyssa. Darren watched as Alyssa brought her things to the checkout counter. She had bought a pair of pants and a weird ruffled pink shirt. For good measure, Darren bought himself a belt and sunglasses, not to seem suspicious, before following "Alyssa."

Darren stayed a bit behind as Alyssa stopped at the jewelry kiosk. It was difficult for him to look busy, Alyssa took her precious time looking at the jewelry. To waste some time, Darren walked a few feet away from where he had been watching to buy himself a large soda. After paying for his beverage, he shuffled back to where he had been before to watch Alyssa. But Darren panicked, for the girl wasn't at the jewelry kiosk. He looked around, worried that he would miss his opportunity to ask the girl out.

Darren hastily ran up to the jewelry kiosk clerk, "Do you know which direction that girl went? Brown hair, blue shirt, kind of pale skin? Looks like an Alyssa?" The clerk gave him a weird look, and pointed him in the direction he was looking for. Darren saw the girl through a shop window after looking into each store. He really didn't know why he was following this girl so intently, but Darren genuinely wanted this girl's number. 'Alyssa' exited the store with another bag in tow and headed towards the food court. Darren, of course, had followed her there.

"This is it!" Darren thought, internally jumping in excitement, "I'm finally going to ask this girl out!" He had to calm himself down, do a few breathing exercises. He couldn't look like asking her out was too exciting for him. Darren slicked his hair back with a lick of his palm, and finally approached 'Alyssa.'

He coolly leaned against a pillar facing her. Darren wasn't very good at being the 'cool guy,' but he tried. The smile he flashed 'Alyssa' was an attempt at getting her attention, to make her smile, too. But all it did was earn Darren a pair of scrunched eyebrows. He boldly sat down across from her, and said, "I'm Darren. Are you a parking ticket? Because you've got fine written all over you."

Darren internally cursed himself, "That was so stupid, Darren. A pick up line? Really?" He cleared his throat and gave the girl a faint smile. He was startled by a sharp poke to his shoulder and jumped out of his chair. Nose to chest, Darren came in contact with a big, buff guy, a wrestler type. The buff guy's voice was low and gruff, "Yo, Mel, is this the toothpick that's bothering you?"

Darren, feeling about the size of an ant compared to this guy, piped up, "I'm not bothering her! I'm asking her out on a date!" He heard the girl, apparently named Mel, laugh behind him. "Ouch," he thought with a frown.

"That's him, Mike. This is the guy that's been following me around like a lost puppy," Mel leaned back in her seat and crossed her legs. She gave Darren a smug smile, and shrugged, "I tried to shake you at the jewelry stand. But obviously you really wanted to ask me out, or something. So I got my boyfriend here in case you were some creep."

'Mike' pushed Darren, and it felt like two boulders hit him in the chest. He knocked into a chair, and fell to the ground, "Don't hurt me, please! Not a creep, just a guy!" The buff guy nudged his leg harshly with his foot, a clear message to leave. Darren scrambled up off the floor and ran toward the nearest exit. He'd be sure to make sure the next girl he pursued didn't have the Hulk as her boyfriend.