"Don't Leave..!"

He grabbed her wrist, clutching tight to the cuff that he refused to see flash from sight. "You cannot walk away from me.. you can't throw away everything we've been through! Everything you just said! I won't let you!" He declared. She twirled back into his arms, knowing that it would do no harm. To stay just this once, to not run away from the words that she knew she'd never be able to take back.

"Ozzy, I can't.." Her words were short, but that was all that he needed to hear. Before she could protest, he leaned down and pressed his lips down on hers. He then put his hands on her shoulders, knowing she would resist. But, to his surprise she did not. Her feather soft lips were responding to his, passion took over her senses and she did not want to halt it.

Her arms wrapped around his waist, as she attempted to hold on. As she attempted to stall her plunge into him. He touched her face, as their kiss deepened. His hands were everywhere, and that is when she had to pull away.

"you're my best friend. I can't do this.. it'll..-"

He grabbed her hand in his "it'll what? Ruin our friendship? You should know better by now. That is impossible. I will do everything in my power Nicole.. to make you happy. So, please don't leave."