remember my smile when I'm far away
remember my words when it's years ago that i told them
remember my heartbeat even when I'm dead

I want us to do something, that none of us can ever forget!
something, that only WE will share
something, that will keep us together, even when we're far apart...

so stand up with me and we're going berserk!
we're going to burn our world down to the ground and rebuilt it beautiful and new
we're going to cut the ties to our past and begin to knit our link into the future

everything we'll do will be right,
because there is no other option than to follow your heart
because now's the time for you to be yourself, not how others want you to be!

to show how we really feel,
we're going to shatter this impure picture of a world and paint it clear and new
we're not going to leave our home we're going to change it!

so please...
remember my words even when we're apart
remember that you're never alone in this world