Tell me little phoenix,
were the men are staying.
Tell me little phoenix,
what are the humans saying.

Come my phoenix, come and see:
to save the world belongs to me.
To save your soul, my little bird.
Forget the humans 'cause they're hurt.

They're hurt their ability,
to understand the world they see.
To play the game they're born to play
and run around instead to stay.

Oh tell me phoenix, tell my why,
the humans use their mouth to lie.
And tell me phoenix, tell me how
they hurt each other without to know.

Come my little bird of fire!
see my wishes, my desire!
I'm a human like my mother,
but I hate the weird other.

They fight against the death, their fear
See other die without a tear...
They kill and lie, they hit and scream!
The own weal is their only dream.

So tell me phoenix, don't you think:
We should kill, what pain us brings?
And tell me phoenix, am i mad,
If i think the men are bad?

Oh, come my phoenix, come to me!
You're the one I want to see!
So come my phoenix, please, I beg!
Take my soul just with you back!

Burn me with the others down!
Burn their homes, town by town!
Burn out the virus of the world
and remember what I've told...