A/N: Okay, so first of all, the title reads Quazy Quick Quites! This is equivalent to Crazy Quick Writes.

Second: This is just a collection of some Quick Writes my English teacher has us do. I have taken out all of the horrible ones that would probably make you go to sleep (they're all insanely boring).

Third: I own this entire thing, so ha! Anyway...Here you go! (I might add to these when I have time, or if I get reviews wanting more)

The girl was tall. That was the first thought that crossed my mind. She was slumping slightly under the strain of some invisible force. Her brown hair was pulled back into a loose bun and she wore no make-up I could make out. Her hands were shoved nonchalantly into her bright red too-large sweatshirt. She wore jeans and sneakers over her long legs.

As I watched, the girl pushed her glasses up her nose and glanced around the street as if calculating everything. I was shocked when her startling grey/green/blue eyes trained on me for a flash of a second. Glancing quickly around herself, she stepped into the street and walked quickly across. When she reached the other side of the road she tripped violently on the curb, sending herself flying onto the hard sidewalk.

She was blushing furiously when she got up as dignity as you possibly can after you just dived into a hard surface in public. She started to mumble a little to herself as she rushed by me.

"You okay?" I called.

The girl looked at me, grazing over my dark green uniform, black frizzy hair tied back into a pony tail, sturdy brown shoes, green eyes, and concerned face. She blinked as if she hadn't hear me, but her eyes were focused on my face.

"No. No, I'm fine," she answered quickly, her hand shaking in her pockets. Her voice was quiet, but loud at the same time.