A/N: We had to write a paragraph on a photograph and then a poem.

The man put on his straw hat, pulled on his rubber boots and tromped over to the large red barn as the sun shone brightly.

He greeted the cows by name and the barn cats before grabbing the pail and the stool.

He grunted as he sat down, watching as the cats ran around, wanting milk from the waiting cos.

The man smiled slightly, beginning to pump the milk into the pail. The cat yowled and the man glanced over.

Then he squired a shot of milk at one of the cat's mouths, laughing to himself.


Little Feet, Heavy Feet

Scampering feet, pattering down the line,

Black and white feet, begging for the milk.


Heavy feet, trudging towards the cow,

Big large boots, stomping towards the pail.


Little feet, Large feet, milking the cow,

Light boots, heavy boots, into the pail.


Whining lips, begging for the milk,

Heavy brow, milking the cow.


Flowing milk, little feet, drinking the milk,

Shining sun, tromping feet, milking the cow.


Happy paws, orange and white feet,

Waiting paws, black and white boots.