Doctor, Doctor. Rose! Martha? Weeping Angels? The Silence? WHAAAT?

I feel as though ever since my friend, Scarlet, started to talk to me about Doctor Who, that she was starting to get annoying. She pestered me over and over again that I HAD to watch Doctor Who, because it was so amazing. She even looked up Doctor Who quotes, and she talked to me about it ALL THE TIME.

Finally, I agreed to watch it, just to shut her up.

It didn't work.

It didn't shut her up.

And it made me into a Whovian.

So, this is my story. About me, and the conversations I had with Scarlet. My reactions to each episode. And most of all, my obsession with Doctor Who.

By the way, Scarlet isn't her real name. It's the first name that popped into my head. I'll probably end up forgetting it, and then I'll just use her real name. So I guess this is the prelude to my thoughts on Doctor who... Better get started on Chapter 1!