Austin walked into the hoard and took out his twelve gauge emotionlessly shoot about 20 zombies down with one shot More zombies came and he shot until his 12 gauge eventually ran out of shells he pulled out his F-2000 and shot multiple zombies in their heads.
Still more came and eventually his ammo ran out.
"If i'm going to die here then I cetainly haven't gone down without a fight." he thought as he started using the 12 gauge as a club .
Several hours later his muscles grew sore and he collapsed one last zombie he couldn't fight off he smiled and thought to himself "This is how I go?"
"I think I did a good job." he thought as he heard a scream "NO!" Sam screamed as he jumped in front of Austin taking the bit and smashing his fist into the temple of the last zombie "AGH!" Sam screamed out in pain as he fell to the ground his M1911 falling with him one bullet left.
"Sam." Austin said as tears started to well in his eyes "You've been bit." "Yeah..I guess I have." Sam sad as he felt the bite mark on his face festering "End me now,Austin." Sam said as he handed Austin the gun "There's no hope for me,my job is done." Sam said as he smiled Austin pulled the trigger and with that Sam's life had ended helping his friend After an hour or so later the gang buried their fallen friend and with that they were off.