Austin's dad started the van and pushed on the gas
"START SHOOTING!" he screamed as Austin rolled down the window and shot a zombie in the eye.
Alice when to the very back of the van where she opened the truck annd started hitting various zombies in the head, making them fall and trip other zombies.
The van passed a sign that said Chicago, Illinoise 10 miles.
"KEEP THEM OFF AND FOR TEN MILES AND WE CAN STOP HERE!." Austin's dad screamed as Austin ran out of ammo.
"FUCK!" Austin screamed and threw the pistol, the holt hitting a zombie in the temple knocking it down.
"FIVE MORE MILES!" Austin's dad screamed as he sped up.
Hunter found a tire iron in the back of the truck along with a crowbar.
"Sam take this." Hunter said as he handed the crowbar to Sam and opened a couple of windows.
Hunter and Sam aimed for the zombies temples to knock them down as they did the crowbar broke.
"DAMNIT!" Sam screamed as he threw the crowbar at a zombie,knocking it down.
Hunter threw his tire iron knocking a couple more down.
"WE'RE ALMOST THERE!" Austin's dad said as he saw a semi truck with the bed down almost like a ramp.
"CLOSE THE TRUNK!" he yelled as Alice closed it.
"WE'RE GOING UP!" Austin's dad screamed as the van zoomed onto the bed and off of the semi
"HELL YEAH!" Austin's dad screamed as the van landed on it's side.
"SHIT!." Austin's mom yelled as a piece of glass pierced his eye, killing him on impact.
"MOM!" Austin yelled.
"HUN!" Austin's dad yelled.
Austin and his dad looked at his mom's body, his dad cried for a bit, Austin cried a a little but quickly wiped the tears not wanting to show emotion.
"DAMNIT" Austin's dad screamed as he hit the van.
"Is everyone else okay?" Austin asked as they all crawled out of the van
"Yeah." Everyone replied.
"There's a house right there." Austin's dad said.
"We can shelter there for now." Austin's dad said
"I'm going to get a shovel." Austin's dad said as he walked to the back of the house trying not to cry.