The stars looked so crisp and sparkly. Farrow sighed as he looked into the cool night sky. His initial reluctance had finally given away to contentment.

When Farrow was first invited to come on this camping trip into the mountains the thought of roughing it didn't excite him. But now that he was high above the normal pollution of the city the sky was so clear.

Farrow had fallen into the habit of never slowing down. Everything with life had kept him too busy to stop and think. Now after hiking the whole day to arrive at the camping spot he could finally relax.

Farrow took a moment to glance down at the sudden laughter of the group around the campfire. Larry was goofing off again. He always seemed to be able to sneak a snort past your defences. Normally Farrow would be down with the group especially since it was the first night. For some reason though he felt as if he wanted some alone time.

Deciding to walk off a bit of the hike Farrow decided to go for a brief walk. Plus the night breeze was starting stir a bit and he was getting a bit chilly. Farrow got up and walked over to his tent to grab a jacket.

"Hey guys I think that I'm going to take a look around, see if I spot anything interesting. I might take a pee while I'm at it as well," Farrow said to the group.

Larry's eyes locked onto him and Farrow could see that half smile that he knew was Larry's telling sign that always showed up before he cracked a joke.

"What's this? Is the insect repellant that I'm using too much for you bro?" I gave Larry his required snort as I was walking away from the camp. I saw my sister Sandy glance around at the darkness and flash a look of concern toward me as I was turning to look forward.

"Are you going to be gone longer than ten minutes Farrow?" she called after me. I slowed down then called back, "probably closer to thirty minutes."

"Then take a flashlight. It looks like it's going to be pitch black soon." Sandy said holding out a flashlight in my direction. I sighed. No matter how long it's been since I left Sandy with my parents to live on my own, she still treats me like her little brother. Sandy's friend Sarah rolled her eyes.

"I'm sure that your brother is big enough to take care of himself, you don't need to fawn over him." Sarah said. Larry with a big grin said, "I don't think that she can help it. I'm sure that it must be ingrained in her."

I turned around shaking my head. "If end up being gone longer than 30 minutes, then you can worry. I'm heading towards the river."

Farrow set a leisurely pace enjoying the cool breeze. As he walked he kept an eye out for things. There a stirring in the bushes. Oh wait, that was just the wind. It would be weird for any of the cautious animals to get close to a human campsite while there was still activity. Farrows thoughts quieted a bit further as he scanned the area further. After a bit of no signs of life Farrow fell back into stride as he walked further. The strong smell of pine sap made Farrow relax even further causing him to look up into the sky again. Farrow stopped as he thought he saw something in the sky. Wow, is that a satellite? That one is quite bright. This light was quite a bit brighter than what he would expect to see. Farrow glanced behind him but realized that he'd already walked quite far. Farrow turned back thinking that the satellite would almost have passed when he saw the light again. What he saw caused him to stop walking.

Is it just me or is that light getting noticeably brighter and moving faster than before? Thought Farrow. He glanced towards the campsite dismissing the option of running back. As the light started to move faster Farrow realized that even if he ran back, he wouldn't likely be able to call out to the group before whatever happens, does happen. Reluctantly taking his eyes off the light again Farrow looked around to see if there was any cover in sight that he could shelter in. With nothing in sight he looked back and started worrying a bit. After deciding that a tree was better than nothing Farrow watched the erratic light from around a pine tree. While watching the light growing bigger, Farrow suddenly got a strange feeling. Is it just me or is that light flying at me. That doesn't seem very lik-... That last thought was interrupted by the light suddenly dazzling him and Farrow dropping into unconsciousness.


Since this is my first ventur into getting a bit serious about making a story we'll see how this goes. I might be optimistic about how much interest this story will get at this point. At this point I just wanted to start off with providing a bit of a jumping off point. Now one thing that I'd be interested to hear about is some thoughts on some good personas for the group although I'm sure that I'm getting to the point where I can provide some different personalities with enough thought although we might be off to a rocky start.