The heavenly love

Most children have family to share precious moments with but I didnt. Not until I was adopted by Miranda. I was found under a bridge. Miranda was just roaming around when she found me there. She says that something in her mind brought her there to find me. Of course, I was send to an orphanage where I only spend a week at. Miranda had adopted me and brought me to her home. Which is now my home.

16 years later/ Melissa POV:

(Beep,beep) The alarm clock rang. I groaned, I really didn't want to go to school. Miranda and I had just moved to Lunaville, a week ago from Mystic Falls, a little town in Maine. We had to transfer here because Miranda had gotten very sick and she said that she that she had a desire to come here and die. I quickly got dressed and ran to my mother's room. I kneeled down next to the bed and whispered" I'm going to school now, Mom." Her eyes fluttered open and she smiled" Good Luck" I kissed her cheek and ran out the door. West Adams was just a few blocks away. No one was at school yet, it was still early. I walked into the attendance office to see a girl w/ blonde hair, sitting at the desk. She smiled" Hi, are you new? My name's Amy. Amy Parker." I smiled" Umm, hi, I'm here for my schedule"She nodded and looked through the papers and handed me my schedule."How'd ya know my name"Her eyes widened slightly and was about to say something when a woman w/ the exact face as Amy came in." Amy, what are you doing" Amy quickly stood up and said" Oh, Mom, uh I was just helping Melissa get her schedule." Amy's mom smiled" oh, so your ... Oh dear, I am so sorry about what your going through" So, that's how she knows about me. I gave her a half-smile and said" Thank you, and I apperciate it if you didn't say anything about my situation" She gave my shoulder a squeeze and said" Don't you worry. We won't say a word. Will we, Amy?" Amy nodded and said "Wanna head over to class." I smiled and nodded. This might be good for me.

Phoenix POV:

Eve and I had been in Lunaville for about a week. Our mission was to help the poor souls of this town. We walked into West Adams. We had decided that we would begin here because the souls of the young teens would be in danger, so we had decided to go to the high school. Not many were there yet, I guess it was a little early. Eve had Art class this period and I had Drama. We said our goodbyes and I entered the classroom. I was shocked by what I saw. There reading a book was a girl who was beyond beauty. Her eyes were sapphire blue that you were effortlessly mesmerized by, with long skinny eyelashes, the color of midnight. Her skin was slightly lighter than Ivory, with a metallic rose color tint on her cheeks. Her golden brown hair fell loosely over her shoulders into skinny, slack curls. Her lips were like a frozen rose, dangerous but beautiful. Shaking myself out of my thoughts, I coughed" Is the teacher here" She looked up from the book that she was reading and shook her head. I looked around, thinking of what to say. Eve and I had not been on earth for a couple of decades. " Do you know when class will start" She looked up again and gave me a half smile" I wouldn't know today's my first day here" I grinned" You too ?" She nodded" I moved here a week ago" I heard someone coming behind me as I stepped aside I noticed that this girl's soul was tainted by evil. The girl smiled" Hey, Melissa I got the drinks." So, that was her name. Melissa gave her a half smile and said" Thanks, Amy" Then, something strange happened. As soon as Melissa and Amy made contact, some of darkness went away. In all my years of being an angel, I have never seen anything like that. I look at Melissa a little more closely and notice that she has not a spot of darkness. Usually a human being had a least a spot of darkness. Only newborns were completely clean and that only lasts until they were older. Amy sat down next to Melissa and were off in their own world. I sat behind them. Melissa is a interesting mortal.

Melissa Pov

The guy that had juat walked in was attractive but the thing was that ever since my mother was diagnosed with heart cancer, I no longer had interest in relationships or in "love". I didn't have time to think about that, I had my mother to take care for and I didn't need to babysit a guy who was probably not mature enough. Time passed and other students filed in. Mr. Mcguire had made the introductions real fast. The guy from the morning was called Phoenix. came and sat down" Okay, everybody, welcome back to another wonderful year. So, we are going to kick off the year with a project. So, all the girls come up and line up in a single filed line and pick a name from the hat and I will read it for you" All the girls stood up and started to line up. We quickly got our papers and my turn finally came." Okay, Melissa, you got ..PHOENIX as your partner. Now you two take the back table." I walked to the table and sat down next to him. He smiled and stuck out his hand" Hey, I'm Phoenix" I looked at his hand then at him. I started noticing things that I hadn't before. He had twin sapphire eyes that you could get lost in. He had deep golden hair, he was the same shade of skin color as me. Also he had high cheekbones, soft shaped lips. He was a foot taller than I and had long lean arms with bits of muscles and long rippling legs. I stuck out my hand and shook his hand." Okay, the project for this project is to pick one of shakespeare's famous plays, pick 3 of your favorite scenes and then, perform them here in front of the whole class. You will be graded on your costumes, dialog, and teamwork. This will be due next month. Oh and also it doesn't matter if you're doing the same play as someone else. So, get cracking. " I groaned. I didn't have time for this. Today, I started to work at the Heavenly's children hospital. I needed the money to maintain myself and my mother for the time she had left. Living on my alone was going to be hard but I had no choice. Suddenly, someone tapped my shoulder. I turned to see Phoenix, w/ a concerned expression on his face. " You okay" I pulled myself together and put my fake smile on." I'm fine. So, umm here's my phone number and text me on watcha wanna do" Then, the bell rang. I quickly got out of the classroom, feeling trapped. I looked back for a moment and saw Phoenix looking in the my direction, seeing my fleeting form.


I didn't have Phoenix for the first two periods, but we did have the rest together. As I entered the classroom, I noticed that there were students w/ darkness in their auras. Then, I felt two differnet strong auras. The two persons that had those auras came into the classroom. One of them was a guy. I had immediately recognized who he was. It was Lucifer's one and only son, Lucian. I knew that power anywhere. He had to be the one who has been causing the loss of souls. But I didn't know the girl. Her aura was squeaky clean, not a spot of darkness. Even if she just arrived in town, Lucian would of gotten to her already. I watched the girl carefully. Another girl came and sat next to her. This girl had darkness all around her. I waited for the darkness to spread over to the girl but then something I had not expected happened. The girl gave a half empty laugh and immediately the people around had been cleared of some of the darkness. I wasn't the only one who had noticed. Lucian did too. He did not look happy. I sat on the other side of the girl and glared at him. This girl was a good thing and it could probably help us. The girl turned toward me and said" Hey, do you have a twin brother named Phoenix" My eyes widened" Yeah, how ya know" She smiled and said" I just had him for drama class and now we're partners." Great now I have time to study this girl. I stuck out my hand and said" The name's Eve." She smiled" Melissa. Melissa Martinez." Class began. Time flew by fast and as soon as the bell rang, I ran to the roof. Phoenix was already there. " Phoenix, you won't believe what I just discovered" His eyebrows flew up" You too"I sighed" There's this girl named Melissa. She has no darkness in her aura and when she laughed she cleared some of the darkness in the auras around her." He nodded" Yeah, I just had her for 1st period" I fumbled w/ my hands" Well, maybe she can help us"

Phoenix POV

"YOU KNOW WE CAN'T INVOLVE HUMANS" I yelled. Eve winced" I know but Melissa isn't orindary human and..." I sighed, raking my hand through my hair" And what" She rubbed her hands together" Well I'm not the only one who noticed what Melissa did. Lucian, Lucifer's son, also noticed what Melissa had done." I shook my head" Well, Melissa and I are drama partners. So, I'll keep a eye on her when I can but You too, Okay" She nodded and we came into agreement. I ran down to the library and went to check out my books. Then, I sensed Melissa's aura. When I reached the last aisle, I found Melissa on the floor, asleep. I knelt down next to her and tapped her shoulder. Her eyelashes fluttered as her eyes opened. She gave a small yawn as she stretched." The bell is going to ring in 2 minutes " She finally came into her surroundings and quickly stood up, taking a few steps away form me. She bowed her head and said, in a tiny voice" Thank you for waking me up" and she ran off. She was an interesting girl. In all my years as an angel, girls have been fawning over me, begging me to date them, but Melissa was different.

Melissa POV

I couldn't believe Phoenix saw me sleeping. I blushed at the memory. I was so tired, I was up late last night. When we came to this town, I had started working at the drug store. I really needed the money to make sure that my moms last moments, the best ever. I suddenly felt a chill. " Hello, beautiful" said a deep voice. I shivered from the fear. I just kept walking. Ignore him said a voice in my head. I agreed w/ the voice and walked away quickly. He was right behind me. Then, Phoenix came up next to me and rested his arm on my shoulder. He whispered in my ear" Just keep walking" By the time that we reached my class, the guy had disappeared. I sighed in relief and looked up to see Phoenix, looking down at me. I gave him a small smile and said" Thank you" Then, I walked forward to see Eve. She smiled" Brother, what are you doing here" He smiled, right back, clearly irriated." Nothing, just saving Melissa from the creep, Lucian." I looked at both of them, confused" You guys know him" Their eyes widened, only slightly and Eve said" Oh, just that he went to our old school. Phoenix, here can't stand the guy." I giggled" Well, that makes 2 of us." Their eyes widened. Afraid that I said something wrong, I backed into the classroom" Well, bye, and thanks again, Phoenix." But then, I heard She did it again. I turned to them" Did ya say something" They shook their heads, eyes still wide. I walked into the classroom. What was that?

Eve Pov

I walked into the classroom right after Melissa. I sat behind her. The teacher was talking when I heard You think she heard us. I thought for a moment. I think that she might've. Phoenix thought for a moment. We need to learn more about her. I thought for a moment when it hit me. Hey,aren't ya her over and we can observe her. I could hear him mentally sigh. Fine,but don't freak her out. I giggled quietly. Why you have a crush on the girl. No answer. Phoenix... " Ms. Smith, would you kindly like to tell me who started the Cold War." I raked through my brain and said" Umm, well mostly it was the Soviet Union and The U.S." He smiled" So, you are paying attention in my class." I smirked. Well, I was there when it happened.I looked up to see Melissa, looking at me. Fear was in her eyes. Had she heard me. It wasn't possible. What was Melissa, because human she was not. Class ended and so went 4th and fifth. For sixth period, Phoenix and I had P.E. I had flashed on my clothes and went outside. Phoenix was already there and so was Melissa.

Phoenix POV

Eve came out but my attention was on Melissa. I couldn't help thinking about her. It was I was a moth and she was the light. I shook my head and turned to Eve, who had and came sat next to me. Students filed out of the dressing rooms fast. The teacher sighed" Ok, I know its the first day but I wanna know how fast you run the mile." People around us groaned but Eve and I smirked. Angels were fast and never got tired. As we started running, Eve and I speed up ahead of everyone and slowed down once we were one full lap ahead of them. I was jogging at a steady pace when I hear someone come up to me. Which is inhumanly possible. I slightly turned my head to see Melissa. Then, something that couldn't happen happened. Melissa ran past me and then past Eve. And in a few minutes, finished the mile. I was shocked. Eve was the fastest angel up there. Even if she walked, she would of beat this mortals. Melissa intrigued me, which no human has ever done. I speed up to join her and as reached her, I sensed a dark aura. Lucian was walking toward her. I ran to her side and said" What's up, Melissa." Lucian growled" Umm, I was just a conservation w/ her, Phoenix" Melissa strunk away from tension. Lucian smirked, happy that Melissa feared him. As soon as he left, Melissa's knees bucked under her, and she fainted.I easily got caught, she was light as a feather. I lifted her up and took her to nurse. Eve had followed us. " Something's not right.". I turned to her" What do you mean" She sighed and sat down next to Melissa." Her aura. There's no darkness. Not a speck. That's impossible" I looked at Melissa and said to Eve" What could that possibly mean" She shrugged" Beats me. Bells about to ring. Take her home" and w/ that she left. Melissa was sound asleep. She looked so peacful. Suddenly, tears ran down her face. She cried out" Daddy" I wiped away her tears. What scars did she have on her heart. The bell rang which woke Melissa up. She looked up and saw me." What happened?" I ran a hand through my hair and said " Well, I guess you were to tired and so you fainted" She sighed" Do you have my clothes" I nodded and handed them to her. She closed the curtain and began to change. I put my hands behind my back and said" Did something happen to your dad or something." She froze behind the curtains" Why?" she said in a normal tone. I sighed" Oh, its just that in your sleep. You said daddy" She tugged the curtain and came out, fully dressed. She said, in a sad tone" I don't why I would say that since I don't have a dad." She walked out the room and I followed" Why, deadbeat dad, died" She shook her head" No I don't know who my parents are" Confused I asked" Don't you leave w/ your mom" She shrugged and started walking home." You can say that, but Miranda is my foster mom. My mother abandoned me." Her voice cracked at the last sentence." And she wasn't kind enough to drop me off at a orphange. She left me under a brigde. If it weren't for Miranda, who found me I would've died. And now Miranda is dying." She continued to walk, but I knew she was crying. I don't know what over came me, but I grabbed her elbow and pulled her to me. I wrapped my arms around her and held her while she cried. As she sobbed, a pain grew in my heart. I rubbed her back and said" It's fine, be strong." She cried for a few minutes, but then back out of my arms. She looked up and smiled" Thank you" Her smile stirred something in me. I put my hands in my pockets and said" Your welcome. Oh and lets start on our project tomorrow, kay" She nodded and walked into her house. When she went in, I flashed home. Eve was there. " Did you take her home." I nodded.