A: Can't handle this pain,

All these people pointing fingers,

It's only me,

I'm the only one to blame,

I stand in front of this mirror,

Wondering; Why am I such a shame?

Another shattered frame,

Can't stand to see that face staring back at me,

The girl with no name,

I steal a glance out the window and beg for the rain.

E I see your face,

I hear your plea,

I'm begging you not to hide your secrets from me,

Take me to the scary place,

I won't leave you there alone,

Make my heart your home,

Don't give into your doubt,

Don't you dare consider the easy way out.

A: These wing's so bound,

I tried so hard to fly,

But I had a defect,

I'll never be enough,

Could never be perfect,

All I can do is cry,

Watch all the good memories fade,

Looking around...and all I have left is this blade.

My new dearest friend,

I watch as pale veins turn a deep red shade.

This heart; there is no way to mend.

E: You say words that make my heart break,

And I see the scars on your hands as they shake,

I know you don't want to live this life,

Why don't you hear me when I say It doesn't have to be so full of strife?

Just let me in,

Trust me to be your friend,

Please stop fighting so hard to reach your end,

It's always darkest before the next day,

Can't you see your life won't always be this way?

A: Help me; I beg you!

Save me from this life I live,

I have nothing more to do,

Nothing more to give,

Coal black liner streams down this face,

Because all I really wanted was a warm embrace,

Just needed to see a smiling face,

I'm screaming out,

Why can't anyone hear me as I scream and shout?

Can't stop this flow of red,

Can't stop these tears of hurt from being shed,

When I needed a hand to hold they all fled,

But you were different,

You stayed instead...

E: I wanted to be there for you,

I really tried,

I would sit beside you and hold your hand while you cried.

You swore me to secrecy,

No one deserved to see this side of you,

Not those jokers who hastened to believe the rumors that werent true.

I'll be here,

I will care,

But you have to promise you'll always be there.

Dont make me care for a shadow,

Dont make me love a ghost,

Dont leave a hole in my heart,

Dont make me look a fool or leave my soul shallow.

A: Layin on this bed,

Empty bottle by my side,

No one would care if I died,

I know you were on my side,

But I cant hold on anymore,

I drag myself to the ocean,

Take one last look around before I take one last breath, and i'm washed out to shore,

It's only a matter of minutes now,

And i'll join the sunken ships that reside on the ocean floor,

Goodbye my friend,

Im confident in you,

I know you will mend,

Goodbye my friend.

E: It was a cold early morning when they found you,

You were wrong,

Everytime you said if you died no one would miss you,

The sea couldnt contain my tears, my pain.

I scream out but with you gone, tell them to whose ears?

You were my friend,

But you raced to the end,

I couldnt save you

And where does that leave me?

Alone! By myself! Drowning in my grief.

Maybe i'll take your blade,

Find that comfort that to you it gave,

I'll pick it up and throw it down,

It killed you!

Even if the ocean made you drown,

I can't stand to see you lying there "at peace" they say,

You'd hate that,

You'd tell them off in your hostile, charming way.

I miss you so much, yet I cant blame you for going away.

My final words tonight my dear friend , are sleep tight..until we meet again.