I was staring,

At the sea.

Where my sailor,

Abandoned me.

I cursed the garish sky,

So bluntly, openly, flashy.

The clouds in the distance,

Grey, Ashy

The service behind me,

Continues on the cliff.

It's like a joke,

Of the ocean drift.

Accusing eyes,

They know it's me;

I guilty await,

Watching the sea.

"When will he be home?

When will my life be right?

When will the hole I'm in,

Be cleared of the overhead light?"

I begged and pleaded,

But my pointless bedside voice rings,

Shows its worth;

Not a thing.

Hair whipped my face,

Inclosing evil thoughts.

No comb could straighten it;

There is reason for the knots.

"Just do it, just jump;

He's worth that much.

You liar, you pathetic waste.

Jump, feel the jagged rock's touch."

I know it's the water;

No one's really speaking.

It's just letting me know,

The thoughts of which they're thinking

I take one last breath,

The taste of salt upon my tong.

I listen to one last bird-song,

And let a tear fall as it was sung.

A leap of fate?

It's a lie, so carefully kept.

It's more like a last,

Subtle, step

The gasps, the seagulls,

That was all,

I could hear,

As I fall.

The blue of the ocean,

The black of my dress,

Is what I can see,

Through the many a golden tress.

First I was wet,

Then I was warm.

My heart finally repaired,

From an everlasting torn.

He looks,

He looks right at me.

And asks "Why my dear,

Did you send me off to sea?"

I reply "I wanted you forever,

My heart filled with jealousy.

The water told me it was the only way.

Love, please forgive me."

He looked down,


Then he smiled,

And kissed my cheek.

"That was selfish,

But if that is how it must be,

Then I am not afraid,

Of going out to sea."