Tonight, you shall not win.


As night falls, and the moon

Uncovers its delicate face,

You shall not become the monster

That haunts my bedroom closet.

Your lingering hands will

Not find room around my throat.

I will arm myself with

What matters most;

You shall not prevail.


For I have died on every

Night of this current week.

You snuck around my defenses,

Murdering me, devouring

Up my strength.

Tonight is the first

That the walls have not caved,

And I plan to fight til morning.


Because you are nothing of

Worth, nothing worth

Worrying over, crying over.

Your life span is shorter than mine;

You have not long to live.


And as I take my final stand,

Unleashing a battle cry,

I know my full strength.

I am not your Raggedy Anne,

Easy to plow through and

Rip into shreds.

I am a soldier,

Ready to fight for my sanity.