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How To Use
A fairly simple tool for those of you who have read the story Transcend. Simply change the chapter to which category you wish to view in detail. The easiest way to use the Characters chapter is using the Ctrl+F (Find) feature on your browser and searching by a character's full name. A list of every single character has been added in the beginning so if you would like to look into a particular character this way is a lot easier, though the name may appear multiple times. The Miscellaneous chapter contains a variety of different information, and if a particular category grows too large it may become a separate section. An additional tip would be to change the margins to 3/4 for a better view.

This article is for use after reading the story Transcend, NOT before reading. This may seem like pages of info-dumping, but it is merely here to remind you of everything you already know. There is no new information here if you have read the story. Expect to see spoilers if you have not finished the Season to date. Information up to date currently as of Season 2.

[Last Update: Episode 31]