Briefly mentioned earlier in the story during a history lecture, ANGEL was an organization that existed about a century ago when Hybrids and Transhumans were first created. They funded the experiments conducted by the groups of transhumanists and were the reason for the two new species coming to existence. Queen Anne Satala, current ruler at the time, banished the organization from Satala as punishment for their crimes. Her reasoning for this is not entirely known, and the group's actions are shadowed in mystery. Their current whereabouts, if they still exist, are unknown.

Current Members: N/A

Silver Blood
This group was created by Satalian citizens and soldiers alike after the end of the Silver Blood War eight years ago. The Transia soldiers destroyed many homes and families in that tragic war, causing many people to hate the Transhumans for their actions. Many prominent Knights of the Imperial Army left their positions to join this cause; a cause to rid the world of Transhumans and Hybrids since they should have never existed.

Silver Blood currently conducts many illegal activities to achieve their goals and is regarded as terrorists by many. Any Transhumans or Transhuman sympathizers are an enemy of Silver Blood and they do not hesitate to kill. Ironically, while they believe the creation of a new species is wrong, they are responsible for creating a demented, inhumane version of the Hybrid known as the Demens. A facility for creating these Demens located in Valora, Frelia was abandoned, and their main facility named Nano is located in Aurel, Glendale.

The group is led by a number of leaders; apparently the head leader and founder of Silver Blood is not known, but his partner and co-leader Kenta Masato acts as main leader instead. Underneath him are seven other leaders within the group referred to as "Letters." They are called this due to the tattoo of a letter stamped somewhere on their body.

Current Members:
- Kenta Masato
- Lucy Cyril – Delta
- Leval Gilroy – Theta
- Glenn Corin - Zeta
- Akane Sayuri - Beta
- Ivan Gilroy - Alpha

Former Members:
- Vanessa Natsumi [Deceased]

Anti-Terror Division
A special unit within Satala's royal government, the Anti-Terror Division is responsible for retrieving information on potentially dangerous groups. The main focus is currently on Silver Blood. Meredith Brook, a General within Gun-Force, was working as a temporary Special Agent to obtain more information on Silver Blood and as a cover for her true position while stationed at South Frelia High School.

Temporary Members:
- Meredith Brook
- Mayoko Wynn

Satalian Royal Intelligence
This agency is responsible for investigating and gathering information on different crimes within the kingdom and is not focused on any particular type of crime. They relay information back to appropriate groups and occasionally take matter into their own hands. Their main job is to keep certain information out of the general public's knowledge.

Current Members: Unknown

Order of Mercury
This group, within Satala's RSI, was formed by Ex-General Roy Halstead with permission of the King. This team was created in order to focus solely on stopping Silver Blood's rampant actions once and for all. Roy is currently searching for more members for this team.

Current Members:
Special Agent Unit Chief Roy Halstead
Dr. Ephraim Miles
Agent Dante Waltz
Agent Iris Napthali

Imperial Army
This is the main portion of Satala's military. Majority of soldiers are found within this group, and they are responsible for defending the kingdom from attacking countries. They are the first response to a serious threat regarding the kingdom's national security. Knights from within the Army also have other responsibilities, such as guarding the Royal Halls of each city-state.

Former Members:
Dante Waltz (Private)

This group consists of only eight percent of the total Knights within Satala's military. The soldiers within this portion of the military are divided into six different groups which all serve under the Royal Family. There is a first and second in command for each of the six Gun-Forces, referred to as Commanders and Generals respectively. The responsibility of Gun-Force is to train the Imperial Army, guard the Royal Palace, and intervene in war when deemed necessary by His or Her Majesty. Occasionally a Gun-Force, or particular members from that Force, is ordered a specific task by the King or Queen.

Current Members:
Gun-Force 1
- General Laylin Flayer

Gun-Force 2
- Commander Gilliam Adhelm

Gun-Force 3
- General Ashley Sayarah

Gun-Force 4
- General Aaron Cyril

Gun-Force 5
- General Toran Dolthersay

Gun-Force 6
- General Meredith Brook
- Colonel Mayoko Wynn

Former Members:
- Roy Halstead (General)
- Edward Naphtali (Colonel)

Satalian Royal Family
Not much is known about the Royal Family or who is exactly comprised of it. Currently, the King of Satala is known to have at least two children; a news report Lukas's mother was watching announced the King's eldest daughter would be making a public appearance next year for the first time, implying he has a second daughter, at the least. The Royal Family would consist of the King and Queen, their children, and any brother or sisters to His or Her Majesty as well as their children. Because a Knight Lord serves a single member of the Royal Family (usually a Princess), they are classified under the Royal Family even though they hold no lineage to royalty.

Current Members:
- King Aldwyn Leodrake Satala
- Princess Abigail Satala
- Princess Rielyn Satala

Temporary Members:
- Knight Lord Nathaniel Seether

Former Members:
- Queen Anne Satala [Deceased]