~*~*~*~*Episode List*~*~*~*~

Season 1
(Episodes 1-25)

[Ep.1] The Essence of Life
Eighteen year old Lukas Elserin is awakened by his friend Zayn to exercise before their first day of school. The two head to school, meeting with a couple other friends in their homeroom class. Later in the day, Lukas accidently knocks over a girl; he tells the girl she's been rather sad and the girl runs off. Their last class is Advanced Rei-Ki 207, taught by a woman named Misayo. Upon materializing her Solblade to the class, the woman receives a phone call and abruptly leaves. The girl Lukas bumped into earlier is in the class as well, and introduces herself as Courtney Hawkins. As the group is talking, two other students begin fighting each other with their Solblade, eventually leading outside. Courtney is almost crushed by a fallen tree, but Lukas saves her in time and then proceeds to knock out the two students fighting. After school, Courtney returns home and is greeted by her younger sister Natalie, who notices Courtney being unusually happy.

[Ep.2] A Knight of Justice
In a forest somewhere, a woman chases down someone, or something rather, managing to kill it. A week has gone by in school, and Courtney is slowly getting used to her new school. In their homeroom class, Lukas awoken by a girl named Luna Mariko. The girl, who evidently hasn't spoken to Lukas in over a year, asks Lukas to rejoin the team, and he agrees to do so. In Misayo's class, Lukas promises Courtney that he'll use his Solblade in class only if he spars against Misayo. Misayo forces Lukas to spar with her after his friends sparred with each other; he manages to do rather well against her. After school, Lukas and Courtney are walking home together. After he leaves her, the boy notices Misayo creeping around his street. She claims she was merely in the neighborhood and walks off.

[Ep.3] Tampering With Life
Lukas is heading to class, when Luna confronts him to talk about the team. His next class is General History of Satala, where he and Zayn listen to the teacher lecture about Transhumans and Hybrids. Lukas dozes off and has a short dream of when he was younger. Later at lunch, Lukas meets up with Luna to further discuss him joining the team. Syrus Cornelian, Luna's partner, shows his displeasure with Lukas rejoining. After school, Lukas and Luna head into the forest behind the school to their team's HQ. In the cabin, Luna introduces Lukas to the team as the new Spearhead of Unit C.

[Ep.4] Head of the Spear
Lukas becomes acquainted with his new Unit; they all then have a practice Ikusa match to determine if Lukas is fit to lead the three members. He defeats all three of them relatively easily. Later that night, Lukas falls asleep in the team's cabin. He has another dream about his past where he's being bullied by elder children. Luna wakes him up, and he heads home. On his way through the forest, Lukas encounters a monster of some sort that immediately attacks him. After evading the beast's continued strikes, Lukas finally decides to kill the monster.

[Ep.5] Sterling Silver
Lukas and his mother are eating breakfast when Lukas notices an article in the newspaper talking about the body of a monster that was found in Mugen Forest. Before his mother can question him about the issue, Courtney arrives at his door asking him to accompany her into the Regala district for some shopping. After shopping, the two stop to eat at a café. Lukas suggests a movie, and the two head down to the theatre. Once they arrive, a criminal organization Silver Blood tasks the place hostage. They demand authorities bring them Kenta Masato, the leader of Silver Blood. After much deliberation, he arrives; upon seeing him, however, Courtney lunges toward him in a fit of anger. The man sends her flying with Lukas and the two crash on the road, bloody and bruised

[Ep.6] Conflicted Feelings
Erina, Lukas's mother, visits him in the hospital explaining why she didn't come earlier. Shortly after, Luna arrives and Lukas's mother leaves the two alone. Lukas asks about Courtney, who has been released only a day after the incident at the theatre. Luna leaves Lukas with a homemade lunch, telling him she'll train his Unit while he's getting better. Meanwhile, Courtney is depressed she can't bring herself to visit Lukas. After school, Luna and her Unit train with the Unit C members. The next day after school, Lukas sneaks out of the hospital and heads to the gymnasium. There he attacks Misayo, claiming she's with Silver Blood. The woman subdues Lukas with ease, and then informs him her name is Meredith Brook and she is a Special Agent with the Anti-Terror Division. Lukas hears out her explanation for being at the school and feels she's hiding something.

[Ep.7] Irresponsible Idiots
Courtney heads to class with Vanessa. She confronts Lukas in class, apologizing, but he tells her it's okay. In Misayo's class that day, Courtney notices Lukas doing nothing while everyone is practicing; Misayo sees he's meditating. Lukas arrives in his team's cabin and is greeted by his Unit. Though he was just released from the hospital, Luna expects him to be at a hundred percent for tomorrow's game. The next day at St. Catherine High School, the announcer goes over the rules of the Objective for this Ikusa match. Luna expresses her anger of the fact that Lukas is late and goes over their strategy without him. When he arrives, Luna scowls him but then stops when he predicts her strategy in a matter of seconds. The team manages to win their first game with ease. That night the team is celebrating; Lukas recalls how he and Luna first met and reveals he was born in Carthage; Luna cries, embracing him in the corner of the restaurant.

[Ep.8] Red Metal
The next morning, Lukas briefly recalls a couple childhood friends from Carthage when Natalie, Courtney's little sister, climbs in his room through the window. Lukas decides to check on Courtney out of concern. When he arrives, Courtney slams the door on his face to get ready. While waiting, Lukas's notices a man loitering across the street. Courtney finally lets him in and the three sit down to talk. Lukas tells Courtney he's originally from Carthage; Lukas then changes the subject to Transhumans and Silver Blood, to try and get Courtney to talk about Kenta Masato. She asks him to leave, and Lukas regrets talking about Silver Blood. That afternoon, Lukas and his mother are eating lunch. Lukas remembers about his friends Nathan and Nyla and the shelters. He then gets a call that Courtney's house has been attacked. When he gets there, Courtney leads him up to her room to see her bed covered in mercury dyed red. After confiding onto him about how her parents were killed by Kenta, the two kiss.

[Ep.9] Commencement of Rage
In the team's cabin, Megumi and Greg are going through new equipment with the Unit C members, discussing their leaders' relationship. Lukas and Luna enter the cabin. Alexander tells them they were talking about who's stronger, which intrigues Luna. She then asks Lukas to spar with her, something they haven't done in quite some time. Meanwhile, Courtney and her siblings have been staying with Vanessa while their home is being repaired for the past month; the two talk about how Courtney kissed Lukas. Luna and Lukas get ready to spar outside the cabin. While sparring, Luna has the advantage throughout until Lukas uses a new attack, Fleo Lacer. Syrus interrupts the two, criticizing Lukas for being careless with his attack. The two get into a fight, with Syrus taunting Lukas about Luna. Lukas ends up losing control somehow, and relentlessly attacks Syrus and his teammates. He passes out after using a technique he's never used before.

[Ep.10] Rebirth of Team Mariko
A flashback shows Luna during her sophomore year, two years ago. She is consistently bullied by the seniors, but Lukas fights for her. Lukas wakes up in the hospital to find Luna sleeping on his leg. She wakes up telling him how he "lost control" but leaves out the attack he used. His friends come into the room, and then Luna leaves. They ask why Lukas doesn't date Luna, to which he responds they are just friends and leaves the room. In her office, Meredith is talking to someone when Lukas enters the room. She asks about his issue earlier that week, but he focuses the subject on Courtney. After their discussion, Meredith asks Lukas for help on something. Later that week, the team is readying for an Ikusa match when Kane Yamato, a former teammate, confronts them. Lukas is about to learn what happened between Kane and Luna, but the Ikusa match begins with Lukas and Syrus calling a truce.

[Ep.11] Bitter-Sweet Victory
Leading from Episode 10, Lukas and Syrus, as well as their Units, press on deeper into the forest. The opposing team proves to be a bit of a challenge from early on as a couple of the Lukas and Syrus's Unit members are paralyzed while Luna and her Unit wait at the BO. During the game, Courtney had been called to Misayo's office to discuss something with her. Initially the woman asks how Courtney has been, but then switches the conversation to Lukas and if he's been unusually angry. Vanessa finds Courtney and drags her watch Lukas's game. The Ikusa draws closer to an end; Lukas and Luna fulfill their objective by escaping the Combat Zone. As they are gathering their members up, Meg is attacked by the same kind of monster Lukas killed before.

[Ep.12] Mysterious Meredith
The creature attacks the group, but Lukas quickly confronts it himself. This beast is much stronger than the other one Lukas fought before, and is giving him quite a bit of trouble. Just as he's about to be killed, Meredith kills the monster with her own Fleo Lacer, and then orders Mayoko to heal the boy on the spot. A few days later Lukas is celebrating with Courtney and the others that she's finally back in her home. Lukas notices Vanessa has grown a bit suspicious of Misayo, just as he had. When everyone is asleep, Lukas decides to leave. He and Courtney briefly talk and hug before heading out. Meredith and Mayoko are waiting for him outside, and the three head somewhere together.

[Ep.13] Too Many Promises
Last week, Meredith asked Lukas to help with something: they were going to be conducting a raid on a weapons deal between Silver Blood and a local gang in an attempt to get information on the facility creating the Demens. The three arrive at the warehouse and begin fighting all the people there. Meanwhile, a prominent Silver Blood member, Lucy, is informed that authorities are subduing their members at the warehouse. Lukas and Meredith have subdued all the members and Lukas is examining each face, seeing if any look like the man he saw outside Courtney's house the morning it was destroyed. Having lost their bet, Lukas is forced to kiss Courtney in their class. Luna reminds Lukas the National Ikusa Tournament is coming up; evidently it is held every two years, and last time they participated in it was when Lukas "hurt" Luna.

[Ep.14] The Scarlet Letter
After Team Mariko wins another Ikusa match, Lukas, his Unit, and Luna are discussing plans of their future. Lukas meets up with Courtney, and while his other friends were supposed to be there, the two head to a diner to eat. As the two are driving to Lukas's so he could change, Lukas sees the man who he saw outside Courtney's home on the side of the road. He tries to chase after him, but the man disappears. Zayn and Ben are wandering the streets when Ben suggests Zayn visit Vanessa. He does so and the two watch a movie together. Courtney and Lukas are talking over their future plans when Lukas receives a call from Meredith. Afraid the man he saw earlier might still be around the neighborhood, he takes Courtney to wait at the school while he heads into Mugen Forest with Meredith and Mayoko. They find the underground facility and are confronted by Lucy.

[Ep.15]Rain, Rain, Go Away
Lukas recognizes the girl from the theatre incident a while back. Another Silver Blood member, Leval, confronts the group; Lukas recognizes him as the man he saw earlier that day. Before he tries walking off, Lukas attacks the man but ends up failing in his strike. Meredith tries to capture Lucy, but the girl quickly flees; before leaving, she promises Lukas she'll keep Leval away from Courtney. Courtney had followed the group and was watching these events before heading back to the car. A Demens gets loose and Lukas kills it with ease. He then heads back to Courtney. Meanwhile, Lucy and Leval are on their way to Glendale with the other members; Leval tells Lucy he left a gift for Courtney. Lukas drives Courtney back to her home. Before entering, Courtney attempts to admit her feelings to Lukas, but he quickly rejects the girl. She then heads upstairs to find her siblings in her room dead.

[Ep.16] Knight Lord
Nathaniel Seether awakens from a dream of his last moments with his parents. He and his roommate, Toran, begin their morning workout. Apparently he is one of the youngest soldiers in training at the academy. After class, Nathan's girlfriend Allison asks why the boy has been acting strange, to which he credits the dream. He then heads over to spar with Toran for a bit, fighting incredibly well; it is evident Nathan possesses Type-D Rei-Ki. The two are approached by a messenger who tells the two to meet with Duke Dalton Markham. At the Royal Hall in his office await four of the six Generals of Gun-Force, as well as the Duke. General Toran and Nathan arrive and Nathan is promoted from Warrant Officer to Knight Lord, personal guard of one of the princesses of Satala.

[Ep.17] A Renewed Vow
About two months later, Lukas is helping Unit A train. Luna reminds Lukas their final Ikusa match before the Nationals will be in two weeks. The next day, Meredith observes Courtney's behavior. Lukas is about to talk with her when Meredith asks him to talk in her office. Courtney and Vanessa head home, and Vanessa tells Courtney she's been selfish with Lukas. Back in Meredith's office, she brings up the topic of Gun-Force; she informs Lukas that she is the General of Gun-Force 6 and has been stationed at the school the beginning of last school year to recruit potential replacements for the General of Gun-Force 2, and that Lukas is at the top of a small list of candidates. Lukas asks for time to think about her offer and heads home. He finds Courtney waiting for him. Upon seeing her saddened, he kisses her and takes her inside.

[Ep.18] Date Night
Courtney has been living with Vanessa since the death of her siblings; she is now dating Lukas and is getting her life back together. Meredith heads down to Glendale's Royal Hall to talk with Duke Dalton Markham about Silver Blood. General Roy Halstead is with her, and the Duke assigns him to investigate and locate Silver Blood's main facility. Lukas and Courtney head to a restaurant for their date; he apologizes for not having enough time for her and promises her to take her to the fancy looking restaurant they passed by earlier. Courtney overhears a conversation from supposed Silver Blood members. Courtney remains quite about her knowledge of Silver Blood to Lukas and the two head back to his home.

[Ep.19] Ex-Spearhead vs. Former Ex-Spearhead
After midnight, Courtney and Lukas watch old recordings of Kane in preparation for his game later that day. Lukas realizes he has no knowledge of exactly why Kane left the team. Courtney learns that Lukas made the team for Luna's sake, and sees she is the reason Lukas is how he is. After lunch, Courtney asks Vanessa to talk in private. She tells everything she knows about Silver Blood and how she overheard their members talking while on her date. On their way to the Ikusa match location, Luna gives a pep talk and discusses their strategy. The group find themselves in a wasteland down into a huge canyon. Kane confronts Luna and the others, while Lukas asks Syrus why Kane left. Kane bets Luna if he wins she'll become his girlfriend, and she accepts.

[Ep.20] Always About Strategy
Leval Gilroy, a Letter of Silver Blood, talks to his brother about how the location of their main facility, Nano, has been compromised. Back in the Milan district, Syrus engages a sly Spearhead and is knocked out. Lukas and his Unit are caught in the field of a level 9 pseudo-Solblade, which knocks out his Unit, like normal, but not him. Lukas engages Spearhead Freed Lisario and his Unit while Luna finds Kane. In the Regala district, Ben and Zayn discuss Lukas's relationship with Courtney while she and Vanessa try on dresses. Before reaching the enemy's flag, Luna encounters Kane. They briefly talk about Lukas and then engage each other.

[Ep.21] Fear of Losing
Luna and Kane continue fighting; Luna accuses Kane for betraying the team as he tries to defend himself. Their level 2 staffs collide one final time and Luna's break in half. Before Kane can finish her off Syrus paralyzes his limbs. Luna runs off to help Lukas while Syrus and Kane talk about the girl's strength. Lukas is completely worn out from fighting Freed. Luna then arrives and helps Lukas knock Freed out. The three Unit Leaders, head back to their Base of Operations to take out the final Spearhead, Paige Reina. Lukas and Luna stall her long enough for Syrus to arrive with the enemy flag and the team wins. That night Vanessa drives Courtney to the restaurant for her date; she confirms one last time that Courtney will head to Glendale to find Silver Blood, and decides to kill her. Lukas arrives and finds Courtney; she thanks him for showing her life is full of joy and asks him to find someone who could do the same. After he weeps over her, he leaves to find Vanessa.

[Ep.22] Tainted Blood
Bianca, Luna's mother, notes her daughter in a very good mood. Luna recalls the events of the National Ikusa Tournament two years ago. Luna's mother asks about Lukas and Luna tells her he would have to go through something huge to disrupt him. Lukas breaks into Vanessa's house and finds the body of two guards, the ones stationed outside Courtney's house that disappeared after her siblings were killed. Vanessa refuses to answer Lukas's questions and the two end up fighting on the streets. Zayn and Ben arrive, unaware of the situation. Vanessa kills Ben when he tries stopping her, which enrages Lukas. The boy, out of control, violently lashes out against the girl. Before he could kill her, his mother Erina arrives and stops him. Vanessa then tries killing a distracted Lukas but ends up stabbing Zayn, who also stabs her. Lukas regains control of himself and questions Vanessa's actions. She apologizes before dying as well as Zayn. Police officers surround Lukas, and Meredith comes and orders them to lower their weapons. Lukas blames himself and continues sobbing.

[Ep.23] Determination
A month has gone by and Lukas hasn't been outside his home. Luna shows up, noticing he's lost weight and stubbornly insists to cook for him. Lukas recalls the events of the past year as they eat. Luna then asks him if he loved Courtney to which he answered ambiguously. Lukas tells her about Vanessa and Courtney and their relation to Silver Blood. Lukas also recalls the odd Rei-Ki attack he used the first time he went out of control against Syrus. The two clean up and Lukas tells her he'll see her tomorrow. Meredith is in her room in the castle before attending a brief meeting. The five other Generals and a few Elders go over Aaron's, Toran's, and Meredith's assignments over the past two years. The briefing lasts for a short while and the Generals leave the hall. Roy teases Ashley, General of Gun-Force 3, about her young age. They note her determination, and why she's in Gun-Force 3.

[Ep.24] Hold On
A flashback shows Lukas and his childhood friends in one of the shelters. As the children are talking, their attention turns to a news report showing the Emperor of Transia giving a speech; the Emperor orders his soldiers to destroy everything in the city. Nathan vows to kill the Emperor if he doesn't see his parents. Lukas is talking with an adviser about graduating as a MST. He then heads to the cabin with Luna who asks Lukas to promise if they lose the tournament he wouldn't blame himself. When he refuses, Luna attacks him claiming she needs to know if he's capable of remaining on the team. After a harsh fight, Lukas manages to subdue the girl. A few days later, as the team up to Soldonia, Lukas only manages to get a couple hours of sleep, dreaming about how he first materialized his Solblade. The team wins the first round of the tournament; Syrus notes everyone had supporters come out while no one came for Lukas. Luna tells Syrus they're there for that reason.

[Ep.25] Change of Plans
In her office, Ms. Elserin is watching Lukas's game while working on personal research. In a private section of the coliseum, two members of the Royal Family watch as the game reaches its final round before leaving. Luna thanks her team for everything and peps her team up before they begin. The announcer informs that a new condition for the prize has been added; anyone knocked out or disqualified on the winning team will not get a scholarship. The team members express their concern but quickly regain their composure as they start the match. They quickly realize the opposing enemy has the advantage with better equipment.

While at the facility Nano, Leval gets a call from Lucy ordering him to return to HQ. Luna and her Unit are still trying their best evading enemies. Syrus finally arrives with the Dark Light Visor helmet and helps knock out the enemies in the forest. While heading to their BO, Syrus asks Lukas why he creates the team and learns it was for Luna. The two proceed forward and find Luna engaging the Captain. The two cross a stream to the other side, but Lukas falls and hurts himself as well as losing his helmet. Luna manages to defeat her enemy and Syrus defeats his. Lukas, however, is knocked unconscious and falls of the cliff. Luna quickly materializes her Solblade to save Lukas before the team wins. Lukas awakens to find only Syrus by his side, and realizes Luna won't be getting a scholarship. After winning the Nationals, Lukas hasn't spoken to Luna. While talking to his mother about graduation, the idea of Carthage pops into his head. After the graduation ceremony, Luna tries to find Lukas but is told by his mother that he's already left. Lukas is at Courtney's grave, as well as Zayn's, Ben's, and Vanessa's. Meredith shows up asking about her offer and he rejects. Before leaving, Meredith shows Lukas the mercury dyed red on the back of Courtney's tombstone; the same symbol left at her home the first time it was attacked.

Season 2
(Episodes 26-50)

[Ep. 26] Order of Mercury
A flashback shows Lukas and Courtney on their first date almost a year ago. As they head down to the theatre, Courtney gives Lukas a gold chain, telling him it reminds her how beautiful his Solblade is. In the Royal Palace, the Generals are Gun-Force are seeing Roy off as he is heading to see the King. His Majesty, along with the Commander of Gun-Force 2, Gilliam Adhelm, see Roy off. He is then given permission to form his own special team to deal with Silver Blood, the Order of Mercury. Three months have passed since Lukas abruptly left graduation; he is now in a small district called Elgin where isn't doing to well. Upon seeing him getting mugged, a young girl named Naomi asks if he'd like to stay with her family for the night. He accepts and they head out to her farm. He politely greets her parents upon arriving, but her father, Seth, immediately detects he is suppressing his Rei-Ki. They talk over dinner about Lukas's travel before going to bed. In his guest room, Lukas cries himself to sleep on the floor while holding Courtney's necklace.

[Ep. 27] War Potential
Lukas dreams of the night Courtney was murdered. Upon awakening, he finds a blanket covering him that wasn't there before. Downstairs, the Alsteins are preparing breakfast before Naomi spars with Lukas. Walking down the streets of Aurel, Glendale, Leval stops to admire the Royal Hall. He and Lucy head only a block farther to some kinda of bar. They are greeted by everyone and head underground, beneath the dance floor, to what is assumed to be the facility Nano. They are met by two other letters, Beta Akane Sayuri and Kappa Glenn Corin. Glenn and Leval end up fighting, but is soon stopped by Kenta Masato's appearance. The group views a new specimen floating in a container before Leval's brother, Alpha Ivan Gilroy arrives claiming that their newest creation may spark another war. Before Lukas and Naomi begin sparring, Seth explains the differences between Type-S and Type-D Rei-Ki, and the further classification of Type-N. As they start sparring, Seth tells Lukas they don't have much time to train as he believes war is imminent. As they continue to spar, Seth sees something in Lukas's eyes before leaving them.

[Ep. 28] Enter Carthage
In a college lecture hall, the professor introduces his young guest speaker, Dr. Ephraim Miles. The students are all astonished at the man's young age. Before beginning, the class is interrupted by Roy Halstead who asks to speak with Ephraim. He manages to convince the old friend into joining his newly founded team, the Order of Mercury. Three days have passed since Lukas arrived at the Alstein residence and he is just now reading to leave. He thanks everyone, but as he is about to leave Seth offers him help if he needed it with "anger management." A stunned Lukas shakes it off and leaves, but ponders if Seth already knows about his "problem." He recalls how he lost control upon seeing Ben killed, nearly killing Vanessa. As he is leaving the farm, Lukas finds someone snooping around the property. He claims he is a reporter; Lukas figures he is harmless and orders him off the land. The man receives a phone call and confirms Seth lives at the farm. In the palace, Nathan continues his Knight Lord training with Meredith, Mayoko, and Toran. He is then called by his Princess, Rielyn, who attempts to cheer him up. Lukas finally arrives in Carthage but is met by some thugs. He fights with the group but is shot in his side, rendering him unable to fight back. He is saved by a girl who helps him escape the thugs. As she helps heal is wound, she realizes she knows Lukas, and he realizes she is Nyla Fiore, a childhood friend.

[Ep. 29] Alone Again
A flashback shows Lukas and Nathan at the age of five playing when they abruptly have to leave to the shelters. There, Lukas sees a girl sitting high in a tree and decides to talk to her. She introduces herself as Nyla and the two become quick friends. Upon seeing her alone before leaving, Lukas finds she is an orphan and offers her a ride to and from the shelter. Currently, an excited Nyla embraces Lukas before heading farther into the city. They arrive at the abandoned orphanage where she properly treats his wound. She then explains everything that has happened over the last nine years and where Nathan was. The two then head out somewhere. Roy is at a military base in Arete, Soldonia, researching different soldiers with the captain. He finally finds someone who interests him and asks to meet. The captain warns him that he is schizophrenic. Roy offers the soldier, Dante Waltz, the position on his team but is quickly rejected. Seeing how the man is being mistreated even with his skills, an irritated Roy makes one more offer to which Dante accepts. He then heads out to find the last recruit.

[Ep. 30] Damaged
Lukas and Nyla continue heading to Renvall when Nyla asks Lukas about his life in Frelia. Lukas begins to retell the story of his arrival in Frelia and how he first met Luna. He explains how much she had helped him since meeting her. Lukas also tells Nyla how his Ikusa team won the National Ikusa Tournament but cause Luna to lose her scholarship. He does not tell the girl about the deaths of his close friends. In some underground place, a girl awaits for her next fighting partner. To her surprise, Roy challenges the girl, Iris, and he beats her the two get to talk. While Roy toys with the girl at first, he allows Iris to beat him up when she blames him for the death of her brother, Edward. The girl leaves, but Roy meets up with her outside and eventually talks her into joining his team. Lukas and Nyla arrive in Renvall and are greeted by a sentry. The two make their way to a school where Nyla frequently visits. Soon after, a group of bandits are spotted near a marketplace. The two make their way there but to Lukas's surprise, he is unable to manifest his Solblade for some reason. The two engage the bandits with pseudo-Solblades; Lukas is about to be killed by one of them, but is saved by Ashley Sayarah, General of Gun-Force 3.

[Ep. 31] True Peace
Lukas, Nyla, and Ashley manage to quickly subdue all the bandits that snuck into Renvall. The group then heads back to the school to rest up, though Nyla doesn't tell Lukas Ashley's identity as a General. The girl informs Lukas that she occasionally comes to Renvall to help Nyla with the bandits since she grew up in Carthage during the war. Ashley also tells Lukas that the reason he can't manifest his Solblade could possibly be because it is in a process of maturation. Nyla informs Lukas that a group of bandits have been spotted camping outside the district's border, to which Lukas responds with a plan. After telling the two of his plan, Ashley credits Lukas with bringing peace to the citizens of Carthage. The group then goes to sleep before executing their plan tomorrow. However, Lukas has a strange dream where he is on a rampage using a Solblade that doesn't belong to him; he kills Nyla but then is killed by Ashley with his Solblade. Startled and confused upon waking up, Lukas assumes the person sneaking into the room is a bandit. He subdues the person, but quickly realizes it's Ashley. Lukas tells her about his dream and about his problem. Due to the intimate nature of the conversation, the two end up sharing a passionate kiss. It is interrupted by Nyla, and Lukas is left alone in the room again.