Some people call me a hater, others call me cold-hearted.

The time of the year where everyone falls in love, the time of the year where I had my first heart-break; Valentines.

"He's cute, I know, but really what do you see in him? He's just another one of those popular kids," Mackenzie, my best friend. She's shy and quiet, but when it comes down to the necessary, she'll turn fierce.

"I don't know," I shrugged. "Reasons."

"Darcie, you can't just say, 'reasons' and he'll immediately fall in love with you," Mackenzie squealed. "You've got to know why you fell in love with him. We aren't talking about another desperate dude who wants a girlfriend; we are talking about Mason!"

"So, what's so special about Mason?"

"That you like him! Catch on!" Mackenzie waved her hands in front of me, trying to make a point. "You'd have to fight through a bunch of girls to make your way to the goal. You're usually labeled as the 'girl who wears thick framed glasses and long bangs to hide her face!' Now how are you going to grasp him in your hands?"

"I don't plan to," I said straightforwardly.

"Do you not get it!?' Mackenzie jumped up and down as her pigtail bounced along with her "I'm telling you to confess to him!"

"And how will that give me an advantage?" I asked.

"Well, it doesn't," Mackenzie held her head down in disappointment. "But we won't know if we try!"

"I can't confess!" I squeaked. "I'm afraid of being humiliated."

Mackenzie rolled her eyes. "Right, you'll be humiliated."

I pulled my legs in, and rested my head on my knees. "So how will I do so? How shall I confess?"

"It's not hard," Mackenzie smiled reassuringly. "It's just fear that's eating you up."

"Well, if confessing gets me somewhere, I'll try," I nodded.

I had fallen in love with Mason, that is because of how happy he is all the time. He smiles because of no reason, which I find foolish, he laughs to make others smile; which I find unnecessary, and he always has a positive outlook of life. It's totally ironic that I find him attractive, but my heart races, every single time he smiles. My dream is to be just like him, to make others smile as well, to smile, even for such a small reason. The dream is big; but not impossible.

Today, I finally pinned my bangs up, making sure that my face is not covered.

I chose not to wear my oversized jacket that covered my hands. When confessing to a love one, girls usually wear their favorite outfit. Personally, my favorite is my oversized clothes, but if that is not to Mason's cup of tea, then I guess I'll be putting that aside. I wore the next best thing from my closet; a floral blouse and black tights, with a pair of black flats. If this wasn't what he was looking for; then I don't know what he wants.

I stared at myself in the mirror. Valentines; it's okay if I confess today, isn't it?

I slowly pulled off my glasses. It's all right, it's all right to change myself today. It's all right to smile because I want to. It's okay, to finally show everyone who I am. I gave it a try; smiling for no reason, but in fact, I had smiled for a reason. For the reason that I maybe smiling a lot from now on, that in my life I will have a reason to smile soon enough.

Mackenzie smiled at me. "You'll do fine, Darcie! You are adorable today. I could finally see your hazel eyes!" Mackenzie handed a rose to me, one that I could give to Mason.

I blushed furiously. "Are you sure this is good enough?"

"Perfecto!" She winked and showed her wide grin.

"I trust you now," I muttered.

"And I have faith in you too," Mackenzie nodded. "Now go on! He's in front of his class!"

Nervously, I walked towards his class. Mason... wasn't there. I shrugged it off.

Maybe, I'll find him later on.

I headed back to where Mackenzie was, still in a blissful mood; until I saw something that completely stabbed me in the heart. Mason... and a very pretty girl, were kissing.

I was too excited for the outcomes, I expect this to happen. If only I hadn't been to persistent, if only I had stayed myself, then my heart wouldn't be so shattered.

I knew this from the start, I already predicted it. In shock, the rose fell out of my fingers, as I stared; eye's wide open. One by one tiny droplets of water fell from the sky, as it also fell out of my eyes. Mason and the girl looked up at the sky, and smiled at each other. They ran unto they were out of my sight. The day my heart was broken, was on Valentines day.

I'd always think that, maybe if I hadn't fallen in love with him, maybe if I had been more careful with putting my heart at risk- I wouldn't be like this.

Valentines; I detest the holiday. Nobody understands why or how it happened; I don't either.

I know I'm wrong, I know I should just move on, but this day scars me of the dream I wished to had. This day made me remember my failure in love.

But who knows, maybe my first real love will come to me on Valentines. Maybe I'll be that lucky person... but we'll save that for another day.

This is only a one shot story. Since Valentines just around the corner, this is a short story that relates to this particular holiday.

Anyway, thanks for reading! :)