Tero, February 21st 2031

The world of Tero has been under the dictatorship of General James Goan for the past 20 years. The world has been run under the enforcement of the Generals Secret Police. Citizens are poor and starve more and more with each coming day due to the massive population and low food supplies. The few fortunate enough to be wealthy live out in fear and obey their Dictators every wish.

Too few a people rebel against this ruling and those that do are often lowered in society or killed. Hundreds of people die each day due to pollution filling the air. Cities have been subject to riots and destruction, with risings of major rebellions being crushed through the levelling of cities; the world is tough for many and only easy going for a few. These are the tales of the people of Tero...



Tero, Northern Continent, 21st February 2031, 08:31am

As he sat in his home, high up in the mountains, General Goan looked out over the kingdom of Tero, his kingdom, this was his world. These were his people; his rules, and most of all, his money. The people feared him and because of this he had had everything he wanted since coming to power over Tero. The people gave him everything; he had promised them a new life of government, one that would finally be fair and just. Admittedly he had only given them poverty, but that was none of his concern, it was their issue not his. It was their fault for wanting so many things; they had to pay the price of those privileges. He was in charge; the whole planet lay at his fingertips, to do with as he pleased. He could cut off areas supplies with the click of his fingers and increase his already substantial sum of money…

"Sir?" his train of thought was broken by his servant entering his chambers.

"Breakfast sir?"

"Yes, yes. Just set it down over there, then leave."

The General looked out again over his territory. Today he had a parade to attend. It was the celebration of his 20 years of service as dictator. He had always hated these mediocre events, they were pointless, everyone already knew that he was ruling, and that he should be respected for everything he had managed to give to the people of Tero. Still, it was necessary to attend; it kept up his appearances for the few people out there who actively supported him.

The General walked over to his desk where his breakfast had been lain. It was soup today, not the best but it would do. There was to be a feast later at the end of the celebration, he could eat properly then. As he began to eat, he flicked on the television to the official news channel and listened to the mornings report. "...and today is a very special day, as we celebrate the20 years of service from our gracious leader General James Goan. No manhas done more for the people of Tero, from providing millions ofunemployed with construction work and providing housing for themany homeless to making our industrial outputs increase tenfold…"As he watched the report, he took himself back to the day of his uprising and his control of the planets central government. He had washed away any former government plans and had started reshaping Tero into his own visions, the way it was meant to be...

February 20th 2011, Central Government Building

"Mr Zainad, please over here" As the generals right hand man approached, he noticed the obvious features of a long day and lack of sleep. Zainad looked exhausted. He walked with a sense of drunkenness and his normally brilliant posture had succumbed to almost the same shape as a tunnel.

"Yes General?" He spoke with a monotone and instantly tried to straighten his back to its former glory.

"Please, take a seat. There are some things that we need to discuss together, one matter is that of our current government."

"Yes, of course…umm…they are still unw-w-willing to hand power over to you, they say that you are inexperienced in the field and are not in a p-position to ask for such a thing…"

"Well how dare they! I am soon to become the leader…they cannot prevent me from aspiring to my new role, for wanting to proceed and succeed, even though the elections still stand in my way."

"However General…staying p-positive…erh… I will say from what I have seen, the people are on your side. Revolts are s-spreading across the planet, riots breaking out in all cities. Government officials are being attacked in the street and buildings stormed. The people are becoming w-w-worried, they will have no choice but to ask for your help sooner or later…things will get so out of hand that they will need someone knew to try and hold the line" as Zainad recited this, the General noticed how he become more tense. He seemed to be constantly fidgeting, mumbling and staggering in his speech ever since he had come into the room.

"I understand you of most people would prefer a peaceful transition to our government, Zainad…"

"Oh of course G-general"

"… but right now we have no power to control the people. Soon we will yes, and I will finally be able to give people the jobs they need and the homes many are without, but if what you say is true, then I feel today is the day to make our move. Lets go Mr Zainad" Just before they turned to leave, the general passed a glance over to Zainad and saw the slightly disgruntled look cross his brow for a second or two. Zainad was starting to get very nervous.

As they set off along the grand white marble corridors of the central government building, a thin bead of sweat built up along the generals forehead. Today was the day he would do it, the day he would pluck the worthless members of parliament from their comfy chairs and drop them far beneath themselves. He had made a speech that day promising a change for the people of this world. He promised to provide jobs, homes and a stable society for all those who accepted him. All the work he had had to do to get to now, he wasn't going to let any of it go. Along the corridor he met his armed guards. They were precautionary only of course, just in case anything happened. It would read a different message to parliament though, that no matter what they tried, he, General John Goan, would prevail. Nothing was going to stand in his way.

As they approached the huge oak doors of the council chamber, they didn't even knock, just entered. The General stood with a smile and a menacing glint in his eyes.

"Well, shall we discuss the future of Tero then…?"

That was 20 years ago now, the day after that he was sworn into power with full command and the promise of staying in office only for the next 4 years. Now, all this time later, he looked at himself again. Barely 5 foot tall, with the early stages of a belly, thinning grey hair pulled back with grease and a thin beard stroking the line of his face stared back at him, dressed in his green uniform he looked old, a man with power but no purpose.

After all the years in power, he had lost many of his people, through the lack of support and the death of random citizens but he didn't care. All he saw them as was pitiful followers. People with no power nor will, they can only crumble and die with the world around them. He had given them everything they wanted and still they complained.

The Chief of security was stood next to the driver of the Generals car. Today's parade was going to be driven straight through the capitals streets in an open top car so that he could wave to his people. He did not want to wave; so many people watching today probably wanted him killed. Still, appearance is everything and he must keep it up. He checked his watch 9:12am, they were already running late, he ushered the driver along. Just as they had started to leave the generals home the driver suddenly braked.

"What the devil?!" exclaimed the General. Before he could ask what was going on, he saw his son standing at the front of the vehicle, glaring hollowly into the his eyes.

The relationship with his son was hard. They had never spoken much before, and now it was even less. Since the death of his mother, Sam had created a sense of rebellion against him. Sam often bad mouthed him, and called his rule over Tero a farce and a sham, that he was denying the people of their freedom and rights, that one day…someone would stop him. That was the speech he had received every morning at breakfast for the past 6 years, he had almost stopped taking any notice of Sam at all now, especially since Sam had refused to call him his father anymore.

"Get out of the way boy! We are already late. I won't deal with any of your drama today!" With a grunt and scrape of feet Sam entered the car, and shuffled to sit in the foot well of the seat opposite the General. The General looked at Sam. He wasn't wearing the suit that he had given him to wear. Instead he was wearing the same run down, shabby shorts and t-shirt, covered in week's worth of mud and grime. This was just one of Sams rebellious actions. He refused to wash and clothe himself, instead he wore only one set of clothes and washed only once a month in the pond outside. He looked like a tramp whenever he stood next to the General, no one would realise that they were actually related.

"Sam could you not at least have made an effort?" Sam just continued to stare blankly at the stitching in the upholstered seats. You could have washed your face"

"Fine!" With that Sam jumped out of the side of the car, knelt beside a muddy puddle on the side of the road, scooped up a hand full of water and splashed it against his face, then strutted back to the car looking worse than before. "Happy now?" He gave Sam an annoyed look but it didn't seem to make a difference.

Just then Zainad appeared at the side of the car. The General was glad of the distraction; he didn't want anything else to do with Sam today. "Good morning Mr Zianad, I trust everything is in order for today's events?"

Of c-c-course General Goan. Everything has been laid out j-just as you requested and security is in place to make sure it will all go smoothly." As they made their way down to the start of the parade, he felt his thoughts return to the day he gained power. There had been celebrations across the globe; he remembered the sense of pride he had felt, one he felt now too…

"Sir?" the car had reached the start of the parade. He then realised he had been staring off into space with a smile on his face.

"Sorry Alan, just remembering that day all those years ago. The beginning of my reign. Such a glorious day was it not?" Alan gave a long sigh and thought before forming his reply.

"Yes sir, my father spoke fondly of those days. He told me I'd be proud and honoured to serve under you. Sorry serve you sir"

"And are you?" A smile appeared across the face of the Chief of security.

Alan gave a concerned glance in Sams direction. Sam just smiled, encouraging him along.

"Of course General. Now look out, here come your people" he joked as the convoy approached the parade.

The General looked out towards the people of Tero and smiled. He could feel the warmth of the sun on his face, and could see the faint outlines of clouds forming up above in the sky. "Yes, today will be a good day".