Dreams of a Sasquatch

Dreams of a Sasquatch

Last night, my magical underpants
Floated me on a giant bottle of socks
To a world where grass grows upside-down
And the sky is plaid

I thought "What a place for a zebra"
As I saw a giraffe
And I saw more than two hundred
purple bumble bees

My books and some milk were flying with me
I couldn't see past my own left earlobe
Then the sky fell
And the world was inside-out

I wish my shoes could have come
But they had to stay and wash
The dishes
Who were too young to wash themselves

They never got to experience the land
Of orange and black sour beverages
Where trees wear pants
And nothing is as it seems

I sat on the field of licorice
And the last thing I thought
Before I went to seep
Was "Why is my monorail full of swordfish?"