It's funny isn't it
how something girly always seems edgy
and winter makes me happier than heat
but fall is my favorite
because cold smells good after sunscreen
and the world is prettier in red.

Betelgeuse has been calling my name
and I just want to play
but Andromeda is crying about intellectualism
my dear you've probably never heard of it
because you're too busy wallowing
in acoustic guitar tears and electric stares
a glance up the stairs and a dark room.

All you could do was write about it
like you were some caged bird babbling on
and you want them to understand
but they don't speak your language.

It's more like the language of lust
and you never hear real love out of their mouths
because they spend so much time in the dark
and you can't see through it
to find the second star to the right.