Another story just joined us today. The characters seem somewhat strange in that they avoid their own protagonist. Usually the protagonists are cheered on, them being the only hope for the story to be revived. But they call her "a luck so dark", they blame their misfortune solely on her existence. But there's no reason to do that. It isn't our faults and flaws that make us stand or disappear from the eyes of the author, I'm betting.

The bickering is unbelievable between them, even as young of a story as it was. The characters have no concept of the modern paradigm where ostracism isn't viewed very highly of an act. Their story didn't even have a chance to get a real name, but they were lucky in the sense that their story was saved at all. But I guess they don't see that as luck, rather they mustn't be looking at the shining side of the coin yet. And no one can help them see it. They have to find their own niche. They have to find a place that makes them all contempt.

All the rest of us try to help, but we have bounds since we can't read their text. Only out creator can truly make things right for the children that are filled with disparity. And our sire can only do that by finding the lost characters and pulling them back into a story. But, it's never happened before. There's an accumulation of broken and downtrodden creations here, and every so often our sire will do a cleaning of the Stories folder, forcing so many to immigrate into Recycle Bin. Some take it better than others. These new guys bicker so much that maybe they're in too much denial.

But it started on the Phone, the story that the new characters are from, and not many of the stories that begin there end up in better places. Perhaps Dark Strings characters are alone the ones that made it to a real story file on our sire's laptop computer. Paper stories tend to make it all the way. Computer stories are a probable gamble. Phone stories hardly stand a chance in comparison. And they're so often the most bitter of personalities in Recycle Bin so there isn't much socialization between them and us.

I suppose that the hate created might dissipate over time if they realize that our dire is scribing my thoughts, if they realize that they've been given another chance along with everyone else in Recycle Bin.

If only they could see beyond their clouded eyes, and know that our sire still loves us.

"Myo, we're having a community meeting," Isis, one of the series deleted characters calls out to me, and I must go. Despite the disorder of ghetto-like Recycle Bin, they happen to actually do a roll call of sorts at community meetings, or so I've heard. Apparently, they happen once in a blue moon. Perhaps it's about the new citizens and their behaviour. In any case, I have no good feelings about it in my gut.