Like a curtain that hides us in the shadow
In the darkness I can still feel your gaze
In a world where everyone passes each other
You stopped and turned back to look at me

Your breath on my skin replaces that
Missing warmth I've yearned for
The taste of your soft lips and
Desperate kiss fills my thoughts

I remember when you held me tight
As we danced through the lit room
Everyone looking at us, entranced
Saying that we were the best together

Our laughter echoed down the hallway
Turning all eyes our ways, I blushed
You were my shining, white prince
And I was a dumb lovestruck girl

Even though you pushed me away
Saying that we were a mistake
I didn't want to give you up, never
Unconditionally, I stayed by your side

Then you left so suddenly, disappeared
Running from the us that could have been
Even though I saw it coming
I still didn't stop you from leaving

Seasons came and seasons left
Yet time stood still, unmoving
Here we are again, where it all began
This time, I'll show you what you mean to me

Not with words or a kiss
I'll reach for you with my hand
Lets create new memories
Under the cherry blossom tree