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Love Thy Enemy

March 13, 1775

It was spring time now. The winter months have passed killing a lot of men and women with it's cold winds, snow and diseases. One of the women that had died during the winter months had been a woman named Joanna. She had died of pneumonia leaving her only daughter all alone in their home, while her brothers and father were off fighting in the war.

Maria Walkens was her name. She did not know what to do when her Mother had died. She had buried her with the help of some men from the town, but what was she going to do with the house? The farm? And all the other things around her home. But as time went by, two weeks to be exact, Maria was doing everything by herself. Getting the eggs in the morning from the hens, milking the cows and patching up wounded soilders that stopped by for help.

One day as she was walking the dirt road that lead to the closest town called Yorktown, Virginia, Maria was almost hit by a bullet from some redcoat soilders that were fighting with some of the men from the town. She quickly ran to the town, hoping that the enemy would be taken care of. With putting that thought away, Maria walked into a dress shop that she worked at.

"Hello, Maria.", the owner of the shop, Mrs. Judy Evans said kindly as Maria walked into the building.

"Hello, Mrs. Evans.", she told the old woman as she walked over to her, "How is everything today?"

"Everything is fine.", Mrs. Evans told her grabbing a dress that had a rip in the skirt, "I need you to fix this dress. Mrs. Hudley accidentally got her skirt caught on an old nail down by the old mill chasing after those boys of her."

Maria giggled imagining the middle-aged woman chasing after her seven and eight year trouble making sons. It was rare for someone to hear Maria laugh since her Mother had passed away, Mrs. Evans had missed the sound of the girl's laugh and was glad to hear it once again.

"I shall have it fixed soon.", Maria told the old woman taking the dress from her.

Like everyday Maria worked in the shop, until six in the afternoon fixing and making dresses. When she was done working she would walk home, and fix dinner. However on that day it would be different. Maria walked the dirt road like always, when she was close to the house she lived in, she stopped hearing someone coughing. She looked around to see if she could see anyone, but didn't.

"Is anyone there?", she asked pulling her shawl closer to her.

"H-Help.", a man gasped from the tall grass fields that were on the side of the dirt path.

"Are you hurt?", she asked the man as she walked into the field quickly looking around for him.

"Y-yes, I've been shot.", the man told her.

Maria eyes went wide thinking back to eariler in the day. The men from the town fighting the redcoats. He must be someone from the town! She thought to herself as she moved the grass away. She stopped and let out a gasp seeing the man. He wasn't from the town. The man was wearing a bright red coat and dirty white trousers. He was the enemy.

When finding someone like him any normal person would just leave him there to die, or finish him off, but Maria was different. She wasn't a killer and wouldn't let some man, even if he was the enemy to suffer and die. No one deserved to die, in her eyes.

"I don't live far from here, do you think you can walk?", she asked the soldier.

"I may be able too.", he said and tried to stand, but he let out a gasp and fell down holding his leg, "I am sorry, but I can not. My leg it's been shot."

"It's all right.", she told the man, "I may be able to help you walk."

Maria bent down and placed his arm around her shoulder. She then slowly helped him stand with an arm around his waist. He let out a groan of painand Maria was about lower him back down, but he stopped her.

"No, don't.", he told her, "We must go before it gets too dark and the wolves come out."

Maria nodded and slowly walked out of the field with the man hopping slightly. The walk from where they were would had usually took Maria about five minutes to walk a regular pace, but walking like she was with the wounded man, it took her an extra five minutes.

Walking into the house Maria walked the wounded man to her youngest brother room. She sat him gently on the bed. She left the room quickly to get some fresh bandages and some water from the well outside. It only took her five minutes to do all of that. When she returned to the room, the man was unconscious from the pain.

Maria sat on the edge of the bed and carefully cut the man's trouser off above the bullet wound on his left thigh. She looked at the wound and saw that the bullet had already been taken out. She glanced at the man sadly. He must had done it himself, she thought to herself dipping a cloth into a bowl of water. She slowly cleaned the wound and sewed it shut. She wrapped a bandage around it carefully. She stopped when the man began to mutter something.

"Annabeth.", she heard him say faintly.

He had a lover back in England, she thought to herself as she continued to wrap the bandage. She hoped that he would live to see her again. She really hated how this war had tore families apart, and broke hearts of many women who had husbands and lovers fighting. She didn't have no one fighting in the war except for her two brothers and father. They didn't even know that their Mother and Wife had died. She tried to get a few soliders that stopped by for supplies or needing to be fixed up to send them a letter, but none of them were heading their way.

When Maria was finished bandaging the wounded man, she placed a blanket over him, and looked down at him. It was the first time that she actually paid attention to what looked like like. The man had a sort of long oval face, skinny and pale. His lips were plumpish and his nose was sort of long. He had high sharp cheek bones. His hair was messy with dirt and blood, so it was hard to tell what his hair color was.

Maria left the room after she was done looking at the man. She walked into the kitchen after cleaning up to make herself dinner, which only consited of beef, pickled corn and a roll with a small glass of wine. She ate silently with an ear listening for the man if he woke up during her meal, in which he didn't.

Like always after eating dinner, Maria walked in to the library and started a fire in the fireplace before sitting in a chair with a book. She read her book until she heard a thump. Quickly setting her book down, she stood up and ran down the stairs to her Brother's room to find the wounded man on the floor. She let out a gasp and rushed to the man. She helped him up and sat him down on the bed.

"What are you thinking?", she asked the man with her hands on her hips, "You can open your wound up!"

"I apologize, but I must leave. I can't be here, it's dangerous.", he told her.

"You are safe, sir. I won't turn you in.", she told him.

"Not that, Miss.", he told her, "I'm afraid that some of my men will come looking for me. If they find you here with me, they might kill you. I don't want that to happen."

Maria looked at the man and frowned. He was worried for her safety? That was very odd considering he was the enemy and was shooting at the men from the town eariler.

"Why don't you want that to happen? You're the enemy. Shouldn't you want them too?" She asked him.

The man shook his head and looked up at her.

"You've been kind to me, Miss. Treated my wounds as if I was not the enemy and you still do.", he told her, "Why do you do that?"

Maria looked at the man. She had always been taught to treat people the way you wanted to be treated. So she treated everyone with kindness, even to the enemy.

"I am not a mean person. I can't leave someone hurt and in agony to die.", she told him, "What is your name?"

"Benjamin Bates, miss.", he told her laying down.

"That's a lovely name, Mr. Bates." She told him getting on her knees next to the bed.

She checked his bandages for any signs of him tearing his wound opened. When she seen that there was none, she stood up and asked if he was hungry. He shook his head no and was starting to fall asleep.

"Wait, miss.", he said as she began to leave the room.

Maria stopped and turned to the man with a curious look on her natually pale face, wondering what the man wanted.

"Can you tell me what your name is?", he asked her.

Maria smiled and nodded her head.

"It's Maria Walkens, Mr. Bates", she told him.

"Maria.", Benjamin whispered with a small smile on his face falling into sleep.

Still with a smile on her face, Maria left the room shutting the door behind her gently, before blowing out the candles. She walked to her room with an oil lamp and slipped off her dress and corset. She slid her nightgown and laid down in her bed. She blew the lamp out and fell asleep.