Walking to the blazing light

Your mind consumed and death in sight

You wash upon a barren land

Where time no longer stands with man

Lost within a sea of hate

The ones you left were far too late

Although you are the wanderer

You cannot help but feel so cold

The light no longer shows you warmth

And peace is further then you want

You realize you are lost in dreams

They pass you by like hellish screams

The light begins to fade away

And pain begins to make its stay

Within your eyes a lifeless stare

And body just left mangled there

Blood pours like rivers from your veins

And death has come to make its claim

You wander into a dark abyss

And wonder if your life, they'll miss

For you no longer feel your shame

Agony, disgust, and blame

Wanderer of deaths delights

Has left you here alone tonight

And as you realize what is done

The light has left and hell begun

You watch now as you slowly sink

Into hells eternal sleep

Dark and twisted lands of hate

The wanderer has found their fate

Although you feel alone and cold

This is what you had asked for

Wanderer of deaths delights

Has found themselves alone in fright

And the clock no longer ticks

This is where your journey ends…