The Kill

He's paced and paced, he's had enough

The thoughts no longer hollow bluffs,

Tonight it ends, it all fucking ends…

She played with his emotions, as if he were a toy

He never gets to see his son, his one and only boy…

He's drank and drank and drank some more,

Tonight he'll have to kill this whore…

She'll pay in blood for what she's done to him

For all the hurt, the pain…her sin,

He grabs his gun and loads the clip

Then slams it in the pistols grip,

In one hand clutched the pistol, a bottle in the other,

He's about to take his child's mother…

He holds the gun and starts to think…

But follows through without a blink

He kills the bottle and throws it down,

He won't be coming home, not now,

He starts the car and takes the drive

Ten minutes it took, he's now arrived

He grabs his gun and slams in park

His hollowed stare, so cold and dark,

He stumbles up the driveway and opens the back gate,

There's no turning back now, it's just too late…

He peers into the back door window,

No ones there, he makes his intro,

He walks lightly down the hallway and finds the room,

He puts his ear to the door to catch a moan,

Without waiting he walks in quietly and stands there waiting,

The love of his life with sum man, she's faking

"I hope he's good and worth your life 'cuz now I'm here to take it,

An I'm sorry man but all that noise, she's way to good at faking"

The man jumps up he shoots him down,

He smiles…amazed, he hit him in the crown

She screamed and looked at him and begged…

"You think you can do this all to me and I wouldn't break?

Well you're not perfect, that's your mistake,

You cut me deep, betrayed me to fullest,

And I'm here now to fill you with bullets,

Don't try to love me now you fucking slut,

I killed the man you barely fucked,

I used to think you were the world,

You my one and only girl…

You left me alone for someone else

And took our son all for yourself,

Now look me in my fucking eyes!

The last you'll see before you die,

What was wrong with me my dear?

My begging fell on just deaf ears…

I begged for you to work it out,

Shut the fuck up now no need to shout,

We have a son I never see,

He probably doesn't even know me,

Enough of this just stop your tears,

In death I swear you'll find no fear…"

He walked over slowly to her bedside…

He pulled her close and she wept in fear…

"I love you so much, we can't be here"

Her head exploded through the back

He swallowed the barrel and just saw black…

The son awakes to hear the shot

8 years old confused and sleepy,

He walked to his mom's room, there was no weeping…

He saw the man who drank too much and never loved him,

Beside his mom that beat and shoved'em,

He sees a man that's on the floor,

That's not so strange his moms a whore,

He stares at his mother and father, together…

Then walks away..spoke of it never…