The Gang in
"Memories of Love"
(Valentine's Day Fic starring The Gang)

Far back as we remember, The Gang is known to be in love, mostly with the fans. But deep down, they are lovers, depending on who's who. We have learned that Percival Gaynes and Farra Stevens are husband and wife, in hoping of the perfect honeymoon, Steven Nevins and Heather Dunn have reunited, Steven Cooke and Kandy Potter suddenly love each other, out of their unique and unorthodox ways, and Peter Giese and Mizuki Takase are true to each other, after a trip to Comic Party.
But time passed, and love began to blossom. It happened BEFORE Farra was pregnant, and WAY BEFORE Steven Cooke and Kandy Potter were engaged.

For starters, we meet an experienced person, with experience with The Gang, namely Steven Cooke. Ever since Kandy left to England, Steven was heartbroken, and hopes to learn more about Kandy. Sadly, before Kandy returns soon, The Gang thinks of ideas on how they'll be reunited. But when Farra decided to assist him on his heartache, love is in the air…

Another story sidesteps on two women who love each other – Joanna Stevens and Original Gang member, Michelle Nevins. It's no joke. Michelle has loved Joanna, as her lover. But there's a story to it, and it may affect Steven Nevins' life.

And also, there's a visit from Gordon Gardner-Harrington, Farra and Joanna's cousin from far away. He makes a week visit, after his work, and meets a very nice girl. You'd be surprised on how it went and who it is.

THIS… is their story, continuing with their love for each other…

At Alley Drive, Steven Cooke, in his blue attire, was resting his head, feeling dejected.

"Where's my darling robot girl?" he moaned.

Farra, in her blue sweater and jeans, was worried. She thought to herself that Steven is heartbroken that he and Kandy broke up. They weren't.

Farra said, "I feel sorry for you, man," she said.

This took place, before Farra was pregnant, on a June afternoon. (Farra was pregnant in August)

She left to the main table, as she met up with Peter and Mizuki. She asked them if something was wrong with him.

Peter said, "Seems to me that he lost the girl he loved. He dumped Seina, kicking her to the curb, and lost Kandy, when she departed with her friends."

Mizuki replied, "She is an adventurer. You know, maybe we should cheer him up."

Farra replied, "How can we? Steven Cooke is upset! His girl left to achieve glory with Miranda Maynard, and we're stuck with him! Besides, Steven has been his chipper self, since we went to gigs. He told me that he has that energy, but tries to forget her. He did, but he didn't want to forget her, completely."

Peter said, "Ouch, bra."

Farra then said, as she felt hurt, "Well… Steven needs someone to care for."

She suggested, "How about if I take him on a date?"

Mizuki gasped, "You?"

Peter and Mizuki laughed, as they think it was complete bullshit, since Farra hated Steven.

"Well, you try and make him happy!" Farra yelled.

Mizuki chuckled, "How the hell are you going to do that? Steven Cooke is a dead man!"

They laughed again, as Farra grumbled, "You two are such idiots…"


Farra was in her room, as Heather arrived, seeing her sad.

"What happened?" She asked, "Did Percival and you had a fight?"

Farra said, "No. It's about Steven Cooke. He seemed… sad."

Heather said, "You kidding? All because of his robot girl, being away in Steven's home of England."

"Well, yeah… I was thinking of dating him, just to try out. He needs a woman's love… and I know I'm married, but…"

Heather glared, "You kidding? YOU dating HIM?"

"Back me up, Heather. Do you think I should love him, or vice versa?"

Heather pondered a bit and imagined Farra and Steven on a date. She then imagined that they'd kiss together, and then gagged in disgust.

"SPEW!" She cried.

She replied, "Absolutely not… Besides, doesn't he hate you, on account that he berates saying he's the leader? And didn't you hate him?"

Farra said, "The guy has changed! I didn't believe his messed up non-arrogant style, but after WoodChip, years ago… well…"

She blushed, as Heather grinned, "Oh… I get it… You two are in love~…"

"Shut up, dude! I'm not in love with that asshole!"

"Admit it! Steven Cooke is in love with you, Miss Farra Stevens, the fireball with the P-!"


"I was gonna say…"

"I know… But, can you keep a secret?"

"I'm in."

Farra then told Heather that she and Steven once went camping, and admitted that she loved him. Of course, they first met, during The Gang's next gig, many years ago, when Steven was still a teenager. He fixed her leg up, after she scraped it, tripping down. Since then, she never found him, until that day.

Heather was shocked, as she gulped, "You mean… You and Steven…"

Farra smiled and got up, as she held her shoulder, "Of course, if you tell anybody about this, I will wring your neck… Don't tell anyone, especially Percival."

"What about Peter?"

"He doesn't know, either."

She left, as Heather moaned, "Aw, come on… Farra and Steven? On a date?"

She paused and said, "Weird…"


The next day, Farra went to see Steven, who was playing a video game in his room. She sat by him and asked, "Hey, Steven?"

Steven paused the game and said, "Oh, it's you. What's up?"

Farra said, "How are you? Do you have time?"

"I suppose. Steven Cooke needs someone to talk to. So, what do you want?"

"Well… It's about Kandy and you… I feel like I needed to have you talk to someone with a woman."

"Like who?"


"Oh. If you're asking me about her, forget it."

"Yeah, but, I would be upset if Percival deserted me, for something like that."

"Where is he, anyway?"

"He's on a business trip with Steven Nevins. A) I'm happy to have him away for the moment, and B) I'm suddenly lonely. In this matter, I needed a man to talk to… and we had that moment in-."

"Bup-Bup! Don't. I thought we agreed to not date each other… I mean, we do love each other, but I'm happy with you and Percy, and me with Kandy."

"I am aware of that. But we're without love."

She touched his thigh and said, "Well…"

She grew nervous, as she replied, while shaken in a nervous twitch, "Steven Cooke… Will you…"

She gulped and nervously said, "Uh… It's just that I, uh… Uh… Uhhh…"

Smoke engulfed from her head, as she was completely scared. She was flushed beet red from her face, as Steven asked, "You're asking me on a date? A date-date with me?"

Farra cringed, "Uh, no… I mean…" and then collapsed onto the floor, out cold and motionless. Steven tried to revive her, but couldn't.

"Farra! Farra! Hey, wake up, kid!" He cried, as he held her tight.

He then thought, as his hand approached Farra's blonde hair, "She's like Kandy, when she has her battery dead. But this is Farra Stevens, the woman that once loved Steven Cooke. If only she'd wake up…"

He said, "I'll say no. I'll say it, just for our sake."

She regained consciousness, as she moaned, "Steven… What do you say?"

Steven said, "My answer is…"

Farra held Steven's hand and whispered, placing it in her heart, which is his hand touching her left breast. She said, "Steven…"

Steven pulled his hand away and said, "No! Farra! Don't be so touchy! Steven Cooke dates honest women and not bandmates!"

Farra asked, "So, is it a no? I do love you."

Steven smirked, "Farra, yes, I love to hang with you-."

Farra giggled, "YOU WILL?"


"GREAT! I'll see you later!"

She pranced off, singing, "I got a date~! I got a date~!"

Steven was shocked, when he griped, "I DIDN'T FINISH! AND IT'S NOT A DATE!"

He moaned, knowing he was too late. He then continued his game and groaned, "What are the consequences of what I just did? Farra and I on a date… and Percival and Kandy are not here. I'm glad to date my first true love, but she's taken! I can't do that, breaking her heart!"

In Farra's room, she giggled, while on her bed, "Steven Cooke said yes! He said yes! I should tell the others!"

She then said, after realizing what she said, "No… I better keep this a secret. I mean, truthfully, I don't like him-like him, but I like him. Even if he is a douchebag, he's good to deal with. And he said that I'd come to him, if I have anything bugging me."

She said, "So be it. But I'll have to keep it a secret from the others. Now…"

She looked through some brochures she found, inside her drawer and read through each of them.

"What to take him, on a date…" Farra said, "If I want to take him on a date, I have to find his certain tastes…"

She started thinking and said, "What does he do?"

As Farra thinks of what to take Steven C on a date, this sets up a new beginning for The Gang's two dysfunctional former crushes.
Find out, as the first chapter begins.