Chapter 8
Kandy and Steven's Preparations

Present Day… Six Months Later…

An invitation was shown on the table:
"You are cordially invited, RSVP, to attend the wedding of:
Steven Tortellini Cooke
Kandice Potter
Located in Alley Drive Studios, New York, NY – on August 24
th, 2013 – 1PM
Bring a present, or anything, and wear formal attire.
P.S. – Seina Katsura is banned from this wedding. If she comes, get rid of her…"

This was a written invitation (first draft) by Percival Gaynes. He spared no expense for Steven's wedding. When he heard the news that he and Kandy were getting married, he wants it done, soon.

"There," he said, as Steven read the invite, "I figured I spared no expense, and even prevented you-know-who from coming."

Steven C said, "Yeah… But why in the summer? Don't we have something planned for the summer?"

Percival said, "I figured that we start it, right away."

"Are you daft? How can you start it, right away, and make the invites, without time to prepare? When you were engaged with her, it took you two weeks to plan!"

"If you're marrying Kandy, then why do you feel like you're in a hurry?"

"I'm not. I've seen weddings on TV, including that tripe that Peter and Tenma forced me to watch, with weddings like that."

"What? Wrestling?"

"At least I know they are staged, but this is not! Why do you want to rush things?"

Percival sighed and said, "Fine… But as long as we have everything planned. Kandy needs something for her tastes. Should we ask her?"

Steven said, "Yes. We should see what she likes. And NOTHING out of the stereotypical type for her! Kandy isn't that kind of female robot!"

Percival said, "By the way… I invited your parents to your wedding. Did you ask them about her?"

Steven remarked, "At Christmas. But somehow they like her, except for Grandpa."

"How so?"


Steven was with Kandy, at his home in North Dakota, as he introduced her to his parents and grandfather, Maylene and Jeremy. Maylene was in her white dress and jeans, with her short black hair, and Jeremy was tall, with brown hair and a black shirt on. His grandfather, Byron, was a curmudgeonly old man, in a red plaid shirt, and holding a cane.

Maylene said, as she met Kandy, "You must be Steven's fiancé. We've heard good things about you."

Kandy blushed, "Thank you…"

Steven then asked, "Mom, Dad… Grandpa, Sis…"

Cecelia smiled, "Oh. Go ahead, Big Brother…"

He said, "Thanks. I was wondering if you'd consent into our love."

Jeremy asked, "What for, son?"

He held her hand and Kandy said, "Mr. and Mrs. Cooke, I was wondering if you'd like to accept me into your family. I want your son's hand in marriage."

Everyone gasped, including Bryon, who was coughing a bit. He then barked, "You little minx! Why would you want to marry my shitface of a grandson?"

Jeremy said, "Dad, she's the robot that he was talking about."

Kandy bowed, "It's true…"

Maylene smiled, "I say that it seems nice, since we may have grandchildren with her. But I want to know…"

She asked her, "You look so real, Miss Kandy. How did you grow your hair that long and white?"

Kandy said, as she grew nervous, "Well… It's merely synthetic, but Daddy made me act like it's growing. Argos has a lot of weird stuff, going on. I'd rather not say."

Maylene said, as she was convinced, "She's perfect. Despite that she's a robot, she's very nice."

Byron huffed, "Yeah, well, she should go back to England and rebuild the robot race, if she's lucky! Maybe in her hot body, she can make ME one!"

Jeremy pleaded, "Dad! Stop it!"

Kandy was crossed, as Steven seethed in anger. Byron continued, "And another thing, Shitface, how do you kiss her, before she tries to hurt you? She's nothing but an old jalopy of a human being."

Cecelia cried, "Grandpa, you've gone too far!"

Steven shouted, "NOW, WAIT A-!"

Kandy halted him and said, "Steven, stop. Let me…"

Byron giggled, "Oh, I see Shitface has the robot defending him. How about a kiss in the cheek, robo-babe?"

Kandy scoffed and barked, "Sir, I do not like your attitude towards my fiancé, a.k.a. your grandson, and your perverted thoughts to me, your future granddaughter-in-law! If this continues, he may as well hate you, for the rest of your life! So, I have nothing to say to you, out of anger and spite and hatred… except this…"

She shouted, "You bite your tongue, Grandfather Cooke!"

She sat down and fumed a bit. Steven was shocked, as Byron was speechless. He walked away, as he felt upset.

Jeremy said, "I've never seen Dad so speechless, since ever."

Maylene replied, "Well, he has been outspoken, much like when WE were married."

Kandy apologized, "Forgive me. That was very bad of me…"

Steven smiled, "Don't be. Not once in our family that Grandpa was shocked, without replying back."

Cecelia smirked, "Someone had to shut him up."

Maylene scolded at her, "Cecelia! You watch your tone about your grandfather, young lady."

Cecelia pouted, "Yes, Mom…"

She growled, "Why am I always the one in trouble?"

Maylene said to Kandy, "Kandy, you're more than welcome to be in our family…"

Kandy said, "Thank you… uh, Mom…"

Maylene blushed, as Kandy apologized again, "Uh, sorry…"

Percival said, "Damn. That was a start. I never knew your Grandfather was a jerk…"

Steven said, "Merely, yes. But he was speechless, after being told back by her. That's why I love her."

"What about Kandy? Does she even have parents?"

"As a matter of fact, she only has a father. She kept saying that she had a mother… but she never met him. But there's more…"

In Old Man Potter's mill, Steven asked Old Man Potter, a short man in a beige vest, to ask for his daughter's hand in marriage.

He chuckled, "Oh, ho, ho, ho. You want to marry my favorite project?"

Kandy blushed, "Father, please…"

Steven said, "I'm serious. Steven Cooke loves your daughter, and well, there were some tough times, since I met her."

Theodore nodded and said, "You may. I'm not giving her up, but she proved to me that she can be mature enough to be on her own. You see, I was hoping to have someone in our family, except with Sophie doing it, but… I was hoping Sophie would continue our family… but then…"

Steven asked, "Who's Sophie?"

Kandy said, "My twin… She's Daddy's daughter, whom he built me to resemble. She died of a terminal illness, years ago."

Steven said, as he looked at her, "Well, you ARE the spitting image… Who knew you were made to look like her?"

Kandy blushed, "Thanks."

Theodore said, "Now that I said it… I believe that I am living this moment of seeing Sophie get married… but with Kandy, of course."

He asked her, "You want to go through with this, even though you're an android, now?"

She replied, "Daddy, I can. Jamie loved me, but it wasn't meant to be. Steven loved me, and he was an arrogant guy. But I changed him…"

Steven thought, "Actually, it was Yakumo… But I'm not telling her."

Kandy said, "If you don't mind, Daddy… I wanted you to be happy. I may be different, but I have feelings for him, since the Gang-Wave days. And I still do."

Theodore pondered for a bit and said, "Yes… My creation experiences love… Sophie would be proud for her."

He laughed, as he turned to Steven, "Steven Cooke, like I told Miranda Maynard, you be careful of my daughter. She's one-of-a-kind."

Steven gasped and nervously replied, "Uh, yes, sir…"

Kandy sighed, "Oh, Daddy…"

Percival was speechless, as Steven smirked, "Steven Cooke had you going. Too bad that it is all true."

He left, as Percival written on the invite: "P.S.S. – Bring your own juice. No liquor. If any liquor, bring it to Percival, for confiscation." And then he erased the date of the wedding.

The next day, Kandy wanted to buy a bridal gown for her wedding. She, Mizuki, and Asahi were walking to the mall, looking around.

Asahi asked, as she was in her braided hair and glasses and her yellow dress, "So, is it wise to buy you a dress?"

Kandy nodded, "It is, Miss Sakurai. I wanted to wear white. Miranda told me that, when she went to her wedding. She had to wear all white… for some reason, she didn't wanted to cry in the altar. If she did, the tears won't show on white cloth."

Mizuki said, "She's such a crybaby. And she's a heroine?"

Kandy said, "Yes. But she had a wonderful life. She has a daughter, many friends, and even some good memories."

Asahi said, "I wish I could get married, soon. But I have someone waiting for me."

Kandy scoffed, "Hmph!"

Mizuki asked, "What did you say to her?"

Asahi whispered to her, "You wouldn't believe me, but… I once dated Kandy's penpal, Jamie. But…"

Mizuki huffed, "What, the werewolf that Kandy mentioned?"

"Yes. And I miss him. I hope he's okay."

Kandy barked, "I don't need you to mention him. I loved him, and he loved me back. But there are moments that cannot be. Besides, he's with his own kind."

Mizuki nodded in agreement, "True. It's like when the Frankenstein Monster married the Wolfman and had a baby… except in this scenario, they never get married."

Kandy griped, "Are you confusing me of a popular monster from a movie?"

Asahi said, "She meant you and Jamie."

Kandy sighed, "Oh. Well, if you put it that way… I guess that really be a mismatch. Who know a lycanthrope would date a gynoid? Me. And I ended up heartbroken."

Mizuki said, "Hey, you still got us… and Steven."

Kandy smiled, "Right. Sexy Steven is the hottest hottie. But I wish he wasn't that arrogant, all the time. But I have a different problem… if he is no longer arrogant, then he should've stopped speaking in the third person. He's always "Steven Cooke is THIS" And "Steven Cooke will THAT". God, he's like a Muppet!"

Asahi and Mizuki grumbled, "No shit, Robot."

Kandy then pleaded, "Then, I was wondering if he'd have a swell job, other than a singer. The guy has talent, but I prefer, when he retires, he'd get a job in the USA."

She stated, "I figured that I stop visiting Argos and stay in America, just for Sexy Steven."

Mizuki said, "You're going down the Steven Nevins Road?"

"What do you mean?"

"Well, Steven Nevins was from England, and he spent most of his life, when he started The Gang, in Texas. Of course, he returned to England, when he was Ambassador. But he's been living with Heather, for the time being."

"Oh, I never knew that. Then I wouldn't abandon Steven, at all…"

Mizuki had a suggestion, "Hey, how about tomorrow we head to a hot springs resort, and relax?"

Asahi blushed, "Uh, really?"

Kandy bowed, "Thanks, but no… I'm too nervous on these baths. Miss Miranda once went to a nudist camp, one time, to relax her body."

She said, as she was flushed beet red, "But… This will be my first hot springs in the USA, in this fully skinned body."

Asahi whispered to Mizuki, "Mizuki, you cannot be serious."

Mizuki replied, "Relax, Miss Sakurai. It's between the three of us. The boys aren't going to make anything out of it, in perversion."

Kandy said, as she was nervous, "Well, one day is fine. Tomorrow sounds right…"

She groaned, "Darn… I fear I might short out…"

Mizuki said, "You won't."

The next day, at the kitchen, Peter was with a mixing bowl, in the kitchen, as Steven gave him a request.

"Can you make a cake?" He asked.

"Dude, a cake?" Peter responded, "I think I might… What would you like?"

Steven replied, "Well, I want it to be a wedding cake… but I never asked Kandy what her favorite cake is."

Peter said, "Just a minute! I was told to make a cake, not the Pyramid of Giza!"

"Oh, come on. Can't you help me?"

"Only if I make it vanilla. I love vanilla. But chocolate is too sweet for me."

"It doesn't matter. Make Steven Cooke a huge cake, 7-layers, and with the flavor she likes."

"Steven, NO! Besides, that could take weeks!"

Michelle arrived and asked, "What's all this then?"

Peter quickly responded to her, "Michi, er, Michelle! Good to see you!"

She huffed, "What's all this? Why are you in a hurry?"

Peter replied, "Well, I needed to make a wedding cake for Steven and Kandy, and you're going to help."

Steven smiled, "Wonderful idea!"

She barked, "Wait a minute! I'm not that kind of-!"

Steven leaves and announced, "Just make sure it's classy and glamorous for Kandy!"

Michelle snuffed, "Ooh… How I hate you…"

Peter said, "Well, we needed to make a 7-layer cake for Kandy's wedding. Why not help out, since it'll take weeks. And the wedding hasn't been announced."

Michelle groaned, "Look, I know my lifestyle isn't great, but I am not a good cook."

Peter said, "Oh, come on. You can try it, British Bra."

She gave up and said, "Okay. But call me Michi again, and you can bake your own goddamn cake!"

They began to make the cake, as Steven listened on, felt like he made a mistake.

"Maybe I should've asked Percival about the cake thing."


Percival met with Kandy, as she was getting ready for her trip to the hot springs. He asked, "Say, Kandy. Steven told me that you have to have a cake for your wedding."

She asked, "How so? I love sweet cake."

"Well, do you have a favorite?"

"Actually, I mostly like chocolate and strawberry, but I liked a red velvet cake with French vanilla filling. And I love some gold frosting, which matched my chrome shell."

"Golden yellow frosting…" he wrote on a sheet of paper, "And the icing?"

"Go all out," she responded, as she grabbed her purse, "I wanted it to be big, but not too big, as long as it is enough for 40 people or so."

"The wedding will have about sixty in attendance."

"Oh, well, that's different."

She left to the door, as Mizuki was honking the horn, outside, in the black van. She winked, "I hope Sexy Steven likes our cake."

She left, as Percival sighed, "Man… He left those two to make the cake, and he gave me permission to help out. I did say I spared NO expense, but I'm not that giving, money-wise. But then again…"

He grumbled, as he went to his phone, "Well, as long as the wedding will be a hit, I'll be in need of services, without The Gang's help."


At a small hot springs resort, Kandy was heading to the tub, with her long white hair down, over her chest, as her was wrapped in her blue towel. She was embarrassed, as Mizuki called to her, "Kandy, hey, come on in!"

Kandy blushed, "Just so you know, it is a bad idea. I never showed myself in the buff and shine."

Asahi asked, "Don't you mean "In the buff"?"

Mizuki was in the water, with her long red hair down, while Asahi's long black hair was spread over her body, embarrassed. She said, "Kandy, I'm surprised that you have such a bigger girth than mine."

Kandy said, "I was built that way. I'm only a 34C. I never grow my breasts, since I am inorganic. Miss Miranda is an inch less than mine, but Erika has such big breasts, at approximately 94 cm. She'd been growing, after her trip from Japan."

Mizuki said, "You must be very well-built. If your father wasn't that wholesome, you'd have 100 cm boobs."

Kandy huffed, "Father isn't that perverted. Besides, Sophie was like that, when she was around, before she died."

Mizuki responded, "Oh, why don't we see you? You have a hot body for us to see."

Kandy asked, "But… Won't I hurt you? You know that I may electrocute you two."

Asahi said, "Oh, come on in. We don't need to lure you in, since we're friends."

Mizuki got up, with her wet red hair over her, approached Kandy, who was nervous. She cringed, "Miss Mizuki, why are you being concerned about me? What's with your face?"

She grinned evilly, as she grabbed Kandy's hand. She pulled her in the water, landing on her.


They fell into the bath water, drenched and soaked, as Kandy was embarrassed, with her towel off. She held her chest, as she was in the water, and Mizuki was soaking wet, laughing.

Kandy barked, "That's NOT funny! Why are you such a prig?"

Mizuki snuffed, "Sorry. But I was rather curious of you. How about a scrub down?"

Kandy huffed, as her white hair flowed down her chest, "Bite your tongue! I'll do it, myself!"

She walked away and huffed, "Jerks."

She sat down on a small bath chair and started to rub soap on her body. Asahi asked, "Why did you do that for?"

Mizuki said, as she was upset, "I guess it was selfish of me to dunk her in."

She called to her, "Kandy, if you're done, how about you join us? I'm sorry if I was being that rude."

Kandy rinsed herself with a basin and said, "You promise? I think it was very mean of you to make me like some sort of tease."

Mizuki said, "It's fine. I'm sorry about that. We're all women here. Would you like that?"

Kandy said, as she turned to the girls, "I guess… I apologize for my anger, since I find this whole thing a bit weird. So, I guess I can show myself. But I cannot be scantily clad, like you two."

Mizuki grumbled, "I'm NOT scantily clad!"

Asahi said, "I once did. But I was so embarrassed."

Kandy went in the water and said, "Miss Mizuki, you know, I never asked… I never knew you have such a huge chest. It looked bigger, with your clothes on."

Mizuki blushed, "Well, people think of me as a sexy girl, but… Oh…"

She was giggling, as Asahi said, "You should've seen her in her Peach attire."

Kandy asked, "You think maybe I can dress like Card Master Peach?"

Mizuki said, "Well, your bust size is a bit small, but I guess you can. Of course, I'll have Reiko make you one."

Kandy smiled, "Good. And if you want, I can have you fitted in my old armor. Your height may be small, but your chest will show shape."

Kandy's 5'8", while Mizuki's 5'3".

Asahi blushed, as she looked at her breasts, "Uh, Kandy… How come you're so firm and round?"

Kandy blushed and turned away. Asahi asked, "I was just saying…"

Kandy said, "Well… I am simply like a perfect girl, but I'm not. This was merely Sophie's size."

Mizuki said, "Yeah, what was Sophie like?"


The girls left the hot spring, without any problems. Kandy smiled and said, "That was a great bath."

Mizuki said, "It's cool. I'm sorry you didn't want any milk."

Kandy said, "It's fine. I don't think I can stomach it, since I mostly drink juice. Liquor, cranberry juice, and soda are drinks I hate. But then again, some people have tastes."

Asahi asked, "You never had milk?"

Kandy said, "Ew, no. I kept hearing stories about androids, like me, that have milk for blood. Disgusting! I never bleed oil or real red blood. But I am purely functional and fully operational."

Mizuki said, "Funny… And for a minute, we'd have some sort of sexy esc-."

Asahi covered her mouth and laughed, "She was just kidding!"

Kandy snuffed, "Thank you."

Asahi whispered to her, "This is, by far, the most honest and pure robot I have ever met."

Mizuki said, "You should meet her friends from England."


The following evening, Peter and Michelle made a huge 3-layer cake, but it was a bit warped.

"I told you I am not good at baked confectionaries." Michelle snuffed.

Peter sighed, "Oh, can it, Brit. It's no better than Mom's cooking of brownies. She always burnt them, many times, when homemade. Of course, our stove went out, months ago. How I miss the pizzas in the oven."

Michelle said, "This is a cake."

"I know that. And I'm aware of food! But cooking cakes is at a challenging level."

"Ah, bollocks! Wedding cakes are a high level."

"Yes, but what about a huge tower of cake?"

"We're baking a cake, not the Tower of London."

Peter grabbed the bowl, as Michelle asked him, "You think Joanna would like it? I'm giving it to her."

He smiled, "Why not? We'll try again on the cake."

She huffed, "Why couldn't we make a platter, or even small hot dogs?"

"Are you-?"

"We had small hot dogs, during Steven's reception to Heather."



At the studio, that night, Kandy appeared in Steven's room, in her light blue nightgown. She then lied down by Steven and blushed. She whispered to him, "I love you…"

He woke up and saw her, who was very sleepy. He said to her, "Hey, Kandy."

"Sexy Steven… How about one for the road?"


"You want to make out?"

"No, not today. How about tomorrow? Steven Cooke needed some rest."

He lied back down, as Kandy held him tight and kissed him. She whispered, "Steven… Do you think our wedding will be wonderful?"

"Maybe," he said, "But who knows?"

He asked her, "Tell me, if we ever have a child… What you think we'd name him or her?"

"Huh? You mean like…"

"I mean, if we had a child… well, not that way… but I meant…"

Kandy said, as she remarked, "We can always adopt a child, since I am a robot. I don't mind it. But to name someone? I don't know…"

She blushed and said, as she pulled the covers, "If it's a girl… there's one name I wanted…"


Kandy closed her eyes and whispered, "Sophie…"

She fell asleep, after that. Steven held her and said, "Cute name… If we find a girl… Sophie, it is…"

He fell asleep, as the night went quiet.

The following week, Steven and Kandy went together, walking to the park. Kandy smiled, as she asked, "Steven… Do you think the others will miss me, seeing that I am going to stay here in America?"

Steven replied, "No. Wherever you are, they'll always be for you. And, hey, Miranda, Erika, Nick, and Emily will miss you, but they considered you as a friend. But, they'll never stop loving you."

Kandy giggled, "Thanks. The guys are great, even Daddy. I traveled around Argos and England, but never have I been in a World Tour. I know for one thing, if the Gang-Wave had a World Tour, I'd be happy."

He said, "That's great to hear. You're experiencing what it's like to be away from home. But do you miss Argos?"

"Yes. But I'll never forget all the memories I had… including how I met Miss Miranda and Miss Erika."

He asked, "Can you tell me about it?"

She sat down on the bench and said, "Sure. It's a very long story, since it happened, before you joined The Gang. Miss Miranda and Miss Erika met me, when Daddy activated me, for a purpose to join on a quest. It turns out that Miss Miranda wanted revenge on her sister's death, fifteen years ago; which was ten years ago, seeing that her adventure started there, after Miss Sara's death. You wouldn't believe how she traversed through it all. She even consoled Miss Erika, when she…"

And the more Kandy talked about her journeys in Argos, the more Steven Cooke was amazed by her. Of course, Kandy even talked about how she met the King of Argos, helped out Miranda and Erika in Yagami, Japan, befriended Haruna in the Zubu tournament, first started dating and had a huge upgrade in her body, and even to today, when she recently helped Miranda and Harima slay a dragon. Of course she was out cold, at that time.

Steven sighed, as Kandy continued, "Steven Cooke says it's easy to be a lead singer, but it's not too easy for a gynoid fiancé, who had a huge soirée of adventures in England."

She continued talking, as Steven said, "Is it that hard to be a hero in Argos?"

Kandy said, "Most of the time. But I live through the moment and survived. But now, I want to hang up the sword and move on. I think I'll enjoy my stay, even if the people say that we are different."

She got up and said, "What do you say… Steven?"

She extended her hand and asked, "Wanna go for a fun time? My battery life is about 65%. We'll head home, so I can recharge. After that, anything you want. I won't stop you."

Steven smiled and said, "Sure. But if we do it now, you'd die out. Think we can try to make it back to Alley Drive?"

Kandy said, as she leapt up, "Bite your tongue and carry me away, you hot stud hunk… Sorry. I wanted to try a new witty retort."

Steven said, "Stick with Sexy Steven, okay?"

He left the park, carrying Kandy away in his arms, while Kandy held him in the shoulders. She then whispered, "Sexy… Steven…"

She closed her eyes and smiled. She whispered, "I love you…"

Steven said, "I love you, too."

He then moaned, "But we better hurry, before you die down and become a heavyweight."

She said, "I won't. My power has about two hours left. And I won't let anything keep us apart, even my life."

"That's a promise."

At Alley Drive, Steven placed Kandy on a chair, as she was plugged in. She grabbed his arm and winked.

"Thank you," she said.

Steven asked, "But wait! How can you be moving, while recharging?"

Kandy said, "Oh, I thought you knew. I don't go to sleep, yet. But I figured…"

She pulled him towards her and started to make out. They kissed each other, while Kandy was recharging.

"Kandy," he thought, "Steven Cooke heard tales that you may live forever, but I know you won't. If we are married, which is soon, I promise that we'll grow old, together."

Kandy thought, "Steven… Despite that I am a machine, they have wear-n-tear. If I die, then I want you to be with me, in heart. In fact, if we grow old together, I may experience wrinkles in my skin… since it is synthetic. But, nonetheless, when you are my husband, I want you to be happy for me, through years to come."

The sun set, as they continued to kiss.

Kandy asked, as she stopped, "Oh! But what about our day?"

Steven said, "Tomorrow… But, seeing you here, fully charged, how about we have fun, alone?"

He lifted Kandy up and unplugged her.

"Battery level… 85%…" She beeped.

Steven whispered, "Good. That's all we need."

He carried her to his room and locked the door.

"Oh, Sexy Steven…" she whispered, "What will the others say, since we're doing it, right now?"

He said, "They won't mind."

The End

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Peter and Michelle were exhausted in the kitchen, as Percival saw the mess, with cake batter everywhere.

"Lemme guess… You were baking a cake for them?"

They nodded, "Uh-huh…"

Percival sighed and moaned, "Guys, it's taken care of. You two clean this mess up, right now."

Peter groaned, "Yes, Percival."

Michelle snuffed, "We need more milk and eggs, too."

They left to clean the kitchen, while Percival licked the batter off the spoon. He said, "Mmm… That's good vanilla… Big Guy and Michelle must be good bakers. Too bad Farra isn't a great chef."

Farra, suddenly, called out, from across the room, "I HEARD THAT!"

Percival gulped.