To Thor, My Dark Prince: I don't usually put the note at the top, but I had to make an exception for you. Hopefully Aiva (Batgirl) gets the card to you, otherwise I'll have to work up the courage to tell you myself. But I suppose if you're reading this you've been told one way or another, so I should just stop rambling. Anyway, I wrote this sometime over the summer (probably in the middle of the night, based on my handwriting), but it had been lost under my bed until recently. I saved it to use as my gift to you (I think the Lincoln bandaids proved that I'm not the best at coming up with gifts), so yeah. Buon San Valentino, tesoro!



By Aiden Rose

My heart beats so fast,

I feel like I can't breathe,

Every word you say,

You don't know how much it means.


Laughing like I haven't in years,

Dancing like no one can see,

Letting go of all my fears,

Only you can do this to me.


I admit I'm scared of what you can do,

Of the control you have over my heart,

But I know you'll take good care of it,

It's been yours from the start.

A/N: On the off chance that someone other than the one this was written for/about, I think this is kind of self-explanatory (especially with that note at the top…). Just ignore the little period between each stanza, it's just the only way stupid DocManager will keep the space between them. And sorry for any confusion with the title, I changed the title of the older poem that used to be called Lovestruck because it made more sense for this one (and I couldn't come up with anything else). As always, reviews/constructive criticism are encouraged and appreciated. Any and all flames will be used to bake cookies.

~Aiden Rose