Hello again! =) So, yeah...I haven't updated my other story 'cause of school work and such...don't kill me xD

Anyway, this may seem out of the blue or pretty weird, but this is for school work =/ yeah. sucks. Our english teacher (who sucks so much she'd go down the drain) had us make an 'autobiography' or short first person narrative on out experience with bullying. The topic? We read this short story about it in class...whatever.

However, I really really REALLY dislike her (the teacher) so, when I knew she wanted a short, sweet narrative, I made a witty and sarcastic monologue. HAHA

The thing is, there was NO WAY I was sharing my past experiences with her. Seriously! She's the person I run away from in the hallways, and she wants me to give her a page long story on my FEELINGS?

So this resulted. I'll add more notes at the end, so as not to spoil it.

Go ahead and read!

Bullying. Honestly, when that word is first mentioned, the scene that comes to my mind is a big kid stomping all over a playground with a bunch of toddlers cowering in the distance.

Imaginative. Real creative.

Well, the term bullying isn't that all used in the Philippines; it has a more western feel to it…American, mostly. Bullying there is way more aggressive there. More physical. So much so that I've heard of teens committing suicide because of it.

The only form of bullying I remember as a kid was one girl who pretty much did everything she could to humiliate me cause the boy she had a crush on was the same boy I had a crush on too, and said boy was getting pretty close to me.

Seriously; at age eight, kids already care about their love lives? Really?

But that was a long time ago, so I can't remember much about it. I don't count her as a bully, however, since she wasn't that…open about it.

The only thing that I do count as bullying – and I'm sure others would say that it isn't – was only a few years ago.

I won't give too many details about it, to protect the people involved. Worst case scenario is they somehow find this, recognize the situation, then accuse me of lying or exaggerating or adding details or – yeah, that kind of stuff.

Also, I feel no need to disclose that piece of information. Tough luck.

I think I was thirteen, though I can't recall anymore. I was attending this group activity at a seminar with some friends. Each group had one senior member – someone who was known to be more advanced, older, more experienced – who would virtually act as the leader, guide, teacher, final decision maker.

One problem for my group; the leader in my group was just…well, lets just say that he wasn't really 'fit for the job'.

Technically speaking, he was more experienced, he did the credentials and paperwork, and he was older. But he made decisions without even consulting us, he refused to acknowledge whatever skill we had, and if we even tried to speak out, he'd strike us down.

And he refused to acknowledge that he was wrong, that he was imperfect. All failures were because of our lack of trying, rather than his poor leadership skills.

So, one day, I had enough.

I was probably the quietest member of our group, and the least expressive one when it came to distaste for him. So I was pretty surprised, as was everyone else, when I suddenly spoke up one time he told us his final decision that could not be changed.

He gave some lame my-way-is-better-because-I'm-higher-and-therefore-smarter-than-you explanation. I snapped and, once again, spoke out and said that that decision was not his to make, it was the group's and, since our decision was unanimously against his. The others cheered me on.

Remember when I mentioned that he refused to acknowledge his own mistakes even when it's about to swallow his head whole?

He singled me out, pointed out my shortcomings in the group, and asked me to defend myself for them. I was the shy type back then, and I felt completely humiliated. I broke down in tears. I don't remember much after that, just that, when he was finished talking, he still got his way, then left.

Would you think that that was a lame story if I said that was the end?

Good thing I'm not that lame. Afterwards, all the other members in our group comforted me, thanked me for standing up, and apologized for not being about to do it themselves.

After having a long talk with my dad later that afternoon, I decided to tell his superiors about the incident. Well, he didn't quite get in trouble, but we got our way, in the end.

Unfortunately, I'm still stuck with him as my superior. And ever since then, I know he's practically shooting arrows with his eyes into an invisible bull's eye on the back of my head.

But, since that day, I've learned a lot.

First of; not all bullies are those that fight with their fists. Almost anything can be used as ammunition. Words, facts, opinions, professions, seniority, you name it. No matter how sugar-coated something is, one should get to see through it.

Second; standing up, speaking out…it's tough, real tough. And the reason why people rarely do is because everyone's afraid of the consequences…blackmail and the like. However, if it's the right thing to do, then it should be done. Especially if it's for a good cause.

Third; sometimes, it's good to think things through, sometimes it's good to let your emotions out and play it by ear. You have to be good enough to decide which is better to do. It…depends on the situation.

Last; all you really need is self confidence. I know it's hard to develop that, and I'm sure that, from this autobiography/monologue , you'd assume I practically embody self confidence, but I wasn't like this back then. Not until after that situation ditto. All I needed was a little support from my friends, until finally, I could support myself.

I know that others have WAY more experience with bullying than me, and I know that some would say that this situation isn't even considered bullying. But it doesn't matter to me, you know why?

Because it doesn't matter how much experience you've had. What matters is how much you learn from them.

How's that for bullying?


Okay, so...here's my explanation for this (assuming you read the AN at the top xD)

FIRST: The person that I considered a 'bully' up there in that story, is her, my English Teacher. As I said, this is what I passed, so I had to change some things. I KNOW she remembers the event that made me dislike her with passion, so putting that on paper may get me suspended. Yeah, its the truth, but things don't work that way in my school...long story.

I'll probably post another version of this, mostly the same wording, but I'll put the real details in. I doubt she'd ever discover this, and if she did, then she can go soak her head in the drain for all I care.

What do you think? Cool? Sarcastic? Lame? Whatever. I'd appreciate whatever comments anyone could leave in a review. Feel free. And thanks for taking the time for reading this! ^_^