Hey! So this is what I wrote in class. The teacher initally gave us only two minutes to write a poem, which explains the first half and what it conveys. Then, when the time was extended, I guess I started to write better and put in my real feelings...so yeah...


By Rockista

Oh, great, February 14th again.

And this love fiasco just never ends!

It may be a holiday, but I'm not inspired.

All the letter and poem writing is making me tired.

Call me unfeeling, but it's just not my day.

L-O-V-E, to me, spells more like a cheap holiday.

Cards and chocolate, all 'romantically' made,

I wonder how much companies are paid...

Seriously, people, how blind can you get?

Your 'love', after today, wouldn't you just forget?

Love is more than just chocolate that melts,

it's an emotion unlike any other possibly felt.

It's that feeling of concern for all that you care,

It's that virtue of sacrifice to the extent you would dare.

A piece of advice from me to you;

Don't wait for Valentines Day if your love is true!


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