Pffft makes no sense but hey! Yeah! Love and sniz!

Yours for Eternity,

DD :3

The Single's Awareness Day:

The scent of flowers

The taste of chocolate

The love that is choking my lungs

I cough and sputter

Staring down at the pile of candy I've been given

Oh my!

Friends have spoiled me this year

For on this day, Valentine's Day,

I have never had someone say

"I love you, be mine."

I'm pretty sure I would just about die

Of embarrassment and the capacity of such a lie.

Of course I would say no.

For this isn't a day I enjoy.

The lovey-dovey isn't me.

The romance makes me shudder in fear.

I would rather spend the day with my cat.

He's the one who has my heart!

Hide away and stare at the ceiling.

Give myself away to someone as a Valentine?

Id rather be my own!

Its not Valentine's Day, its Single's Awareness Day!

The logical people who would rather show their feelings

All 365 days also pretend it's a normal day!

So, I must admit,

Hurray for Single's Awareness Day!