The brisk London air greeted me as I ran out of the restaurant, causing goose bumps to arise on my skin. I slowly walked to the stone garden, and kicked off my heels as I sat on the small bench. The restaurant was buzzing with the rich and smart people of the town, the late brunch filled with all ages. I wasn't ready for this. I took a deep breath and closed my eyes, trying to get it together for my sister. I rocked myself back and forth quietly, murmuring my safe words to myself.

"Katie" the raspy voice behind me caused me to jump, a small scream erupting from my throat.

"Sorry, Jamie, you just scared me." I said. I looked up at his and his green eyes filled with concern.

"Lizzy was worried. She sent me out here to see if you where okay." He explained. I folded my hands into my lap and I looked up at him and bit my lip.

"Yeah, it's just, it's takes a bit of getting use to ya' know." and I'm still getting use to food again. My words were unsaid. He sat next to me, so close that I could feel the soft fabric of his dress pants against my thigh, revealed by my insanely short dress. I looked down at my manicured fingers, the first time in 6 years and cringed. I was doing this all for Lizzy. It was her birthday after all. I pretended to smooth out my dress, trying to avoid his eyes.

"Please, I've been friends with Danny, for like 6 years now, and I still have trouble getting use to these lunchy dinner things." He said, sitting down next to me. I looked at him and giggled. He ran his hand through his unruly curly hair.

"I told Lizzy I was going to take her out for her 18th. That we were going to run the town and I was going to get her piss drunk. Then she said that Danny wanted to take us out for dinner, with a bunch of friends, then go out for drinks, the first thing I thought of was how am I going to pay for this." I looked down at my shoes. "Then I remembered Danny was old money, not a college student on a budget." Jamie chuckled at my words.

"You sure clean up nicely for a college student on a budget. Raising her little sister." He said. I pushed him a bit and glared at him.

"She bought me all of this stuff, saying if we were going out, we were going to look like starlets. The perks of having a little sister date a gajilloinaire." I stated. Jamie's laugh filled the open garden and it filled me with the urge to laugh too. He stood up, took my hands and pulled me up next to him.

"You realize, Miss Clara, that me and you are the only two here in this party without a significant other." He said a matter of factly. I looked through the window toward the table and saw he was right. I sighed and went to pull on my shoes, making me magically grow at least six inches. I was more near Jamie's face now, so I didn't have to strain my neck to look at his eyes.

"Those little bastards" I sad under my breath, catching my sisters eye, and flipping her the bird. Jamie snorted, trying to suppress his laughter but failing miserably.

"They set us up. Let me guess, they told you to come and find Me." I said. He nodded and realization flooded his eyes.

"They think there so smart." he ran his hand through his hair and started to walk toward the door. I crossed my arms and walked a bit further down the path, in the opposite direction. "Katie, aren't you coming back to our lunchy dinner thing." He said, calling from the door. I felt my stomach churn at the thought. "No, I still need a bit of fresh air." he looked at me thoughtfully. He caught up to me in three strides, and took my shoulder so I was facing him. "You don't need to do it anymore. You never actually needed to. I always thought you were beautiful."He said, staring into my eyes. Tears began to prickle my eyes. My hands yet again went to smooth down my dress. I loved the new feeling. I feeling of my stomach being flat, with my hip bones slightly poking the edges of the dress, but not nearly enough to be noticeable. The way I had slight curves, but no more extra skin. I had starved myself for nearly a whole year for this body. Then Lizzy found out, and put a stop to it. She made me eat, and was nursing me back to health. She said all she wanted for her birthday was for me to be healthy. And I was really trying, for her sake.

"I wasn't beautiful before. I wasn't happy. You don't have to lie to try and make me feel batter Jamie. Thank you though." I took a step forward, but my heel got stuck in the cobble stone, and I went tumbling forward.

"Watch yourself there love, don't need you with a scratchy face at the club tonight. And you were always beautiful" Jamie's big hands caught my waist and spun me back to him. I blushed and a groan escaped my lips.

"I'm still hung over from New Years" My head fell into my hands. He chuckled again. "You must've had fun."

I rolled my eyes at him. "Some friends from Jersey came over for the week, left yesterday. Let's just say they had never been to a bar before and been able to drink. Oh the joys of being an English Student." I threw my hands into the air and spun in a circle. I saw my sister giggle, and the light danced off the single diamond bracelet I had saved up for. She touched it softly as she leaned into Danny. He put his arm around her, and tucked her perfectly into his side. He was my age, nearly 2 years older than Lizzie.

"They really are great together. "I heard Jamie say. "good thing you decided to be his partner that day in freshman year. You should become a match maker."

I looked up at him through my lashes. "Your bastard of a best friend never helped me finish the dang project."

He shook his head at me amused. "Oh you and your American vocabulary." I glared at him and pushed him again. "Come on," he said taking my hand and dragging me back inside. "You need some food in you before I make you drunk."

The music was pounding, the lights flashing, and the alcohol was pouring. I could already feel my feet begin to hurt, and cursed myself for breaking the golden rule of never wearing heels to a club. I tugged my sister's hand, pulling her to the bar, and smile playing on both of our lips. I might have been forced out of dinner, but as big sister I had the right to first drink. I walked up the bartender, and smiled at him.

"'ello Kates" he said leaning over the bar to kiss my cheek.

"Chris" I said winking at him. My sister's eyes widened as she watched our encounter. I leaned down ad whispered into her ear. "We go to school together. He's my math tutor." she nodded.

"What can I do for you lovely ladies?" Chris said resting his arms on the counter, and taking a piece of my waist length hair into his hands and twisting it.

"I want the usual. And it's this big girl's first night. What do you suggest buddy." I said, squeezing my sister's hand. He pursed his lips and stared at her.

"I'll start the birthday girl off easy." he went to make the drinks and passed them over. I reached into my purse to get the money but his hand stopped me. "Take it as my gift for her."

I smiled at him. "Thank you Chris, you know I love you."

He chuckled. "I love you too Katie." I turned to Lizzie, and held up my drink to her.

"Well, Miss. Elizabeth Clara. To your first legal drink and your 18th birthday." her eyes lit up as she took a sip. Her eyes nearly bugged out of her head. "You'll get use to it Liz" I said throwing an arm around her.

Danny sauntered up and glanced at me. "I think your sisterly duties are over. Can I please have my girlfriend now?"

I winked at them. "You two kids have fun." I took another sip of my drink and stared out at the dance floor. For the second time that night, a small scream escaped my lips, when I felt someone's hand wrap around my waist. I looked to see Jamie, an amused smile on his face, a drink in his hand.

"I swear, if people ever saw us together, they would think you are scared of me." He said. I relaxed and melted into his side. "Did you and Liz plan tonight or did it just so happen that you two have the same taste." I looked down at my dress, and then wandered my eyes over to Lizzie's on the dance floor. We both had on a similar 3 quarter sleeve dress that reached barely lower than mid thigh. Hers made her legs look long and stunning, and she was amplified by the way she had styled her newly short platinum blonde hair. Mine, made me look 'simply beautiful' according to Lizzy, and she had done my extremely long died auburn hair is simple waves. The only major difference being, hers was white, making her look pure and perfect and mine was black, making me look even paler and gave me a bit of an edgier look. Both had a bit of sparkle. She had forced me to buy it, saying we were sisters, and we were allowed to dress alike. I took a sip of my drink.

"Planned. It's a sister thing." I looked over at Jamie, and my eyes drunk in his long frame. He had on the same dark blue button down as before, but he had un tucked it and lost his tie. His dark wash jeans lung low on his hips. My face heated up. This guy had called me beautiful before.

"Like what you see." he said, a lazy smile finding the way to his face. The seriousness from our conversation before seemed to be lifted in the dark lighting of the club. Probably also with help from the drinks now in our system.

I placed my drink down on the bar, and took Jamie's hand. "Dance with me Andrews." I said and challenged him with my eyes.

"You're on Clara." Jamie took control and maneuvered me throughout the crowd. His eyes seemed darker in the club, and I felt my skin burst into flames. "Better make this good Katie, you missed my birthday." I gave him a confused look. "December 21st. I'm 20 now, love. I need a good birthday present." I smiled innocently and pulled him close to me. Gone was the concerned friend I had seen earlier today. Gone was the easy air of talking to him, and knowing I could trust him. I still knew those things where there, and I certainly trusted him with my life, but there was something new between us I could feel. I placed my arms around his neck, and tangled my fingers in his hair. He placed his hands on my waist and smirked down at me.

"I'll try my best."

The music thumped around us and our bodies where in sync. Where ever I moved, he knew exactly how to follow. It was like we were made for the music. I didn't even know where it came from, my body moved on its own accord. The alcohol was taking its effect. I was becoming more and more courageous. When the song changed I flipped positions, my back now to his front. I wound my hand up behind me and still hung on to his neck, my other hand placing its self over his hand, which was on my waist. I felt his breathing hitch and I smiled mischievously. I closed my eyes and let the music move me. I felt his lips place themselves on the base of my neck, and I rolled my head giving him more access. We had become different people, and it felt good. I opened my eyes and saw my sister in a similar position to mine, and she looked like she was having the time of her life. I pulled myself away from Jamie, and started moving toward the bar, in need of another drink. Chris smirked at me over the bar. I passed him the money as he passed me the drink.

"That" he said pointing with a stirrer to Jamie who was now on his way toward the bar, "is probably the most fun I have ever seen you have. And you even danced with me."

I rolled my eyes at him. "Does that make you upset Chris?"

He scoffed at me. "No. I think it's good you have more fun with a straight guy than a gay guy like me."

I giggled at him. Jamie came up and nodded at Chris, who patted him on the shoulder. "Be careful with my girl, she's a handful." Chris said. I slapped him as he went to make Jamie's drink. "He has a nice ass girlie" he whispered in my ear. I had to try and suppress the laugh in my mouth.

"You certainly know how to make up for a missed birthday" Jamie said, running a hand through his hair.

"Good to know," I said taking a big gulp of the drink. My cheeks where splattered red, and my heart was going crazy. I felt someone nuzzle up beside me, and looked to see my sister, a giddy smile on her lips.

"You and Jamie, equals perfection." She said. I looked down at her; even in her six inch heels I had a few on her.

"Do we now. Did you have that in mind when you and Danny made the guest list." she giggled.

"Mayybbeeee" she slurred. Danny came up behind her and kissed her hair.

"Your keeping sober right" I said looking at him.

He nodded. "Need someone to watch out for you all."

I smiled at him. "Just, be careful with her. We don't want her falling over."

"Don't worry; she'll be good with me. I'll see you guys later."

Jamie walked over to me again, his eye brows knitted in thought.

"It's time for you to return the favor." I said.

He looked down upon me. "Sure. On one condition" I raised my eye brows up at him. "You'll find that out later." he pulled me to the dance floor, and we danced again.

It was nearly two in the morning, and the club was still going crazy. Danny had rounded us all up, and was taking us to a pub that as closer to the hotel that he had booked for the group of us for the weekend. I had stopped drinking around 2 hours ago, and my brain was starting to clear up. The impact of what I had done was staring to set in, along with the embarrassment. What would Jamie think, when his brain finally cleared in the morning. He would probably never speak to me again. I would lose a friend ship that probably would have been a great one. I was getting myself worked up. I needed fresh air. I walked outside and stood at the front of the pub. I closed my eyes and tried to calm myself.

"On one condition…" Jamie's slow raspy voice came from my left side. I looked at him, and it set my heart to an unnatural speed.

"Yeah?" I said and wrapped my arms around myself.

"You still have to fulfill it." he was so close now; I felt his breath in my hair.

"Okay" my brain could barely from more than one syllable answers.

"Promise you won't scream this time Kates." his hands where in my shoulders. He called me Kates. That counts as a pet name. I nodded my head barely. "Just tell me when to stop" he whispered. I didn't open my eyes. Three heart beats, one breath. His lips crashed into mine, so passionately I thought I would fall. He pressed me against the wall, and snaked his arms around my waist. I kissed him back just as hard, our noses slightly bumping, our foreheads touching slightly, his breathe becoming mine. He pulled back just enough to disconnect our lips and groaned softly. "Can I kiss you ag…" before he finished I pressed my lips against his again, this time softer. I needed to feel this before we both woke up and realized what happened.

"I'm sorry" I said pulling back wiping the tears from my eyes.

"For what" he said, grabbing my hand and interlacing his fingers with mine.

"Tomorrow you'll probably hate me. When you remember all this." I said. H

e sighed softly. "I haven't had a drink in 3 hours. I am in control of everything right now. And I don't hate you."

I looked up into his eyes. "You promise."

"Yes I promise." he kissed me again and then pulled me back inside. "Pay up losers. I told you my sister had good taste." I heard my sister say, holding her hands up in triumph. I looked up at my sister and glared at her. "No one else thought you could bag the curly haired wonder by the time the night was over. You just won me lots of dough." she was still a bit tipsy and hard on her feet. I laughed at her. Danny pulled her to his side. Jamie pulled me onto his lap as we sat down. An older man came up and asked for our order. Jamie ordered for us. He came back, a plate of fries in his hand. He nodded at Jamie and walked away. Jamie kissed my neck.

"Eat up beautiful" he said placing a fry in my mouth. I chewed and swallowed. Everything was going to be all right.

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