The pathetic young woman sat in the place of the defendant, her thoughts becoming increasingly despairing. Though she had been accused of sabotage, the idea didn't even merit consideration in the eyes of her lawyer, Jacob Wilde. However, if Jake couldn't convince Judge Eli Stockton of this, he and his client, Daphne Kastner, would be facing quite the daunting dilemma.

Jake stood before Judge Stockton with all of the expected aplomb of someone in his chosen profession – in an acute contrast to the practically derelict Daphne – and defended his client with unabashed certainty. Judge Stockton considered the evidence given by both Jake and the prosecutor for a long while before declaring his ultimate verdict:

"Not guilty."

Really short, I know. I wrote this for an English assignment and decided to post it as a side-story of sorts for a novel I hope to write, which, for right now, is entitled "Becoming Annie York." Jake Wilde is a side character in that story.

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