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My family for being there for me throughout the years of turbulence while I was still trying to sort out my life. Love, you were my rock and my inspiration for writing this. to my friend, I'm sorry I couldn't help you like I had hoped during our time together. You shall be missed dearly,Kylie. To my former high school teachers for the encouragement and praise during the slow process.


Skriver:Insectoid Bipeds. Generally thought to be mindless and cruel aliens, they are actually quite intelligent. 46 years before the start of the story, the Military was engaged in a program to create super soldiers, simply called "Diadem," using a combination of human and insect DNA. Of the original 200, one female dubbed the 'Queen', and 50 males survived. The project was deemed a failure and the subjects were slated for extermination. One of the scientists in the program, however, freed them and sent them to an unknown location where they quickly formed a hive and grew.

Queen: Term for the head of the Skriver species.

Queen Candidate: Title of all females involved in the second generation Super Soldier program "Diadem."

Diadem: Secret military experiments over the course of six years to create a soldier designed specifically for combat. Of the two generations made, the first became the Skriver; and the second, also deemed a failure- though the subjects retained their human qualities- was sent to orphanages across the world. Notable members of the second generation are Hoshi Takama and Annette Dagslys Sjunesson.

CSTE: Core Systems Technate Empire. Rose from the ashes of the Technocratic Union of the western hemisphere after its break up during the fourth world war in 2108. In 600 years, they have expanded their control and the human race to multiple systems, allying with various alien species.

Military: quite simply, a corrupt organization in the CSTE. Started out as a simple military, but in the face of growing rebellions, it grew in power, eventually rivaling the government. Currently engaged in a secret war with the CSTE while publicly serving it

Project Requiem: an organization in the CSTE designed to combat the military in its bid for power and control. Made up primarily of former military and Special Forces who were jailed for going against the military