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All characters and locations and events depicted here are fictitious and bear no resemblance to any person living or dead. Any resemblances is coincidental.

Jack Sorrows can see thru the facades of monsters thriving among man. And her job is to kill any who threaten mortal lives which spares her vampiric admirer, the charming Gael Black and side kick Mercury the imp who can transform into a brute. Together they embark on a journey to hell as Jack races against the Torment to save the Rakshas girl but can she embrace her damned fate to save the girl?


The Hellion's den.

An abode of the devilish and the sinful, the corrupt and the inebriated. Hellion's den was a club infamous for not only its promiscuous and intoxicating atmosphere but for the dealings of underworld business too. A sea of mindless bodies, swaying and grinding to the blaring music, would fill the dance floors. Men and women of all the wrong kinds were found here, some wasted away with their drunkenness whilst others feasted on the vulnerable. And hidden away, out of plain eyesight, at tables that tucked into the corners which promised some level of privacy sat those with business in mind. Clouds of smoke polluted the air like a conjured haze of nicotine and weed. Every face, every identity was obscured. This was a place for forgetting grief, releasing tension and erasing all thoughts of the outside world amidst pleasure and inebriety, but this was also a place for lost souls. The main highlight of Hellion's den apart from its music and overindulgence of beverage and spirits were the barely-dressed females who entertained the lonesome and lustful with erotic entertainment. It was the one place where man and beast were one. And only one person could tell the difference.

Jack Sorrows.

Godwell's most prized gunsmith and underworld bounty hunter; she was a woman not to be messed with. No man or woman matched her calibre. Her skills were no match even for monsters…but with every strength came weaknesses and Jack's weakness was her sensitivity to daylight. Now, most would deem her vampiric when in truth she thirst neither for blood nor for gore…unless necessary. Why? Simple, because she wasn't a vampire. Nobody actually knew what her true nature was. Those who were no strangers to the world of monsters, called her types clairvoyants or seers. As she pushed her way through crowds of witless junkies, she stared hard into the eyes of all those who hid their monstrosity in human disguise. Some glared daggers, some hissed conveying some wordless threat whilst others just smirked. She wasn't fazed; her bare hands were for snapping their necks in one swift movement. Jack was ready for the kill and smiled at the thought of their fear-stricken, dead faces in her mind. An entertaining thought – the many ways of slaying every one of these monsters that took on the disguise of man to fool others. Granted there were many exceptions who just wanted to blend in and co-habit with humans. No damage intended. That, she could never deny regardless of her hate.

She passed by the bar, picking up her usual vodka and gin before finding the nearest table out of earshot. The music filled her head like loud noise. Hell, it wasn't even music in her definition just noise with indecipherable vocals and mismatched tunes that made her ears bleed. It was revolting; cheap dub step and rock blend. That was until Rob Zombie's 'Reload' came on and she smiled.

"That's more like it," she said with a quick sip of her drink. "Why can't humans have a better taste in music?"

"Better yet, why can't humans learn to see what ya see?" a voice like a gremlin replied from under the table.

Jack reached under the table and opened her satchel bag to let out her little minion; a three foot, grey skinned, harmless imp with bat like ears. His body was bloated with long thin limbs and sharp talons. It was the eyes that got the most attention for their hypnotic effect; emerald green surrounding a slit-shaped pupil. Unlike most monsters she killed on sight, Mercury was an exception from the moment they met as orphans. On the outside he was deceptively harmless but underneath he was a completely different story. His true monstrous form was much more terrifying; a ravenous brute in disguise. In some ways, he reminded her of Jekyll & Hyde or the Hulk. He could crush a pair of skulls in one hand or singlehandedly take out a dozen at once.

"You have a way of following me around Merc, here have a sip" she knew how tempting beverage was for him but alcohol and imps were a bad combination.

Mercury snatched the glass up anyway and took a long chug. Jack watched with amusement as the imp let out a loud burp and his green eyes rolled backward.

"You know, an ordinary imp would've passed out from that nasty stuff," she had to bite back a laugh, "really should keep off this stuff little one"

Mercury's face split into a goofy grin that showed off his demonic teeth. Jack downed the rest in one go. Spirits were no longer overpowering for her the same way it was for others; hell she could drink an entire bottle and still maintain half a solemnity. But she liked it that way. Drunkenness had an appeal of its own when sobriety kept her under conscientious self-restraints of logic and rationality. Yet even strong liquor and likes of vodka had a way of loosening up those restraints – somewhat liberating her. It was her clairvoyancy and ability to spot through facades that suffered most under inebriation. She could not care less for the moment though, even if any monsters were about to pose a threat she would take care of herself pretty well. Her guns were strapped inside the jacket and a dagger was concealed in one of her boots.

Lights of mixed colours flashed around them and the flickering facades of monsters and drunken mortal gave delusional a whole new meaning. To a human eye, if they could see what she did, such sight would register as hallucination but for her kind it was reality - uncensored and undeniable. It scared her as a child but those days were far behind. She had both seen and endeavoured the bad, the nasty and the hideous as a defenceless troubled child. And years of those unpleasant encounters grew her a thick skin. The sound of hard rock metal filled the air, the noise washing out all thoughts and haunting memories from her mind. Eventually when the music died down, people broke away from dance floor; some parted to get drunk whilst some stumbled outside with their escorts in their drunken stupor. The flashing lights faded away to leave a red and blue ambiance. When Jack looked down at Mercury, she couldn't help but grin at how dazed he was.

"Jack Sorrows I believe?"

Her eyes fell upon a tall, albino man dressed in a blue shirt and crème suit. A ghostly pale face painted with two light red eyes and thin, pressed lips on a squared-jaw that seemed to be grinding in annoyance. His cheekbones were set high and appeared sunken. The lights danced across his stark white hair and Jack noticed every strand shone like fine silver needles. A gold chain hung from his neck, carrying a pendant of a serpent with red eyes curled around a sword with outstretched wings from either side of its hilt. Jack knew what it was; symbol of The Divine Order. The man followed her gaze and quickly pushed it back inside his collar.

Jack knew he was trouble.

"At your services," she finally said with a gesture of open arms, "so you Martiano or one of his henchmen?"

The albino's face was expressionless, unfeeling and devoid of any emotion. He simply tilted his head at an angle and stared at her.

"I am Carlos Guiverro, Mister Martiano's associate. Unfortunately he could not tend to this meeting due to…unfinished business, so he sent me instead…" the way he put emphasis on business Jack knew it had to be monster-scum related. She noticed his façade falter, a telltale sign he was bad news, "may I have a seat?"

"Not stopping ya' mate," she eyed her empty glass, fully aware those red eyes on her, "want me to get you a drink or should we get straight to business? What is it that Martiano wants me to doing that none of his other dogs can?"

Puerto Martiano was a mob boss renowned for drug trades, firearms and illegal trades across most of Europe and Asia. He was on the wanted list of most police but alas to date, he has neither been convicted or taken anywhere near jail due to "lack of evidence". His hands were stained in the blood of many.

Martiano had significant connections in the Underworld; especially with the Black Market and it made her wonder why despite those connections, he needed her to do his dirty job. She knew of him even if never having met him, especially the fact he was hated most among his blood-sucking kind. He was barely human himself but with an intelligent façade, one that shifted so fluidly on his skin it was nearly impossible for most clairvoyants – or her types – to see through it. A few days ago he had called her up on some retrieval assignment worth a great deal. Fetching a dog's bone was never her cup of tea; she was a bounty hunter not a collector. But when money was tight what could she do?

The albino, Guiverro took a seat opposite her. His face was still expressionless as he made eye contact with her. He passed a file across the table.

"I believe Mister Martiano gave you some idea of what the assignment will entail"
"You mean the vague detail of fetching something not what – he wasn't exactly clear on what the actual assignment – as you say – entailed. Would you care to elaborate or this file got all the info?"

"First tell me, are you a skilled fighter?"

Jack raised an eyebrow in question, "Why, is this going to cost me a lot of blood and sweat?

If it is, I take it whatever it is must be very valuable."

"We anticipate a great deal of…conflict in your path should you choose to embark on this, we need assurance that you are capable of prevailing before we hire you."

"Please tell me I don't have to go through some bogus facility to capture someone do I?" if there was one thing Jack hated, it was babysitting a target and risking the chance to kiss her business goodbye.

"The file contains details on the subject you are to retrieve. You should proceed with caution as she can be aggressive…" he tilted his head with a strange stare that unnerved her, "and very dangerous. Ten thousand credits have been paid into your account in advance. Another ten will be payable on completion"

Jack watched him warily while Mercury let out a low whistle, eyes bulging out of his skull. 20K in total. She may have been paid double in the past for high profile bounties but never ten grand in advance. Something was definitely fishy.

"Dude that's a mother lode of greenies!" Mercury cheered.

With a whistle of her own, Jack gave a nervous chuckle, "Isn't that a lot to pay for advance? I take it there's a high risk in this and something verrryy important," when she took the file and flicked it open, the picture of a young girl between thirteen and fifteen stuck out at her.

Even in the dimness, she could tell the girl had long black hair framing a round face afflicted with dark circles around almond-shaped dark brown eyes, sunken features and pale complexion. Purple bruises covered her face and neck. A second image revealed a clear view of the back of her neck; a bar code etched across the skin. There was very little personal information intact; large blocks of text were censored.

"Poor kid's been made to look like a convict, wait…highly classified…a threat hazard to life form – boy what'd she do, eat a person alive or somethin'? Hey turn the page."
Jack reasoned in her mind, that this girl was a juvenile convict of some sort and probably someone who pissed off Martiano enough to have a bounty placed on her head. Until she turned the page…

Her fingers dug into the file and jaw muscles twitched. Guiverro sensed her unease and stood up to lean across the table until his breath touched her cheeks.

"No questions. Fetch the girl. I have faith in your expertise. Tread carefully. The reward will be worth it."

When Jack lifted her gaze from the file, the albino was nowhere to be seen. The typical uncanny, mysterious disappearing act. Seriously it was bad enough such disappearing acts were old fashioned in movies, people had to find a way of doing it in real life too. She heard Mercury curse under his breath at the photo, "Holy mother of…"