"Table for two."

I heard a waiter said while pointing at the white couple with one wearing a suit and the other wearing a red sweater with jeans. They looked so happy together that they could be on a picture of a magazine. I couldn't imagine me being the one in a couple like that but if I keep dreaming, I could at least be lucky one of these days.

"Table for one." Said the girl with a red shirt on and black pants that could be used to go out on a fancy dinner.

She pointed at me as she took out the one menu and one pair of utensils that they had. I followed her all the way to the table near the window and realized that this was going to be the spot wear I would be depressed as fuck. Why do I have to be in a place to make me remember why I am alone? I asked the waiter to give me another seat to sit in and she nodded her head and said yes.

As I waited for any seats to be available, I looked towards the side and saw a nice young man sitting right across from me. I tried to keep my cool so I won't look like a total idiot but I couldn't stop myself. His dark brown eyes and chocolate skin made me grave for some dessert and his nice kissable lips made me want to get the whip cream. Man his presence was so dreamy that I had to pinch my self. He was like a creamy chocolate cake with sprinkles on top.

I tried to make myself do something more productive but it didn't work. I even tried to read the menu even more but that got boring after a while. As soon as I looked up to see him again, his eye's where on me. I couldn't believe that he even looked my way let alone was staring at me. I saw him nod his head as if he wanted me to come over. I picked up my menu and even my utensils and went right over to his table. I know that sounds pretty pathetic but he did give me the sign to head towards his way.

"Hi, my name is Michael; I couldn't help but notice you walking through the door. You have such pretty eyes."

I gave one big smile as soon as he said that. I couldn't believe his chocolaty goodness even notices my eyes let alone if I even exist. I gave a great big smile as he carefully sat me down. He pulled out my chair as I took off my coat and then pushed my chair in for me. I couldn't believe that all of this was happening today; usually I am a lonely bat that sits by here and reads twilight books. But right now, I have a date and sitting by the window doesn't really bother me anymore. I sipped a class of water as he sat down in his chair. He seemed so seductive like and charming that you would change your underwear in five seconds.

"Thank you so much for this."

He looked at me while drinking his soda.

"No problem, you should thank yourself for being so beautiful."

I smiled again, covering my face from blushing too much.

"Oh, stop it. You are a gentlemen."

He nodded his head and accepted my complement knowing that he can shove talk anybody even if their dad was here. I felt a little nervous as his confidence was very out reaching but I just let that go and enjoy being in his beautiful presence. As soon as we were connecting with each other, the waiter came rushing in waiting to take our orders. She looked a little depressed because she was working but covered it up with a fake smile.

"Hey you Guys, do you want to take your orders now."

She talked to us in a nice calming voice and a quickly snatched our menu's to get our food ready. As she left, we kept staring at each other. We barely said anything to each other but our eye basically did most of the talking. We talked for hours and hours, if we were close best friends. We both shared secrets that we kept for years and told each other our greatest fears. Things started to get closer than usual and we both decided to leave the restaurant. We both headed towards the front desk and paid for our dinner. I offered to pay for my food but he stopped me and took out his wallet instead.

He watched me intensely as he drove me all the way home. I could tell the sexual tension was rising but had to be calmed down by my common sense.

"Have you ever had a Fantasy?"

I looked at him to wonder what he was talking about.

"A fantasy of what?"

"Of what they have in movies but fail to get it real life."

I gave in a big deep breath while knowing what he is talking about. I always wondered why things don't work out like they do in the movies but I never got the answer.

"Yeah of course, my whole life. But we just get confused from real to fake."

He touched my hand and looked into my eyes. Rubbed my hands ever so softly while brushing my hair out my face.

"Yeah, that's why all my relationships fail."

"For what?"

"For thinking they are real when they are fake. Sometimes I wonder if love really exists."

"I know right, as if it is invisible."

We both agreed with each other that stuff in movies are not as real as they seem to be and if they are, we wouldn't be here in this situation. We both looked at each other and saw love. We kissed each other on the lips and touched so softly that we were both a collaborated dessert. The nice chewy caramel mixed with sweet dark chocolate. Our souls combined until he stopped me and took me into his house. He brings me into a room filled with roses and champagne. He sat me near the bed as he took off his shirt. He looked like a healthy yet chocolaty combo. I took of jacket and unzipped my pants. I got a little nervous again but calmed down until he kissed me again.

"Are you ready?" He says as he kneals over.

I thought quickly to myself if I was ready and then took off my pants and decided to go with the flow. As soon as all clothes were off, we headed towards the bed and started to touch each other slowly. As we were on each other, two girls came out butt naked with Champaign and a wine glass. I was so surprised that I thought that this was a joke. I went to pick my stuff up and leave until he gripped me and said.

"Want to join my fantasy?"