I was banging my head on the wall, trying to figure out how to write a romantic and sweet poem. Then, it turned out to be easy. Whining just wasted my time. Not that I ever learn...

The poems were read in class. Waaaay too much cheesiness in a single room. Even so, the teach was tearing up at the end. He's... a romantic.


You are not a fantasy.

You see,

You are solid, like a theorem.

There is no need for a truth serum.

You are the center of my circle, my heart.

Your face, unlike the face of a cube, is a piece of art.

You are like an undefined term, an open-ended problem, limitless.

No simple calculator can solve you, it's hopeless

to try, there is no solution similar to you.

You are the base that supports me and the equation that confuses me, too.

Patterns, postulates, and proofs can't explain who you are.

However, no matter how far

you are, you'll always be in the perimeter of my mind.

It'll always be like you are adjacent to me or behind

Because you have taken up residence in the area of my heart.