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The year is 213 A.N.D. planet earth and mankind still lives, if you caneven say that. We live in a shell compared to what the planet use to be. The A. N.D. stands for after nuclear denigration, it's after a certain date in history. Scientist discovered that our planet started to decay itself at an accelerated rate after so many years. Some scientists banded together and stopped it and now it's been quite a while since then. Humans now live like fish in a glass bowl, trapped inside. If we go outside we die, they drill it into our heads every day because the air and land outside the dome its poisonous to us. They tell us to stay in the bowl and be happy we're lucky enough to live. How can anyone be happy when the world around them is fake. The world didn't die because of some war like some old text suggested, no it died because humans stopped caring about the world around them.

I hear the alarm tone for me to wake start to ring, opening my eyes slowly as my blurred vision soon becomes clear. I look at my wall and tap it turning off the alarm. Everything in my home is computerized. From the bed to even the toilet. My bedroom walls are all touch screens like a huge computer. Each wall has a wallpaper that fade to different colors and designs at the given timer and the ceiling showed the sky, bring and sunny. That isn't the real sky, the real sun and sky are covered in a thick cloud that never leaves. There is artificial sunlight for our needs.

"Show weather forecast." I ordered. It popped up, I turned around and set the timer for the wallpapers longer getting a headache at the constant change. It seems cliché that now humankind relies on nothing, but technology. It is true, though since about 018 A.N.D, when the earth was called unlivable. Nothing in this world is natural anymore, the trees are all fake, animals are only seen in zoos or are pets, water and air are filtered. Food is all processed. There isn't any real rain, snow, or even hail. Unless it's a holiday then they will change the weather for a day, or they want to test something out. Sometimes it will be cold or hot depending on the season they choose it will be. "Please bring outfit number seven with shoes number three." I asked it, since its spring it will be a little warm. I got up from the bed and my family's android came in and fixed my bed. Every family has an android, it comes with the apartment. They just are like maids, but power down at night or when you tell them too.

"Breakfast is ready, please go eat after being clean." It said in its normal cold voice. I nodded as my outfit stood ready for when I get clean, I entered the bathroom and stood in at formation on a small platform like every morning. Humans don't do anything for themselves now even bathe or change themselves, its sad. I read about the times in A.D and how things progressed to this. I wonder if people in the past can see the world now? I wonder if they are happy about how things turned out.
"Progress, undressing and showing sequence" I told it as I soon became undressed by robotic arms and then the floor moved without me walking to a shower where once it stopped it sprayed me with water from above and then a ring came down spraying water down my body. Before robotic arms began to wash me. I hated this, but there is no other way to do things. Once done I began the drying sequence where it dried me and then changed my outfit. I walked to the kitchen looking at the computer walls and then outside. I live in a city once known as San Francisco, but now is called safe zone number twelve. From what history class has told me, only major cities survived and became zones. I think there are other zones outside I can't see any of them and communication with them is forbidden. I sat down and looked at the table screen. There showed several options for food. I pushed what breakfast I would like to eat.

"Hurry up or you will be late for school." My father told me as he left for work and the trolley came to pick him up. No one owns a own car anymore, public transportation is the only way, bus, train, or trolley. The thing is the city you are born in is the city you die in. No one can visit any other place, since going outside the dome is forbidden. I watch the trolley leave, I see apartment buildings and many other buildings. No one has a house anymore there isn't enough space for them. I eat my food doesn't look like the picture, it's like a sponge or a disc and only taste like I am sure the food is supposed to taste like.
"School starting in five minutes please go to station." The house told me. Standing up, I go to the study, where three chairs sat. The chairs black in color, glowing a blue from the technology running through it. Two of them were taken by my siblings and I sat at the lone one by the window. I put on the helmet that were attached above the chair.

"I am ready please start lesson for today." I ordered. The screen close to my face turned on and I was greeted by a classroom setting. This is a virtual classroom the people and teacher are real, but this is a way, they think will reduce waste by making us never leave our house for school. I looked around to see my classmates.

"Hey you're late today. Slept in." Smiled the girl next to me. I shrugged at her. I don't remember her name. It's pointless to remember people you never actually met.
"Yeah. Set my alarm too late." I smiled . The teacher called for our attention and we begin our lesson. Soon I begin to feel myself space out. It doesn't matter I can look back at my lesson later and catch up for the homework. Close my eyes and find myself in my happy place. Blue sky and a golden sky with white cotton candy clouds all around. I feel a breeze one that is cool fresh. I take a deep breath of fresh air that feel sweet in my lungs. I look down and see grass wet from dew, but feel so soft against my toes. I smile as I see a forest with green trees I run and touch the wooden trunk of one. It's cold, but not a metallic cold. This is wood I go to feel a leaf and smile at the smoothness of it, like velvet. I look forward to see animals. A doe and her fawn. Chipmunks running around in chatter with a squirrel watching. Birds chirp as they fly around. I see a lake a walk to it, feeling the cold rocks at my feet. I look at clear blue water so pure. I see fish swim without a care in the world. I sit down and dip my hands in smiling at the feeling of real fresh water. I cup my hands to take a sip to taste something that is real to fully enjoy this land.

"Excuse me. Am I interrupting your nap?" The teacher called out. Forcing me to leave my happy place and snap my eyes open. Bringing me back to this artificial world. I always dream of nature since this world lacks it. I dream of things I can never experience. I feel like I am really there and it feels like I am truly happy when I am there. Then reality comes in and slaps me in the face for even thinking about the past.

"Sorry. I am paying attention." I replied, I hear giggles from other people. I frown and start to pay attention. I can't wait for school to be over. They put a limit on how long we can go outside our homes. After school around three we can be outside till seven. The outside is the same as the inside, but some things make it worth going outside for. The time goes by and we are released. I take off my helmet and see my sister going to her cell phone and texting her friends. My brother is going to the television. I roll my eyes sitting up I go to the front of the house to the main entrance. I grab my bracelet which works as an identification and a way of payment. Checking to see I have still have quite a bit of money. "The next trolley to Gigabyte Avenue please."

"Trolley will be arriving in five minutes fair will be two and a half pixels." The voice replied. I scan my bracelet and hearing the click the door opened. "You have three hours and fifty seven minutes left of outside time for Monday." I close the door and walked to the elevator that went to the first floor. Once getting out I sat at a bench and looked at the flower beds that stood in front of the complex. I touched the petals of one feeling nothing, but cold metal. The trolley arrived and I boarded it sitting down on one of the empty seats.

"I told my mom I wanted the new earrings that had sixteen gigs of music space instead she got me an eight gig." Complained a girl to her friend showing off the new mp7 player earrings. I never wanted any kind of music player since now a days. The only music played is that of robots, the days of human singers and instruments are long gone and are classified as oldies. If you can sing, it's a wasted talent since no one wants to listen to a human sing anymore.

"I want the new gaming console the Virtual reality graphics are amazing." A group of guys all talk about. I looked down at my hands and wonder. How did life get to this point. Where did mankind turn its back on its planet and now only cares about technology and not about what is around them. My stop came and I got off and I smiled at the place I stood in front of. It was the only zoo in this zone. I love animals they are a reminder that once this planet had life to it besides humans. Sure pets are around, but nothing is better than seeing animals unlike household animals. I pay my fare and enter as usual I am the only one in here.

"You're back. It seems you come every week." A zoo keeper came up to me, he had a bird on his shoulder see seemed to be feeding it. He is an elderly man who smiles at me, I have talked to him many times. He seems to share the same views as I do to some extent.

"I love it here. It makes me wonder about the earth before this one." I told him as I looked over at some penguins and smiled at their antics. I wish I could see them in their natural habitat. This zoo saved almost every single kind of animal it could get its hands on before zones shut its entrances. They never tell us what really happened that day, but only about 1 million people got to be in the zone.

"There aren't many people like you left in this world. Everyone only seems to care about the artificial." He replied before going to the bird area. I smiled walking through the exhibits smiling at the lemurs, laughing a the monkeys, and being mesmerized by the butterflies. I sat at the theater area and watched one of the videos from a long time ago. I think called planet earth, but watching these videos make me sad that I can never experience something as wonderful like that. After I finish I leave the zoo and walk to the edge of town and see the glass dome. Most people don't notice it, but I always see it. It reminds me of this world I was cursed to be born in. I touched the glass between me and the outside. It's cold like everything else in this world. Looking I see a puke green mixed with an unsettling brown tone. The land looked like powder of gross colors. I can see what I guess what use to be an ocean. It's a metallic brown with gray tones in it. I see it moving and can barely see what use to be a bridge now only the skeleton remains.

"I wonder how beautiful this once use to be." I asked myself turning around and going back to the main street. It seems I live in an endless cycle. I wake up, shower, eat, school, zoo or library, homework, eat, sleep. It repeats again and again. Then school changes into work and then I become old. Too old to do anything, but pity my life of not doing anything. I don't want to live like that. I read books about adventures. Going to other places, Skydiving, snorkeling, and camping. I want to live in a world where that is possible. They know what happened to this planet, but tell us nothing. It's mankind's fault, they warned everyone showed the signs. They were ignored and now after so long, I'm I the only one who regrets them not doing anything. Soon I am on the trolley again, then I eat, homework and sleep. This life is it worth it? Can I make a change? Is it too late to make any change? Will they stop me?

"Time to sleep, all lights shutting off in ten seconds." The house warns us. I lay in bed staring at the fake stars and sigh. I want to break free of this place. Can I go back in time and stop this from happening.

I opened my eyes and find myself on a hill. The breeze I feel this time is salty and it seems like the penguin exhibit at the zoo, fishy I think. I smell those scents and smile at the new senses. I saw the ocean it's so pretty its sparkling from the sun above its an pure teal color mixed with a foamy white. I walk down the hill and find myself looking at a surfaced mixed with white, tan, and browns. I step only to have my food sink in a bit at the grainy warm surface. Excitedly I wiggle my toes and run to the ocean and feel the cool water splash against my legs. I smile running from the waves into the... I think it's called sand.

"Wake up. Time to wake up." I groan as the house shined the lights on my face waking me up opening my eyes and pushing the button to turn off the alarm. Sitting up groaning I frown. I run into my closet and grab my clothing and change my own clothing.

"You are not authorized to do that." The android spoke coming in the room and trying to stop me.

"Power down." I yelled. I have had enough of this world of the being a slave to a screen. I finish changing I brush my own hair and even tie my own shoes.

"What is wrong with you? Turning off the android." My father comes in the room, sees me and frowns. "Stop this. They will come." He said I ignore him and push him out of the doorway. I stop at the door frame. Looking at the bracelet I am required to wear I smile. Grabbing It and opening the door I chuck it out the balcony. I run from my father and siblings calling after me. I find the stairs that no one uses and run down them. Smiling at the feeling of being tired and out of breath. This is what it's like to run to do something normal.

"No turning back." I said as I ran into the street and just ran. I don't care I just run I have no idea where I am going. I am done with this world and I am done with this life. My heart thumps in excitement and adrenaline starts to makes its way into my bloodstream.

I am soon in the middle of a bunch of flowers. I start to spin as I felt the soft velvet petals and then kept running until I am surrounded by long grasses. I felt the heat of the sun causing me to sweat. I love the feeling of the grasses brushing against my feet and legs. I kept running.

Snapping back when I hit the glass. I look at the glass separating myself from the other part of this world. I look and see the ocean, the forest, and the parries from my dreams. They are real and they are outside I need to go outside and be there with the world. I am tired of being a fish I need to be an eagle and fly. I see a latch door and run to it. I open it and run outside and I am greeted with my greatest fantasies I did it. I am home. I am free. I am no longer a fish, I will never be anyone's fish again.

" Another one ran outside. That is the seventeenth one this month."
"The body count keeps rising. Why don't we just lock that door?"
"They want it open so it stays open. Besides it helps with our population problem"

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