Matthew and Felicity were in the emergency room. Felicity was pregnant with twins. They were in there for five hours. She had been given Ativan, to help her birth her children. She was screaming and yelling in pain. Her husband held onto her hand. Well. Actually she was squeezing the life out of his. He had lost all feeling in his hand by now. Soon she gave birth to her first child. "Congratulations!," said their doctor, "It's a boy!" The child was then given to a nurse, for vitals. A little while later, she gave birth to her second child. "Congratulaions!," said their doctor again, "It's a girl!" Again the nurse took the child. Shortly afterwards, she was given her two bundles of joy. "They're cute," said Matthew. "Yeah. And they're ours," Felicity replied. Five minutes in, and she was having contractions again. "What's wrong?!," Matthew asked, "I thought she already had the twins!" "There must be one, that was hidden!" "Come on honey! You can do it honey!" Soon she had given birth to her third and final child. The doctor then proclaimed, "Congratulations! It's a... Um... Uh..." Irritated Felicity asked, "What is it?!" The nurse had to take the child, for its vitals. As she was doing the vitals, she nonchalantly said, "It's a neuter." Soon the children are given back to their mother. Now a neuter child was unheard of in history. So they were going to cherish the child for a long time. Actually. All of them.

End Birth